Musk tweets about holding dogcoin

From the literal meaning of Musk’s tweet, it is positive. But is it really favorable? Or when will it work? Ask yourself.

Must read: prediction quotes are false, the ghost knows the next second there is no capricious banker to a pull-up smash disk or something. I advocate the concept of scientific investment, all analysis is based on science, to eliminate artificial fantasy. Investment first of all to do risk control, do not expect every operation you can make money. Just like a boxing match, the one who wins is always the one who can eventually stay on the stage. The most important thing is to have a ☆ mindset, remember to invest your free money and touch less leverage

Xu Dengke’s Investment Notes-994

Musk, as the king of cryptocurrency bandwagon, keeps stirring up the market, especially bitcoin, dogcoin and shitcoin, which almost become the directional marker of the plate trend! Some people take his words as the basis for buying and selling, and they are highly respected, while others think he is a shit-stirrer, saying one moment that he wants to sell BTC, and the next moment that he doesn’t; one moment that he wants to take dogcoin to heaven, and the next moment that dogcoin is a scam! People can’t tell the difference between real and fake, and can’t figure it out!

On the afternoon of May 21, Beijing time, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted a picture of dogcoin and asked: how much is the dogcoin in the window worth. In a reply to a Twitter user, he said, “I am not out, nor will I sell, any dogcoins.”

Literally, it’s favorable. But will it really be favorable? Or when will it work? Ask yourself.

What do we do as ordinary traders? Please study this statement carefully: The media is just a tool of the bankers to manipulate the emotions of the retail investors!

So, what is our reliance, or powerful tool? That is the market and your own speculation skills!

Here, let’s look at the market.

Musk tweets about holding dogcoin

In the chart above, the dog coin has pulled back after rising from the low to the all-time high, and the maximum pullback has exceeded 78.6%. If we ignore the lower lead, the pullback can be seen as reaching 78.6%. This retracement is a strong retracement. From the big cycle, above and did not form, a large number of hedges, because, above the horizontal time, after all, not long, and, after a big rise, has been down retracement, generally, is a big wash, not the formation of a big top trend! Therefore, the probability of a significant rebound is very high!

Musk tweets about holding dogcoin

The above chart is the 1-hour chart of the dog coin. First, there is a huge amount of long lower-lead K lines, and then there is a long lower-lead large positive line, the former is a downward stop signal, the latter is an upward signal, and, from the low 1, a large rally, the maximum range of 86%, and later, back down to the low 2, the low 2 is much higher than the low 1, indicating that the long side is very strong. The rebound from low 2, which was a rapid rise, also shows that the long side is strong.

Therefore, my strategy is, the low point 2 near the layout of more single, as long as it does not fall below the low point 1, spot, can be held with confidence!

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