MUSIC.NET – Music NFT Platform of Super Public Chain ABEY

MUSIC.NET will disrupt the business model of the existing music industry, and its works will include every music style and genre.

MUSIC.NET - Music NFT Platform of Super Public Chain ABEY

Brian Rogers, a representative of ABEY’s technical team at the 2021 AIBC Summit in Dubai, said: “It’s not the same as the music industry. Brian Rogers, a representative of the ABEY technology team at the 2021 AIBC Summit in Dubai, said that non-homogenized tokens (NFTs) will have some impact on the music industry.

What is NFT?

NFT is an innovative application of blockchain technology that provides a way to mark ownership of native digital assets that can exist outside of a centralized service or centralized repository.

At the same time, NFT allows it to anchor the concept of a real-world commodity due to its non-homogeneous and non-detachable nature. To understand it simply, issuing NFT works means issuing digital assets on the blockchain, and this asset can be game props, digital artworks, tickets, etc., and has uniqueness and irreproducibility. Since NFT has natural collecting properties and is easy to trade, crypto artists can use NFT to create unique digital artworks.

The NFT platform built on the ABEY public chain – MUSIC.NET will provide the world’s most comprehensive platform for trading and distributing music NFTs. Currently, the platform has confirmed NFT releases with master classical hip-hop band Naughty by Nature and a range of fast-growing R&B and hip-hop artists, including MJ Songstress, Niko Brim, Kev Rodgers, MVXMILLI and Julian King, among other heavyweight artists.

Rogers said the MUSIC.NET platform, powered by technology from ABEY and Neurothink AI, is in final Beta testing and will be available in the summer of 2021.

“MUSIC.NET is a proposal by VNATION Entertainment to embrace blockchain technology. As the company’s first decentralized music platform, MUSIC.NET will disrupt the business model of the existing music industry and is designed for musicians, artists, performers, singers, songwriters, producers, record labels, music publishers and music fans. Its productions will include every style and genre of music.”

Naughty by Nature’s manager, James Mearns, said the beloved project will include every genre of music. Naughty by Nature’s classics include “Hip Hop Hooray” and “O.P.P.,” among others. P.” and other familiar songs to hip hop fans around the world. Together with the MUSIC.NET platform, they will further disrupt the music industry in the NFT space in 2021.”

JoJo “Bangs” Brim, CEO of VNATION, said, “It is very easy for music artists from all over the world to create their own smart contracts on the ABEY chain, the blockchain platform that powers MUSIC.NET NET. All they need to do is fill out the smart contract form provided by MUSIC.NET and upload their work to the MUSIC.NET staging area to create their NFT work. Once our human review team has verified the work, it can be published as an NFT.”

Brim continued, “Artists can also record their share of NFT sales through ‘Valid Individual Prints,’ and works that sell 100,000 or more copies will receive the The ‘Platinum Record’ designation!”

One of the highlights of MUSIC.NET is the platform’s “Digital Rights Contract” (DRC). Dividing and tracking music copyrights is a complex process. There are several parts of the copyright validation process that are difficult to identify, including disputes between songwriters, producers, artists, and publishers. The process can be difficult and complex even for experienced music industry professionals, and MUSIC.NET will greatly simplify the copyright validation process by explicitly guaranteeing rights at every step of the way through a smart contract on the ABEY blockchain.

Brim said, “Traditionally, the music industry has been an exclusive domain of record labels, private equity firms and billionaire investors, but the development of NFT now makes it possible for individuals and small investors alike to invest, trade and collect music rights.”

The ACASH token (ACT) will be the value token in the MUSIC.NET ecosystem. NFT, VIP, DRC, MUSIC.NET gas and transaction fees will all require the use of ACT. ACT is a stable token issued on ABEYCHAIN that is valued at 1:1 with USDT, and ACT can be purchased using ABEY. Meanwhile, the aPay payment system will support the ability to exchange multiple cryptocurrencies into ACT.

MUSIC.NET is a potential NFT marketplace, where transactions will be carried out through “bid” or “buy now” orders from users, and ACT tokens will become the trading currency in the platform.

MUSIC.NET is currently in its final Beta testing phase and will be available at https://MUSIC.NET域名上发布 in the summer of 2021.

For more information, please visit http://www.MUSIC.NET.

For more information about Naughty by Nature, please visit

Learn about MUSIC.NET’s technology platform and partners at

ABEYCHAIN 2.0 (, neurothink ( and our payment partner APAY (

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