Multi-brand launches virtual character NFT: How far is the Metaverse from us

Recently, according to Titanium Media, Inke Entertainment Group is about to launch NFT abroad. The content is designed around the image of Inke’s IP Xiaoying, and it will be launched on OpenSea. In China, Inke will also launch digital collections (not tradable), which will be launched on the Inke live broadcast APP. In the future, the live broadcast APP will also launch a digital collection exhibition hall, which is convenient for collection and display.

In addition, according to a number of people familiar with the matter, Inke is developing virtual products, and will launch an independent APP. It will also launch virtual gameplay functions in a variety of social products, focusing on the immersive experience of the products. At the same time, Inke is also laying out the virtual human business, and has contacted a number of technology research and development companies and virtual human operating companies.

Judging from the recent actions of Inke, it is strengthening its virtual business layout, and there will be a series of intensive actions. 

In fact, based on unrestricted character settings and the ability to adapt to multiple scenarios, many platforms and brands use “virtual characters”, the core asset of the Metaverse, as an industry entry point to lay out the market and open up new ways to play.

develop virtual characters

At this stage, many brands have stepped up their cooperation with virtual characters through cross-border co-branding and cross-border endorsement, and even created their own brand virtual character IP.

In June 2021, oriental makeup brand Huaxizi announced the brand virtual character “Huaxizi”.

It is reported that “Huaxizi” is the first hyper-realistic avatar created by a domestic make-up brand, and also the first hyper-realistic avatar to show Chinese makeup and oriental beauty to the world.

Multi-brand launches virtual character NFT: How far is the Metaverse from us

Huaxizi’s virtual spokesperson “Huaxizi”

In December 2021, the L’Oreal hairdressing official announced the virtual character AYAYI as its color rejuvenation official, and declared that AYAYI was defined as a “Metaverse digital person” and started Metaverse marketing.

Multi-brand launches virtual character NFT: How far is the Metaverse from us

L’Oreal avatar AYAYI

The Perfect Diary adopts the “virtual + real” dual anchor mode. The brand’s virtual anchor is Stella. She is a caring anchor with personality, charm, and understanding of beauty, with a fashionable and cute appearance.

Stella also has a unique opening remark: “Hello everyone, good evening, I’m here to work again. It’s not easy to earn money from work, so please support me.”

This also makes Stella’s image more vivid and vivid, adding a more real “soul”.

Virtual characters can accompany fans for a long time and meet the interactive needs of consumers in different time periods. They can switch to different tones, actions or emotions according to the content of the explanation, and at the same time, they can also interact with consumers in real time, singing, dancing, guessing Not to mention.

And for the brand side, virtual characters are “controllable” and won’t roll over as easily as celebrities. It is a good choice for transferring risks.

Launch related NFTs

In September 2021, Meizu’s official Weibo released its new mobile phone 18X virtual image NFT “Aix”, saying that this is the first NFT digital image in the mobile phone industry and has been launched on OpenSea.

Officials describe it as “cool, street, national style, cat-loving, game-loving, and undefined X”.

Meizu also said: They are just casting this image to commemorate, and do not conduct any trading behavior.

Multi-brand launches virtual character NFT: How far is the Metaverse from us

Meizu’s “Aix”

In November 2021, the RTFKT studio, which is known for launching virtual sneaker NFTs, collaborated with 3D digital art company Daz 3D to launch an NFT series of works called CloneX.

Just a week after the public sale, the project has amassed over $120 million in trading volume. As a 3D anime artwork, CloneX is of high quality, which is why the project has attracted many fans.

The collection contains 20,000 NFT avatars with very diverse clothing styles. Surprisingly, this series of NFTs can “traverse” in different Metaverses.

A special example is that Estee Lauder, as the exclusive beauty brand partner of the virtual world Decentraland Fashion Week, will reward 1 10,000 NFTs.

Users can enter the bottle body of the “small brown bottle” and obtain a wearable NFT, which provides a “bright face” for the user’s avatar and enhances the user’s immersive experience.

As mentioned earlier, avatars are an important part of entering the Metaverse world. Through this virtual identity, people can work, socially interact, play games, and even consume transactions in the Metaverse.

Multi-brand launches virtual character NFT: How far is the Metaverse from us

The virtual character Luo Tianyi

In addition, unlike network IDs, social avatars, etc., the avatar itself is also an integral part of the immersion of the Metaverse. Because the modeling of virtual characters has more freedom and creativity, it can reflect changes in facial features, emotional expressions, gestures and postures, and achieve more natural and real interactions.

In this process, as virtual characters are accepted by more and more people, NFTs that have been capitalized through virtual characters have been supported by major brands, and have spread across industries such as beauty, music, and electronic equipment.

The NFT products launched by these virtual characters can not only further shape the value of the brand, but also obtain unexpected marketing effects by virtue of the creative development of digital assets and the popularity of NFT.

Although the Metaverse is controversial in the beauty, music, games and other industries, the concept of the Metaverse is more like a hot topic and a gimmick, but it is undeniable that with the development of science and technology, the landing of the Metaverse is no longer just talk on paper. , perhaps in the future Metaverse can bring a new change to the marketing model of these industries.

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