Musk threatened by hacker group Anonymous: accused of manipulating bitcoin, denounced as narcissist

As Musk has become more active on Twitter, and his suspected manipulation of cryptocurrencies on several occasions has caught the attention of authorities and unscrupulous organizations.

June 7 – As Musk has become more active on Twitter, and his several suspected manipulations of cryptocurrencies have caught the attention of authorities and unscrupulous agencies.

According to major media reports, a person claiming to be from Anonymous, a hacktivist group, tweeted a video rant against Musk on June 5, criticizing him as a narcissist and threatening, “Maybe you think you’re the smart one, but You’ve met your match. We’re ‘Anonymous’, wait for us!”

In the video, a masked, voice-altered man claiming to represent “Anonymous” opens by shouting, “Greetings to all citizens of the world, this is a letter from Anonymous to Elon Musk.”

“In years past, you were one of those people who enjoyed the highest reputation among the billionaire class, and that was only because you met the needs of most of us who wanted to live in a world of electric cars and space exploration.”

“But sadly, your carefully crafted image of greatness has recently been overturned and people have begun to see you as just another ordinary, narcissistic and wealthy person who craves attention and thirsts for fame.”

“It seems your quest to save the world is rooted more in a sense of superiority and a messianic complex than in any actual concern for human society.”

Anonymous then highlighted Musk’s lack of concern for humanity, “a condition that has always been apparent to (his) employees, who have endured unimaginable conditions under (his) command for years.”

The group cited an article in The Observer and explained, “Tesla workers and workers’ rights advocates say the company is risking the health and safety of its workers by relentlessly pursuing these fancy numbers (benefits).”

In addition, Anonymous cites another Times article that states

It’s also obvious to the children working in the lithium mines overseas that Musk is also destroying the local environment.

“You’ve even prematurely crowned yourself ‘Emperor of Mars,’ a place where you would send people to their deaths,” the group continued, “and your fans are ignoring these issues simply because they are too focused on the potential benefits your project could bring to the world.”

In addition, he argued that Musk is no great man and slammed him for selling carbon credits, “Technically, it’s not your innovation because you’re not actually the founder of Tesla. You just bought the company from two people who are much smarter than you.”

(Cope: CNBC reports that Tesla was founded by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, and that Musk started out as an investor)

Later, he cited an article titled “Tesla: Boosting Profits with Bitcoin and the Environment” as a source of skepticism.

Tesla has made more money in two months holding bitcoin than they have made in years selling cars, and the bitcoin was likely purchased with the money from these government subsidies (carbon credits).

In addition, he points out that Musk is trying to control the price of bitcoin, “It’s a display of words that has been going on for over a year and that you know very well. But once your main source of revenue is threatened, you pretend you don’t know anything about it and try to sway the choice between the two sides” “Musk’s move to create the Bitcoin Mining Council is seen as an attempt to centralize the industry and bring it under his control.”

He then goes on to use various examples to try to show that Musk is an outright hypocrite and is only borrowing from Bitcoin and the like to speculate, which will not be translated line by line here.

IT House has reported that Musk sent two tweets in a row a while back expressing his disappointment with Bitcoin and his desire to part ways with it peacefully. This led to a near collapse of the bitcoin market. In his video, “Anonymous” claimed: “Hundreds of investors want to improve their lives by investing in cryptocurrencies, of course they have to take the risk, everyone knows that cryptocurrencies are volatile, but your tweets this week show that you don’t care about the lives of ordinary working people. “

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