Musk tweeted another blow to the coin price, the cryptocurrency has become its cash machine?

The two “thespians” put on a great show in the cryptocurrency world, with Musk playing with the cryptocurrency market and Sun cutting the yellow spring in the back.

The title of today’s article is more aptly named “Musk Mantis Catching Cicada”, “Sun Cuts Yellow Springs”, and “Two Playwrights” put on a great show in the cryptocurrency circle.

Yes, after we “praised” Musk and Dogcoin for bringing activity to the cryptocurrency circle yesterday, he came back today to give a blow to the market, and the whole process is a very deliberate approach.

First, he sent out a tweet in the morning about a couple of lovers about to break up, and then Musk paired it with bitcoin and a heartbroken emoji, which seemed to imply a breakup with bitcoin, and as a result, bitcoin fell straight back down from $39,000 and is currently below $37,000.

Musk tweeted another blow to the coin price, the cryptocurrency has become its cash machine?

Musk then tweeted back to netizens, saying “I want laser eyes too.” This relatively benign message didn’t help the market, as laser eyes is a fanfic movement that has been started overseas, in which vloggers change their avatars into greedy laser eyes to show their support for bitcoin, with the intention of driving up the price of bitcoin, similar in nature to the dogcoin fanfic similar in nature to the dogcoin fanfic movement. In short essentially this laser eye means support for bitcoin, but Musk’s repeated actions like this don’t know what it means for the market.

In the process, our “Sun Cut” got another miserable kick in the pants when he replied under Musk’s tweet that he would buy all the bitcoins Musk sold.

Sun cut has been a marketing master in the circle, and it is easy to create a feeling of generosity, but in fact every time really big money when Sun cut is not the last to pay that person, such as the previous auction of nearly $ 70 million NFT, and he said wrong time and time again commitment, as for other like Warren Buffett lunch, before the microblogging fight venture capital, are the least money, played the biggest advertising The first time, and Warren Buffett ate a meal after, now and then also rubbing baby love hot, behind the WSB event, but also cut a sum of investors, now apparently stared at Musk, is really a master of the marketing world.

Many people still question why Musk’s actions are currently being used as a hotspot, but there is no way, the market just cares so much, in fact, compared to the beginning, Musk’s influence has been much smaller, if it was before Musk’s reputation became stinky in the coin world, such a tweet I’m afraid not only let Bitcoin fall 2000 points, so we still have to put up with Musk for a while, but should use But it shouldn’t take more than a few tweets for Musk’s influence to fade further, just like it did with the grayscale.

Some people have analyzed the purpose of Musk’s behavior during this period, and we have analyzed it before, only to be more clear, the overall is to first gather the absentee workers, set up a committee, using public pressure to force them to audit their carbon compliance, not to meet the standard, Tesla will sell them indicators, while marketing Tesla’s dying solarcity solar solutions. The dog coin, ready to learn from the Ether to POS, energy consumption down to less than 1%, a triple whammy.

It is really the cryptocurrency circle into their own ATM, and from mining to coins comprehensive withdrawal, really nothing.

Back to the market, after Musk tweeted in the morning, the market began to fall back, and it is a continuous fall, there is no pause yet, however, if you look at it from a technical point of view, the fall back is really not unexpected.

We said in the morning, the market can always rise there are three conditions are missing, and the current apparently did not all reach, especially when it comes to the $ 40,000 pressure level, no relatively large topics can not break through, that fall is also normal, and Musk’s tweet is at best to accelerate the speed and magnitude of the market retracement.

Musk tweeted another blow to the coin price, the cryptocurrency has become its cash machine?

Now the overall is the news driven by technical changes, of course, the news caused by fluctuations in the technical side can also be explained, but the technical side can not play a leading role, the current or about the same, is still in this oscillation range, large oscillation range is 33000-40000 U.S. dollars, a little smaller is 37000-40000 U.S. dollars, or not much change, the next can pay attention to A support situation of $ 35500, when the market back down when things panic or in batches, we still need to plan ahead.

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