Must-reads for investment promotion: five directions of Metaverse investment (Part 1)

The industrial chain map is a panorama of an industry. Understanding the upstream, midstream and downstream related companies is the fastest way to gain insight into the industry. 36 Krypton Henan launched a panoramic map of the industry chain of 100 subdivided tracks .

This article “Five Directions of Metaverse Investment (Part 1)” is excerpted from the Panorama of the Metaverse Industry Chain. (Please contact WeChat: 15038231235 for the full text of the consultation, please remarks: company name + name + position)


In 2021, Metaverse will become “purplish red” and become the hottest track for hunting in the capital market.

However, at present, the Metaverse is still in its infancy, and various industries are in a relatively early stage of related technologies such as digitization and virtualization, and technical bottlenecks still exist.

According to research and analysis by professional institutions, the Metaverse will enter a stage of rapid development as early as 2031, and the market size of the Metaverse is expected to reach US$1.5 trillion by 2030.

Overall, the development of the Metaverse requires six major technical supports, namely: blockchain technology, interactive technology, Internet of Things technology, video game technology, AI artificial intelligence technology, network and computing technology.

From an investment perspective, Metaverse has at least five investment directions, namely: underlying technology, artificial intelligence, content scenarios, back-end infrastructure, and hardware operations.

Must-reads for investment promotion: five directions of Metaverse investment (Part 1)

Source: public information. 36氪 finishing in Henan

Representative enterprise

First, the underlying technology

(1) Engine development technology

UNITY: Founded in August 2004, an American game engine development company, the developed engine can create interactive content such as 3D video games, architectural visualization, real-time 3D animation, etc. Users can realize their creative ideas by using a graphics engine and a full-featured editor. Its engine can be displayed on the media or device.

EPIC Games: Founded in January 2015, an American VR game developer, it has independently developed a number of VR games such as Paragon, Fortnite, BattleBreakers, Robo Recal, etc. It is committed to improving the refresh rate while ensuring the expressiveness of the screen, creating immersion for players. interactive experience.

(2) Digital twin technology

Beijing Dongfang Guoxin Technology Co., Ltd.: a big data solution provider, independently researches and develops big data collection, processing, storage, analysis and control technologies, builds a cloud-based big data product system, and provides users with end-to-end software and hardware solutions. Combined big data solutions, services are used in communications, finance, smart cities, public safety, smart tourism, industry, big data operations and other industries.

Shanghai Twin Digital Technology Co., Ltd.: Founded in March 2019, a provider of virtual simulation and digital twin solutions, focusing on spatial digital twin creation and interaction technology, providing products and solutions in the field of 3D digital twins, and committed to connecting the physical world and virtual world The world is connected across time and space, combining human-computer interaction technology to create a digital twin world. By combining artificial intelligence, big data, multi-source heterogeneous data in three-dimensional space and sensing technologies, it provides virtual simulation and digital twin solutions and software and hardware products.

Beijing Xiangshu Technology Co., Ltd.: established in March 2017, a developer of spatiotemporal big data and digital twin technology, focusing on the independent research and development of big data + artificial intelligence technology and products, based on spatiotemporal big data engine, real-time computing engine, visual rendering The engine, combined with artificial intelligence technology, provides users with big data application services. Its products include Zhixing, Zhijia, FINDATA, CityEye urban big data intelligent analysis and decision-making platform and DataI business data intelligent analysis and mining platform.

(3) Blockchain

Digital China Group Co., Ltd.: stock code: 000034.SZ, a leading cloud and digital service provider in China, with a full range of self-owned brand products and solution capabilities, providing industry customers at different stages of digital transformation with full life cycle products , solutions and services to empower industrial upgrading and digital economic development.

Jincai Internet Data Service Co., Ltd.: Established in Guangzhou in February 2017, specializing in intelligent financial and taxation data services, relying on the opportunity of electronic invoices and electronic tax bureau reform, introducing artificial intelligence technology and cloud computing technology, providing wisdom for thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises Financial and taxation services, integrate social service resources, and create financial and taxation big data and data financial services.

Xinchen Technology Co., Ltd.: Founded in Beijing in January 1998, it integrates software development, system integration, consulting and services, and focuses on providing a series of products and solutions such as exchange platform, international settlement, and customer service center.

