Musk claims to be old and can’t like “Metaverse”. The brain-computer interface has nothing to do with it

Musk blatantly criticized Zuckerberg’s Metaverse?

In 2021, Metaverse and Web3 are considered to be two trends that will completely change the digital world, but Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk are not interested in either.

Wisdom news on December 23, this Wednesday, Musk accepted an interview with The Babylon Bee (The Babylon Bee) on the video platform YouTube.

Musk claims to be old and can't like "Metaverse". The brain-computer interface has nothing to do with it

▲Musk accepts an interview with Babylon

Musk said that he couldn’t see any compelling application scenarios of Metaverse, and mocked Web3 as still a vague concept.

Currently, the Metaverse refers to the virtual world accessed through a virtual reality headset. Some Metaverse opponents also pointed out: “The current technological iteration of the virtual world mainly provides improved hardware, a gorgeous new title, and huge financial support from giants such as Meta (the parent company of Facebook).”

Web3 is currently just another alternative vision for the future of the Internet. Users can participate in the construction and use of applications on the blockchain without revealing personal data. Musk didn’t spend much time discussing Web3 in the interview, but he had previously expressed doubts about the project on the social platform Twitter many times.

Without violating the original intent, Zhishi has compiled a complete compilation of part of Musk’s in-depth interview with Babylon Bee.

01If you want to enter the Metaverse, first solve motion sickness

Question 1 : What are your thoughts on taking technology to a new level and putting us in a virtual world like the Metaverse? Do you think the Metaverse is full of hope for mankind?

Musk : Although I have heard a lot about the Metaverse, you can enter the Metaverse by wearing a virtual reality headset and putting a “TV screen” on your nose. But it’s like when our parents told us when we were young, don’t sit too close when watching TV, it will ruin your eyesight. But now, we have put the TV in front of our eyes.

Second, when you are playing a video game on a computer desktop or other device, you can play the game from a first-person perspective, and you can move the mouse or other tools quickly without the feeling of motion sickness. But for games in the Metaverse, you need to try to use virtual reality equipment, and at the same time you must get used to “transporting” in the game, but in many cases you will feel motion sickness.

Musk claims to be old and can't like "Metaverse". The brain-computer interface has nothing to do with it

▲Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX

Question 2 : What are the negative effects of Metaverse in the future? Some people think that the Metaverse is dystopian and can only maintain the surface peace of society, and it is full of various ills. In the future, will many people enter the virtual world and leave the real world for this?

Musk : At the moment, I don’t see anyone strapping this screen to their faces all day long. For me, I don’t think they want to leave the real world forever, and this kind of thing will never happen. Also, putting a virtual reality headset on the face now makes people uncomfortable.

Question 3 : What if the device is thin and light enough?

Musk : Of course, virtual reality headsets will definitely become thinner and lighter in the future. Even so, I don’t think people will choose to wear them every day. I’m very old. I like people who were dismissive of the Internet in the 90s. They don’t care about fashions or things that will never have any practical meaning. We prefer to call, write, etc. to talk to others. Communicate and exchange. But the Internet may eventually change mankind and slowly penetrate into people’s lives.

Question 4 : At present, the content about the metaverse is still very ordinary, just like attending a meeting, just in a virtual meeting room, but the people around are not real, just a virtual avatar, what do you think of this phenomenon?

Musk : Indeed, I have not seen some convincing Metaverse constructions. Secondly, the popular Web3 concept is more like buzzword marketing than reality.

02Implanting the brain-computer interface into the human body next year has nothing to do with the “Metaverse”

Question 5 : How is the virtual reality device different from the brain-computer interface you mentioned earlier?

Musk : The sophisticated brain-computer interface device allows you to be completely immersed in virtual reality.

Musk claims to be old and can't like "Metaverse". The brain-computer interface has nothing to do with it

▲Interview site

Question 6 : What is the brain-computer interface you mentioned earlier?

Musk : First of all, I created the brain-computer interface to alleviate the long-term risks brought by artificial intelligence technology. If we can effectively realize the symbiosis with artificial intelligence, we can better guide the development of technology in the direction we want.

Because in the future, artificial intelligence may be smarter than humans and cannot communicate effectively with humans. Just like a tree, it communicates slowly with the surrounding environment, looking for resources such as water and the sun. Although we cannot see the process of their communication, the tree is also communicating with its surroundings.

This is equivalent to our communication with artificial intelligence. If the computer can communicate with you at a rate of 1 billion bytes per second or faster, and you are at a rate of 10 bytes per second, then the connection process will be very slow. It also inhibits the symbiosis of artificial intelligence and humans.

If there is a brain-computer interface, then humans can increase communication bandwidth, achieve an order of magnitude increase, and achieve the symbiosis between humans and artificial intelligence.

Question 7 : So what is the output from the brain to other devices?

Musk : Humans have vision, so our input is much less restricted than our output. Human visual input is many orders of magnitude higher than output. For example, a picture may contain more than one thousand bytes, and a video may contain more than one hundred thousand bytes. People can receive this information very well through vision.

The meme we often talk about now refers to the imitating of people in the cultural field, which makes part of the content spread widely. This is the reason why memes appear. Just a few words can resonate with many people on the Internet.

At present, we need to increase the bandwidth to speed up our communication rate, and this may also become a long-term risk whether we can realize the brain-computer interface.

Of course, we are trying to solve this problem. In the future, we want to implant a brain-computer interface device in a quadriplegic person, so that they can operate computers and mobile phones faster than those who work with both hands.

Before, we have been training monkeys to play video games, playing table tennis, etc. We will look at the signals sent by the monkey’s brain, read them, and then try to transmit these signals to the game.

In any case, we must ensure the safety of brain-computer interface equipment. At present, our safety standards have far exceeded the requirements of regulatory agencies. I hope that the first brain-computer interface device can be implanted into the human body next year.

I think this is a very important thing because it can help many people in the future.

We want to connect two brain-computer interface devices in the human body, one is used to connect the motor nerve and somatosensory nerve of the human body, and the other is connected to the damaged part of the human body, and then signal transmission between the two to help normal movement. Of people enjoy a normal life.

03 Conclusion: Is the technology trend a buzzword or a certainty?

Concepts such as Metaverse and Web3 are also the most concerned scientific and technological information in 2021, but Musk thinks these ideas are more like “buzzwords.”

Once the concept of Metaverse was put forward, people’s attention to the virtual world has greatly increased. Second, supporters of Web3 believe that it can weaken the power and influence of technology giants such as Meta and Google.

For Musk, he believes that brain-computer interface devices will be more likely to change the world and help people with quadriplegia or physical disabilities to live and work better.

At the moment when there are only concepts and no physical content, many people are skeptical of these concepts, but in comparison, the fastest progress may be that Musk claims that the human body will be connected to a brain-computer interface device next year.

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