Musk: If I don’t serve as CEO, Tesla will be over

Musk: If I don’t serve as CEO, Tesla will be over

On July 12, Tesla CEO Elon Musk appeared in court to defend Tesla’s 2016 acquisition of solar power company Solar City.

In court, Musk insisted that Tesla is controlled by the board of directors, but if he does not serve as CEO, the company will be over. “I tried very hard not to be the CEO of Tesla, but I had to be the CEO, otherwise Tesla would be finished.”

In the lawsuit, Tesla shareholders accused Musk of leading the board’s discussion of the transaction, pushing Tesla to pay more for the acquisition of Solar City, and misleading shareholders on Solar City’s deteriorating financial issues.

Back in 2016, Musk did not hesitate to stand on the opposite side of all shareholders and insisted on spending $2.8 billion to acquire Solar City, a household photovoltaic power generation company. Before the acquisition, Solar City was already insolvent. In 2016, it lost US$820 million and was burdened with a negative cash flow of US$2.6 billion.

It is worth noting that Solar City was co-founded by Elon Musk and his cousin. Musk served as the chairman of the company and is also the largest shareholder.

In short, Musk spent money to buy his own company.

In response, Musk responded that Tesla’s board of directors is responsible for handling the Solar City transaction, and he did not join the board committee responsible for negotiating the terms of the transaction.

Before that, Musk believed that he had been using his sense of humor to help Tesla conduct free publicity, “If we make people happy, they will write stories to promote us. We don’t have to spend money on advertising, which will Reduce the price of our cars.”

In addition, Musk is also “speaking of new technologies” in different fields.

Build a “primary city” on Mars in 2028

As we all know, Musk has always had a dream-landing on Mars.

As early as 2018, Musk announced on his social media: “To build a Mars “primary city”-Alpha Base in 2028.”

In the early morning of December 11, 2020, the Starship SN8 ushered in its second highly anticipated take-off test. However, to everyone’s expectation, the starship SN8 suddenly crashed into the ground when it landed and recovered, and exploded again.

At that moment, a lot of behaviors that confuse the audience appeared. A slogan “Awesome test. Congrats Star-ship team!” appeared on the official live broadcast interface (the test is very exciting, congratulations to the Starship team) .

In this regard, Musk later said that the explosion of the spacecraft was caused by the lower pressure of the fuel tank on the head during the landing, and therefore the faster landing speed. However, the team has obtained all the data needed for this flight, so “Congratulations to Space X team”!

After congratulating the team, Musk immediately sent a dynamic saying, “Mars! Here we are!”

Musk: If I don’t serve as CEO, Tesla will be over

To this end, Musk set a flag when communicating in the Clubhouse at the beginning of the year, saying, “Within five and a half years, he will be able to board Mars.”

As a result, it was not until May 4 (Eastern Time) that the Starship prototype SN15 was successfully recovered and landed at the Texas launch site. This was also the first time that the Starship prototype successfully completed the experiment.

Whether Musk can go to Mars in five and a half years, we will wait and see.

Musk platform, Clubhouse is hard to find

“Do you have an invitation code?”-With the popularity of Clubhouse, the entire Internet circle was frantically “seeking codes” at the beginning of this year.

Clubhouse was originally just a chat application, and its rule design is also very simple-each user can only use profile pictures, users can follow each other, but can’t private message each other, if they must communicate, two people can “open a room” voice Chat, but someone will come in to listen at any time, and you can raise your hand and connect the wheat.

On February 1st of this year, Musk logged into Clubhouse for the first time, interacted with netizens, and quickly got the app out of the circle. After all, close contact with the big guys will give people the illusion that “the big guys and I are netizens”.

On the evening of February 2nd, users on Clubhouse began to drop frequently. Some users said that after Musk brought the goods, Clubhouse users were increasing exponentially, reaching more than 5 million, successfully reaching the top of Germany, Italy, Japan, and Hong Kong. The number of downloads of mobile apps in the Apple Store in Taiwan and China Taiwan ranks first, with 9.6 million downloads in the month (2021.2) .

However, due to the limitation of only two invitations per user in the application, after being popular on the Musk platform, the phenomenon of “a code hard to find” soon appeared.

However, the future development of this software has not been as vigorous as it was at the beginning.