2. Artificial Intelligence

(1) Visual recognition

Beijing SenseTime Technology Development Co., Ltd .: Founded in Beijing in November 2014, it is an artificial intelligence software platform provider. Its business covers four major sectors: smart business, smart city, smart life, and smart cars. Its original technologies cover perception intelligence, decision intelligence, areas such as intelligent content generation and intelligent content enhancement. Prospectively build a new artificial intelligence infrastructure SenseCore AI large-scale installation, open up computing power, algorithms and platforms, and promote artificial intelligence to enter the stage of industrial development.

Beijing Megvii Technology Co., Ltd .: Founded in Beijing in October 2011, it is a provider of AI industry application solutions. Its business involves financial security, urban security, mobile AR, commercial IoT, industrial robots and other industries. It has independently developed a deep learning algorithm engine. Brain++, online authentication service Face ID, face recognition service Face++ and AI real estate, security and other solutions, are committed to providing artificial intelligence products and industry solutions for enterprise users.

Yuncong Technology Group Co. , Ltd .: Founded in Guangzhou in March 2015, face recognition technology research and development and application solutions provider, with 3D structured light face recognition, commercial cross-lens tracking (ReID) and human 3D reconstruction technology, covering In the fields of finance, security, civil aviation, retail and other fields, it provides users with integrated solutions of artificial intelligence, cognitive computing and big data technology.

(2) Natural language processing

Shanghai Yitu Network Technology Co., Ltd .: a computer vision technology developer, mainly engaged in the research and development of AI algorithm software and ultra-high-performance computing hardware such as chips and servers, and is committed to providing users with information acquisition and human-computer interaction products based on image understanding. Its products are widely used in computer vision, natural language understanding, speech recognition, knowledge reasoning, robotics and other fields, and have served in many fields such as smart cities, smart medical care, and smart business.

Beijing Sogou Information Service Co., Ltd .: Founded in Beijing in December 2005, a comprehensive search engine service provider, based on artificial intelligence technology, provides users with search services, and also has input methods, free mailboxes, corporate mailboxes and other services, covering voice, Image, dialogue, question answering, translation, etc. Sogou Translate supports offline translation in 4 languages: Chinese, English, Japanese, and Korean, and online translation supports 42 languages, covering more than 200 countries.

Torsi Information Technology Co. , Ltd .: Founded in Beijing in February 1993, it mainly focuses on three key sectors: content security and Internet space governance, digital government and data intelligence. The content security and Internet space governance section serves media integration, content review, public opinion analysis and copyright maintenance; the digital government section serves government portals, government big data applications, and smart public security laws; the data intelligence section serves financial intelligent risk control and Risk warning, enterprise big data marketing and intelligent customer service, defense open source intelligence, science and education knowledge services, etc.

(3) Intelligent interaction

iFLYTEK Co. , Ltd .: Developer of intelligent voice products, focusing on intelligent voice and language technology, artificial intelligence technology research, software and chip product development, based on speech synthesis, speech recognition, spoken language evaluation, language translation, voiceprint recognition, etc. Technology, developed products such as Happy Bear, Recording Treasure, Hearing Wuyou, Xunfei smart speaker, educational intelligent robot product Alpha Egg robot and so on.

Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd .: a developer of smart consumer electronic products, focusing on the research and development and design of mobile communication terminal equipment, its products include smart phones, Internet TVs, tablet computers, notebook computers, smart sweeping robots and related smart home products. Users can also communicate online through the Xiaomi community. Xiaomi has a layout in the Metaverse field, especially in mobile phones, videos, etc.

(4) Artificial intelligence open source platform

Beijing Baidu Netcom Technology Co., Ltd .: One of the few companies in the world that provides full-stack AI technologies such as AI chips, software architectures and applications company”. Since 2016, Baidu has established a layout in the VR field, and successively launched WebVR technology solutions, Baidu VR Industrialization Platform 1.0 and 2.0, providing platform services for the development of the Metaverse industry. At present, Baidu has many layouts in the Metaverse field. Focus on AI, cloud computing and VR.

Facebook : Founded on February 4, 2004, headquartered in California, USA, it is the world’s leading photo sharing site, providing photo, video sharing and other functions. Users can publish real-time dynamics, photos, videos and text on the platform. Can view and comment on content updates posted by others. Facebook ranked 49th in the 2019 Fortune Future 50. In October 2021 Facebook changed its name to “Meta”.

