My Prediction for 2022: Decentralized Storage

The entire industry is looking forward to the future development of the blockchain ecosystem . Whether it is to use the metaverse to describe this future ecology or to use web3 to describe this future ecology, it is inseparable from an indispensable infrastructure: go Centralized storage.

The competition in the decentralized storage track has always been highly concerned, and projects in this field have always been the focus of everyone’s investment. In my 2019 article, I began to share some views on this track with you, and expressed my optimism about Filecoin.

Looking back on the development of Filecoin in recent years, frankly, its progress is not satisfactory, but looking around, it seems that there is no stronger player than it in this field. Therefore, Filecoin has always occupied the center stage of this field, but in the past two years, a new project Arweave has emerged.

It is said that it has suddenly emerged because there are already many top-notch projects such as Boring Ape in the NFT field and Solana in the public chain field using it in real scenarios.

Arweave and Filecoin look very similar at first glance, they are both decentralized storage, but if we look closely, we will find that there is a big difference between the two.

What Arweave wants to solve is the problem of permanent storage, that is, one-time payment, permanent storage. I remember looking at a literature, the approximate result is that the content uploaded to Arweave can be stored for at least 200 years, and the details are a little vague.

And Filecoin solves the problem of paid storage, that is, how much money you pay to store for how long. Once the time is exceeded, the system cannot guarantee whether the stored content still exists.

Therefore, in the field of decentralized storage, Arweave is a brand new track and has no competitors for the time being, while Filecoin is competing with traditional cloud storage.

The vast majority of existing decentralized storage projects basically compete with traditional cloud storage, that is, with Filecoin.

In the competition with traditional cloud computing, so far, I think the strongest player is still Filecoin. However, the frequency of Filecoin’s use in various real projects does not seem to be high. The real use frequency is its basic protocol IPFS. From this perspective, Filecoin’s performance is far inferior to Arweave.

Of course, Arweave also has many problems to solve now, such as its high cost and low miners’ income. So it still needs time to evolve and develop.

However, judging from the current development situation, in this track competing with traditional cloud computing, after several years of development, various decentralized storage solutions have been tried, but none have come out to let everyone See hopeful players. This is rather disappointing.

I also often wonder, is it possible that the prediction or understanding of the entire industry is biased? Is it possible that in the metaverse or web3 ecology, the way decentralized storage is represented is a brand new model? Is it something we never expected? Will this method of competing with traditional centralized cloud storage simply not work? Could Arweave’s approach be the final option?

I don’t have clear answers to these questions yet. We can only continue to observe.

In 2022, I don’t have high expectations for Filecoin, as I don’t see any exciting proposals from Protocol Labs so far. A while ago, it was rumored that Protocol Labs wanted to add support for smart contracts, but I think this approach is basically painless and irrelevant, it does not solve the problem of storage itself.

But as I said before, although the performance of the boss is not satisfactory, the performance of the second and third children is not worth mentioning, so in this field, let’s take a step by step, and look forward to the boss to cheer up again, and also look forward to this There are some dark horses in the field.

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