On May 21, Clubhouse announced its official landing on the Android platform. According to a Sensor Tower spokesperson , Clubhouse had approximately 922,000 downloads worldwide in April, a 90% drop from the peak in February.

Realize digital immortality through brain-computer interface

The brain-computer interface is another “dream” for Musk to complete.

In 2016, Musk established a brain-computer interface company named Neuralink, whose main business is to develop brain-computer interfaces for the symbiosis of humans and artificial intelligence.

He hopes that through the brain-computer interface, artificial intelligence controlled by consciousness can be realized in a real sense. The specific operation is to implant a chip in the brain, and let the chip feedback to the outside world by sensing the signals of the brain.

Regardless of the success of this project, just from the perspective of imagination, turning people into transformed people is ethically contrary to our inherent cognition-if everyone is equipped with a brain-computer interface, all emotions can be passed through data Pass it out, and all actions are determined by consciousness, and then everyone’s independent personality may slowly fade.

Just like the scenes shown in the classic movie “The Matrix”, people may no longer need any thoughts and feelings at that time, and everything in life can be replaced by artificial intelligence.

Musk: If I don’t serve as CEO, Tesla will be over

At present, the company has successfully implanted a chip into the pig’s brain. At the press conference in August last year, Musk showed the piglet named Gertrude to the audience. Gertrude was alive and kicking at the press conference, his nose kept touching the floor, tables and chairs and other objects. Whenever his nose is in contact with other objects, the brain chip will transmit brain wave fluctuation data to the data collector in Musk’s hand, and finally project it on the big screen to show the audience.

Neuralink once said that brain-computer interface technology will allow people to communicate directly through the brain within 5 years without using language, and realize the true legendary telepathy.

In addition, in Musk’s vision, there is a magic word, digital immortality. He said in the live questioning session: “When a person dies, he already has his own computer expansion and online expansion, just like an online ghost, you are more in the’cloud’ than in your body. “

Former Dogecoin CEO

The number of times that Musk has platformed for Dogecoin can’t be counted with one hand.

Originally, Dogecoin was only developed by IBM engineers to satirize Bitcoin speculation. It took three hours from its formation to its official launch.

In April 2019, when the price of Bitcoin plummeted, Musk suddenly mentioned Dogecoin on Twitter and changed his signature to “Former Dogecoin CEO”.

In 2021, Musk has touted Dogecoin on Twitter more and more-on February 4th, Musk sent three tweets to support Dogecoin; on February 15th, Musk once again said “if The main holder of Dogecoin sells most of the coins, and I will fully support Dogecoin” and once again declared that “Dogecoin is undervalued”; on April 1, Musk also claimed that he would use a rocket to move a dog Dogecoin is sent to the moon. Although it was April Fool’s Day, Dogecoin’s increase of more than 14% did not seem to be a joke; on April 15, Musk posted a picture of “dog barking on the moon” on Twitter. Unsurprisingly, this highly suggestive picture has caused the price of Dogecoin to soar again-by more than 50%, and the total market value is close to 60 billion US dollars.

What is surprising is that on May 8, Musk revealed in the opening monologue of the American talk show “Saturday Night Live” that he was a patient with Asperger’s disease. In addition, Musk also experienced role-playing doctors, cowboys, producers and other different roles in SNL. He also “admitted” in the Weekend Update of the news talk unit: Dogecoin is indeed a scam, the next day Dogecoin Tumbled 36%.

Musk: If I don’t serve as CEO, Tesla will be over

On May 11, Musk continued to “make troubles” and asked netizens in the form of questionnaires on his personal Twitter account whether he hoped Tesla would accept Dogecoin as a payment method. The Dogecoin, which is about to fall in a few days , The price suddenly rose again.

Musk: If I don’t serve as CEO, Tesla will be over

It is hard to imagine that the unit price of Dogecoin at the beginning of 2021 was only US$0.008, but after the May Day holiday, its price has risen to US$0.74, and the price has doubled nearly 100 times in five months.

In this regard, William Li, the chief researcher of the OKEx Research Institute, a digital asset trading platform, said, “The main cause of the Dogecoin fire is mainly because Musk’s “carrying goods”. If Musk does not continue in the future, or there is no actual support action, Dogecoin will fall to its original level and even risk a crash.”

In the latest news, Dogecoin fell below $0.2 per coin on July 9, a 24-hour drop of more than 6%.

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