Musk bombards the Metaverse

Musk said that in the current view, Web3 is more like a marketing buzzword, rather than a reality.

Musk said bluntly: I have not seen some convincing meta-universe construction.

In five days, the “first year of the Yuan universe” will soon become history. 

In the past year, foreign companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, and Nvidia have entered the game with high profile, and domestic giants such as Bytedance and NetEase have also deployed. 

And this week, many companies continue to triumphantly, trying to take the fast train of the development of Shangyuan Universe:, Coach, and OPPO have successively released NFT digital collections, Netease Youdao and Foxconn applied for the Metaverse trademark, Tencent Music launched a virtual music carnival… 

The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection published an article on the official website to set the tone for the development of Metaverse: “Metaverse-the development goal of the next generation of the Internet (deep attention to how I metaverse rewrites human social life)”.

In the hustle and bustle, Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s conservative evaluation of Metaverse and the successive bombardments of Web3 are naturally much more abrupt. 

Zhou Hongyi and Musk seem to have the same position. He once said, “A company as strong as Facebook should think about the future of mankind as much as Musk, and solve big technical problems, instead of making people more addicted, entertaining, and Work hard on illusory technology.” 

Musk criticized Web3 one after another, which is more like a marketing buzzword

Recently, Reuters has selected the top 12 hot words of science and technology in 2021, and Web3 and Metaverse are on the list at the same time. 

It is worth noting that when everyone is talking about Web3, blockchain and cryptocurrency are often mixed in. In many reports, Metaverse and Web3 are even mixed, and they are both regarded as the ultimate form of the Internet. 

Simply understand, the meta universe is a combination of the Internet and VR/AR, and its final form is a digital world reconstructed from social, life, and economic and social systems in reality. Web3 is a new paradigm of the Internet and can be regarded as an important part of this virtual world. 

It can be said that blockchain, Web3, and meta-universe are in a progressive relationship. Blockchain is the technical support of Web3, and Web3 is the underlying facility of the meta-universe and the first step to construct the meta-universe. 

For Web3, Musk has poured two pots of cold water in a row. 

On December 21st, Musk said on personal social media that I am not saying that Web3 is real. In the current view, it is more like a marketing buzzword, rather than a reality. But you can imagine what the future will look like in 10, 20 or 30 years. The future in 2051 seems to be crazy! 

Musk bombards the Metaverse

Source: network screenshot

This Wednesday, Musk accepted an interview with The Babylon Bee on the video platform YouTube. He emphasized again in the interview, “The popular Web3 concept is more like buzzword marketing than reality.” 

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey also stated that users do not actually own Web3 products. The actual owners of Web3 are the venture capital institutions (VC) and their limited partners (LP) behind the project. Finally, Web3 It will go against the starting point of decentralization and become a centralized entity with different labels, just like Web2. 

Musk bombards the Metaverse

Source: network screenshot 

Dorsey also hinted that there is a lot of money behind Web3 to support the hype. According to TechCrunch, in the third quarter of 2021 alone, venture capital invested more than $6 billion in crypto projects. 

Musk on Metaverse: The current state of construction is not convincing

In an interview with Babylon, Musk said: Although I have heard a lot about the meta universe, you can enter the meta universe by wearing a virtual reality headset and putting a “TV screen” on your nose. But it’s like when our parents told us when we were young, don’t sit too close when watching TV, it will ruin your eyesight. But now, we have put the TV in front of our eyes. 

In addition, Musk focused on the dizziness symptoms of VR. He said: When you are playing a video game on a computer desktop or other device, you can play the game from a first-person perspective. You can move the mouse or other tools quickly without feeling motion sickness. But for games in the meta-universe, you need to try to use virtual reality equipment, and at the same time you must get used to “transporting” in the game, but in many cases you will feel motion sickness. 

At present, there are still few application scenarios for Metaverse, and it may still be in the early stage of participating in virtual meetings with virtual avatars. 

In this regard, Musk said bluntly: I have not seen some convincing meta-universe construction. 

Not only is there a lack of practical examples, Musk also believes that the consumer experience of the meta universe is disappointing: “Of course, you can put the TV on your nose, but I don’t think this is called’entering the meta universe.’ “. He thinks, “I don’t think someone will really tie a screen to their face all day long, which is very uncomfortable. Even if the device can be designed to be very light and light, I still don’t think anyone will wear it all day long. .” 

For the evaluation of Meta Universe and Web3, Musk still has room for it. He believes that he is just “too old” to understand these new technologies. “I like those people who were dismissive of the Internet in the 90s. They don’t care about some fashion or things that will never have any practical meaning. We prefer to call and write letters to communicate and communicate with others. But the Internet It may eventually change mankind and slowly penetrate into people’s lives.” 

It is worth mentioning that in 1995, Musk was the first to discover the future value of the Internet. And after years of exploration and excavation, he has become the richest man in the real world. 

Among Musk’s many explorations, the brain-computer interface project is the most futuristic. But in the interview, Musk seemed to have no intention to associate it with the meta universe. 

Musk said in the interview that complex brain-computer interface devices can allow you to be completely immersed in virtual reality. He also said, “I hope that the first brain-computer interface device can be implanted into the human body next year.” 

Zhou Hongyi worries about safety issues, the first case of meta-universal sexual harassment broke out

If Musk’s evaluation of the metaverse is still relatively neutral, Zhou Hongyi’s statement is much sharper.

Zhou Hongyi once said: If people put the main time of their lives in the metaverse and virtual reality in the metaverse, the metaverse will definitely be attacked by people, and many new security problems will arise. 

In addition, Zhou Hongyi does not agree with the meta-universe depicted by Facebook. If people go to the virtual world to pursue the unsatisfactory satisfaction of the real world, the real world will stagnate. He divided the meta universe into four genres: game clan, currency speculator, stock speculator, and a virtual community like Facebook, constructing a virtual world through virtual reality. 

Up to now, the new security issues that Zhou Hongyi is worried about have not yet been exposed. However, the first case of meta-cosmic sexual harassment still came unexpectedly. 

According to a foreign media report on December 20, Meta (formerly Facebook) officially opened its meta-universe platform “Horizon Worlds” earlier this month. According to reports, during the “Horizon Worlds” test, a female tester reported a very disturbing incident-she was sexually harassed in the virtual world. The tester said that a stranger tried to “touch” his virtual character in the square. She wrote, “This (uncomfortable) feeling is stronger than being harassed on the Internet.” 

Catherine Cross, who studies online harassment at the University of Washington, said that virtual reality is immersive and authentic, and harmful behaviors that occur in this environment are also authentic. 

According to reports, Meta said after conducting an internal review of the sexual harassment incident that testers should use a tool called “Safe Zone”, which is part of the “Horizon Worlds” built-in safety feature suite. The so-called “safe zone” is a protective bubble that can be activated when the user feels threatened. In this bubble, no one can touch their character, nor can they talk to them or interact in any way until they send it out Signal, hope to lift the protection. 

Horizon’s vice president, Vivek Sharma, called the sexual harassment “very unfortunate”, but he also said, “This is still good feedback for us, because I want to make the blocking function simple, Easy to find”. 

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