3. Content Scenario

(1) Games

Shenzhen Tencent Computer System Co., Ltd .: one of the largest Internet integrated service providers in China and one of the Internet companies with the most domestic service users. It provides Internet value-added services, mobile and telecommunication value-added services and online advertising services. Through instant messaging QQ, Tencent China’s leading online platforms such as Net, Tencent Games, Qzone, Wireless Portal, Soso, Paipai, and Tenpay have built the largest online community in China to meet the needs of Internet users in terms of communication, information, entertainment and e-commerce. . At present, Tencent has layouts in three major directions: Metaverse underlying technology, back-end infrastructure, content and scenarios.

NetEase (Hangzhou) Network Co., Ltd.: China’s leading Internet technology company, with portal websites, online games, e-mail, e-commerce, online music and other services. NetEase has a layout in virtual technology, virtual people, virtual social platforms, etc., and has successively invested in more than 10 companies in the virtual ecosystem.

Shenzhen Zhongqingbao Interactive Network Co. , Ltd .: Founded in 2003, it is one of the earliest game companies in China engaged in the development, operation and distribution of online games. It is the first A-share listed game company in China (stock code: 300052). Formed a strategic layout with red games, mobile games and cloud games as the pillars, the international market as the guide, and cloud services as the new starting point. In September 2021, Zhongqingbao announced the development of “Master Brewmaster”, users can experience reality in the game, and can also touch the game in reality.

(2) Video

Mango Supermedia : Hunan Broadcasting’s unified new media industry and capital operation platform, together with Hunan Satellite TV, form a dual-platform-driven, all-media integrated development pattern within the Mango ecosystem, and it is also the first state-owned new media in A shares born out of the traditional broadcasting system. Listed companies and leading domestic financial media companies have significant advantages in the production of film and television variety show content. In recent years, they have continued to deploy emerging tracks such as content e-commerce and script killing. At the end of 2021, they will start to deploy the Metaverse in terms of interaction, virtuality, and cloud rendering.

(3) Socializing

Roblox : Founded in March 2005, the American immersive 3D online game creation platform, the world’s leading game UGC platform, generates different game communities by users, from immersive multiplayer games and competitions to interactive adventure games, users can use Change the game type and game environment with your own imagination. In March 2021, Roblox went public and became the “first stock in the Metaverse”.

Bilibili : a cultural community and video platform for the young generation in China, founded in June 2009, listed on Nasdaq in the United States in March 2018, and a secondary listing in Hong Kong in March 2021. It has layouts in high-energy chains, digital collections and virtual idol groups. The high-energy chain is one of the core layouts of the Metaverse of station B. The Metaverse ecology of station B created by blockchain technology is based on content. The three application scenarios are digital collection (NFT), digital identity and copyright. At the same time, it provides services such as original works on the chain, NFT collection exhibition halls, virtual pets, and idol interaction.

(4) TO B application

Visual (China) Culture Development Co. , Ltd .: a cultural and creative company with visual content as the core, and a leading visual material platform enterprise, mainly including three major business segments: visual content and services, visual digital entertainment, and visual social community, which are provided through the copyright trading platform. Massive pictures, videos, music materials, etc., and provide vertical industries with industry consulting and planning, customized commissioned shooting, digital content management, brand marketing and promotion of the whole process of value-added services. In August 2021, the NFT digital art trading function will be launched to accelerate the layout on the NFT track.

Silk Road Vision Technology Co. , Ltd .: Founded in Shenzhen in March 2000, a comprehensive digital vision service provider, mainly engaged in digital vision comprehensive service business based on CG (computer graphics technology), based on CG, VR, AR and other digital vision Technology application, formed based on the three main businesses of design visualization, digital marketing, and exhibition and display, and extended to technology-driven, productized and platform applications, covering visual cloud computing, digital twin applications, VR/AR/MR, etc. Comprehensive layout of strategic emerging industries.

Shanghai Fengyuzhu Culture Technology Co. , Ltd .: Founded in Shanghai in August 2003, it is a leading enterprise in the domestic digital cultural display industry, a leading enterprise in the exhibition and display industry, and a rare enterprise in China that focuses on the integration of urban experience hall decoration, display design and construction. , to provide customers with innovative experience system solutions for digital cultural display technology, and explore many new models such as VR + film and television, VR + cultural tourism, VR + exhibition, and VR + offline entertainment.

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