Musk, who took down Twitter, grabs Web3’s mouthpiece

Who would have thought that Musk’s acquisition of Twitter was faster than Napoleon’s breakthrough in Paris.

Musk, who took down Twitter, grabs Web3's mouthpiece

If we go back to the era when the news was still based on the shouting of the newspaper salesman, it is estimated that the street tabloids would be driven crazy by the same fast-paced “commercial cool drama” every day.

“Monster from South Africa deleted by Twitter.”

“The unspeakable demon king of capital wants to buy the entire Twitter.”

“Arrogant electric car tycoons are starting to buy Twitter stock”

“Elon Musk becomes Twitter’s largest shareholder.”

“Mr. Musk will buy Twitter for $54.2 per share.”

“The supreme boss of Ma Da has logged on to his faithful Twitter today”

After Twitter accepted this hard-to-reject offer, Musk, who had not yet taken over the scepter, couldn’t wait to speak up in this blue territory that was about to belong to him.

He promised the netizens who came to meet him that he would bring back the glory of freedom to this chaotic speech square, and promulgated the “Musk Rule of Pushing Code” – adding new functions to improve product power and open source algorithms, And the bot mess to clean up Twitter.

Musk, who took down Twitter, grabs Web3's mouthpiece

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Until then, Twitter has been the main platform for Musk to speak out and an important gathering place for Musk’s advocates.

When these advocates learned that Musk was going to take the global platform with hundreds of millions of users as his own, they sent congratulations to Musk.

For example, Beeple, a digital artist whose works have been auctioned for $69 million, is Musk’s number one fan.

Musk, who took down Twitter, grabs Web3's mouthpiece

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After learning that Musk wanted to buy Twitter, Beeple created several digital paintings in succession with this theme. Musk in his pen is like a cyber hero, and the “Blue Bird” has become unprecedented under his leadership. of power.

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey also publicly congratulated Musk on taking Twitter back from Wall Street, saying that Musk is the only solution he trusts, supporting his friends to take charge of the company that he founded but slowly spiraled out of control.

Musk, who took down Twitter, grabs Web3's mouthpiece

Image from: Beeple

Musk is going to be one of the busiest people in the world. He not only has to worry about the business of Tesla, Space X, Boring Company (Hyperloop), Neuralink (brain-computer interface) and other companies, but also frees up his mobile phone to take care of this speech square that he just bought.

Therefore, many people began to worry about whether Musk really has the energy to take charge of such a large-scale social media, and whether freedom of speech is just empty talk on paper, and they have speculated about the purpose of Musk’s billions of dollars. Among them, Web 3 is the key word that people cannot avoid when discussing.

How did Musk swallow Twitter?

We sort it out for you in 2 minutes?

One of Web3’s three “mountains” merged into Musk’s empire

Musk has done a lot of “big things” on Twitter.

Musk, who took down Twitter, grabs Web3's mouthpiece

On April Fool’s Day, he joked and tweeted that “Tesla is bankrupt”, causing Tesla’s stock price to drop by 5% that day; , provoked the Securities and Futures Commission to make a judgment of “manipulating the stock market” and fined him $20 million.

For ordinary people, Twitter is just a social platform for daily sharing and discussion, but in Musk’s hands, it becomes a powerful “elder wand”, and a wave of it will set off a tornado of money.

And when this “elder wand” encounters cryptocurrencies, the storms that arise are multiplied.

Musk, who took down Twitter, grabs Web3's mouthpiece

Musk is an unabashed cryptocurrency fan. He has used several pushes to push the value of Bitcoin to new all-time highs, Dogecoin, an alt-Bitcoin, and Shiba Inu, an alt-Dogecoin.

The enthusiasm in the field of encryption is like a convex lens, which further magnifies Musk’s “mana”. People believe that as long as the cryptocurrencies he mentions will skyrocket, as long as the currencies he shuns will plummet. Since electric cars and space flight, Musk has been hailed as a new altar – the god of Web3.

While there is no clear evidence that Musk has used his influence to benefit the crypto space, he has long been regarded by Web3 advocates as one of the most important opinion leaders.

Investors hope to learn the “sutra of getting rich” in the encrypted world from Musk’s mouth, and developers pray that their products will be favored by Musk and ride on a roller coaster that skyrockets like Shiba Inu coin.

Musk, who took down Twitter, grabs Web3's mouthpiece

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Therefore, when Musk announced that he would acquire Twitter, even if he repeatedly emphasized that it was not for making money, people still doubted whether Musk wanted to use Twitter to “bring goods” for cryptocurrencies and NFTs, and further manipulate the Web3 economy.

Yes, Web3, which is advertised as avant-garde and decentralized, is still inseparable from Twitter, which is still in the “classical and old”. Some people conclude that Web3 is actually three networks – Twitter, Discord and Reddit, because these three websites carry It accounts for the vast majority of discussions about Web3 in the entire Internet world.

Whether you want to sell NFTs or bet on cryptocurrencies, you can’t get around these three mountains, which are the most important and effective way to promote Web3 content, and one is now about to be moved into Musk’s business empire.

Musk, who took down Twitter, grabs Web3's mouthpiece

Web3’s response to Musk was also quite swift: when Musk announced the start of the acquisition of Twitter, the price of Dogecoin rose by 20%, and the charm of the “Godfather of Dogecoin” remained.

Although Musk did not mention how to transform Twitter’s functions in the “Musk Tweet Code”, it can be known from some of Musk’s previous forums that he is not interested in adding cryptocurrency payments to Twitter, and integrating cryptocurrency with Twitter’s Twitter. The advertising business is very interested, and it is not ruled out that Musk will transform Twitter in the future and become an infrastructure in the encryption field.

Sam Bankman-Fried, CEO of cryptocurrency exchange FTX, offered Musk some “Web 3 makeover” suggestions on Twitter, including chaining tweets, monetizing tweets and charging for each tweet, users The interface can hang advertisements and so on.

Musk, who took down Twitter, grabs Web3's mouthpiece

Brian Armstrong, CEO of another exchange, Coinbase, believes that Twitter is expected to become a distributed protocol over time, which is consistent with Jack Dorsey’s original vision for Twitter.

Musk’s obsession with “freedom” coincides with the “freedom” concept held by the Web3 world, so regardless of whether Musk really wants to rely on Twitter to drive the Web3 economy, Web3 advocates hope to see Musk can take Twitter to Twitter. Catch up on the ideal encryption path. Although compared to mainstream users, this group of crypto players is pitiful.

Don’t make the Internet a “financial exchange”

In fact, Twitter was tentatively trying new things in the field of Web3, or moving in the direction of “Web 2.5”, before Musk set his sights on Twitter.

Musk, who took down Twitter, grabs Web3's mouthpiece

For example, one of the functions of Twitter Blue, a subscription-based membership service launched by Twitter, is “NFT avatar authentication”. After opening Twitter Blue, you can apply the NFT you purchased with a lot of money on Twitter, and the avatar frame is a unique hexagon. Prove that you are the only owner of this “JPEG”.

These measures solve the classic problem of “buying NFTs are useless” to a certain extent, which is beneficial for creators to promote and sell NFTs, but on the other hand, it also leads to some problems – digital data is packaged into speculative Financial instruments, the greed of the Internet has never been so naked.

Musk, who took down Twitter, grabs Web3's mouthpiece

If in the Web2 era, the Internet’s profit model was just hiding behind the back and charging for advertising fees, then Web3 generously affixed a price to every data you see on the Internet, and then charged you.

In the future, OpenSea will be the “stock market” for your transaction data, and Twitter will be a large square that you pass by before entering the “stock market”.

People are debating which NFT has the potential to appreciate and show off the digital artworks that have been won with huge sums of money. In this free square, you can even share your own real life here, just like you used to.

Such an online lifestyle may be terrifying, but at a time when large capitals are scrambling to squeeze into the Web3 track, no one is sure that every picture you send, every text you type, or even every data packet you generate will end up. how much is it worth.

Musk, who took down Twitter, grabs Web3's mouthpiece

Image from: Beeple

Don’t be surprised if Twitter asks you to pay the original blogger in digital currency when you retweet, welcome to Web3

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