Ms. He Wei, Vice President of Chizicheng Technology, shares “Metaverse: A Social Super Future”

Ms. He Wei, Vice President of Chizicheng Technology, shares “Meta Universe: A Super Social Future”

Meta Universe-Opening of a New Era of Digital Development In 2021, with the listing of “Meta Universe First Share” Roblox, and this future concept from the science fiction novel “Avalanche” gradually became known. 

Metaverse has become the hottest track in the investment circle, but building such a grand, high-degree-of-freedom, and highly fantasy virtual world requires AI, content creation engine, content ecology, network communication technology, Solutions in different fields such as AR/VR ecology and blockchain are jointly completed. Domestically, due to the rise of the meta-universe concept, and the entry of Internet companies and investment institutions such as Bytedance, NetEase, and Wuyuan Capital, a number of start-ups in the meta-universe ecosystem have risen. In the fields of content creation engines, AR/VR and AI, due to the scarcity and complexity of related technologies in China, some companies have obtained extremely high valuations when the products are not completed. 

So is the meta universe a bubble or a real future? 36Kr held the Advanced Experience·Meta Universe Summit in Shenzhen on November 24. The summit invited many investors, scholars and industry changers, including Cai Weide, professor of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and expert of international inter-chain network, Xu Lin, vice president of Haima Cloud strategy, Guo Cheng, president of STEPVR, and special assistant to the CEO of “Soul” Huang Ziyang, He Wei, vice president of Chizicheng Technology, Song Lei, co-founder and CTO of EM3, Li Renjie, co-head of NetEase Fuxi Lab, Du Zhenglin, head of Tencent’s magic core market, and many other guests discussed the new development trend of the metaverse industry. During the summit, 36Kr officially announced that it would release a digital collection for the first time, officially kicking off the construction of 36Kr’s meta-cosmos. 36Kr will use the day’s date “1124” as the commemorative node, and Tencent Magic Core will jointly issue a total of 1124 meta universe identity certifications, and provide a total of 1124 digital collections as souvenirs for on-site and online audiences. The digital collection is issued in limited quantities, cannot be copied, is scarce in quantity, has great collection value, and is unique and exclusive, cannot be transferred or traded, and does not have investment attributes. Under the promising trend of Metaverse and Robotics, 36Kr will continue to pay attention to this field through the most cutting-edge vision, and provide comprehensive support for the industry.

It is believed that under the layout of the meta universe, 36 krypton will also explore new growth space. The following is a record of guest speeches:

He Wei: Good afternoon everyone! I am very pleased to invite the organizer to have this opportunity to share with you the social meta universe. I am He Wei from Chizicheng Technology.

Ms. He Wei, Vice President of Chizicheng Technology, shares "Metaverse: A Social Super Future"

Welcome to 2051. Now please connect your brain to this new world. Let’s imagine what social networking is like in 2051. When dating, we can hug and kiss online. When chasing stars, we can have no distance. Even I can touch Wang Yibo’s face. The most exaggerated thing is that when you want to shield this person, you can actually shield him, you can not see or feel him, and let him disappear completely in your own world. These imaginations of ours may all be realized in the meta-universe in the future.

Let’s first look at how social development develops. From face-to-face conversation to the letter era, we have initially crossed the distance of time; in the radio era, from telegraph to telephone, we have realized real-time social interaction; in the Internet era, from text to pictures to audio and video, social networking is moving towards what people are pursuing. The direction of efficiency, real-time, and immersion is constantly developing and evolving. Along this road, the ultimate goal is the meta-universe we just talked about, and the meta-universe may be more interesting than social reality.

The meta-universe is the vision of social, and social is the prelude to the meta-universe. Marx said that “people are the sum of all social relations”, and people are very important. The meta-universe will shorten the distance, and may be more conducive to the formation of relationships than the real society. It needs to establish the relationship between people and people, and the relationship between people and things, so as to produce relationship-based goods and services transactions. The overall situation is in line with the laws of social development. of. For example, we are a social platform for overseas strangers. The biggest difficulty we encounter may be how strangers can quickly get acquainted with each other. In the meta-universe, there is a full range of information exchanges, and you can go faster through vision, feeling, and hearing. To get acquainted with each other. Therefore, the metaverse may promote the rapid development of social interaction.

On the other hand, technologies such as AR and VR are not yet fully mature. We feel that once the technology takes off, the social meta-universe may take the lead in achieving breakthroughs.

Metaverse and social interaction are actually a “two-way rush” relationship. Let’s take a look at how the giants enter the metaverse? We see that Facebook has changed its name to Meta, and it is All in Meta universe. Match Group, Tinder’s parent company, has already built a virtual currency system and is also building a scene like Single Town. And Tencent is based on the integration of social networking, games, and content to deploy the meta-universe. Bytedance acquired Pico, and also made a face-squeezing software overseas to carry out related layouts.

How did other players run into the arena? From Snapchat to BUD to Decentraland, it is not difficult to see that both giants and social players are actually deploying the meta-universe in terms of social relationships, UGC ecology, MMO games, expanded reality, and image engines.

What is Chizicheng doing? Yumy is an overseas social product of ours. The current number of downloading users is 30 million. We will start with Yumy and continue to enrich the elements of the social meta-universe. In fact, the first step for almost all social players to lay out the meta-universe is to cut in from the avatar. For example, SOUL also mentioned it just now. We are the same, we will first explore the avatar of the social meta-universe, and will launch the function of customizing the 3D avatar. Users can upload personal photos, recognize them through AI algorithms, and generate a 3D dynamic virtual image that matches their appearance with one click, and can edit and customize the image in all directions. In addition, the 3D avatar customized by the user can be synchronized with the real-time expressive expressions of the real person, that is, the user can dynamically play his avatar. To put it simply, our avatar is not an unfounded virtual image, but will allow users to make limited modifications, so that it will be more realistic. It is a virtual reality in reality, which can increase the trust of strangers in interaction.

We are also trying to use virtual images to match friends and improve matching efficiency. The avatar can be displayed on the user’s homepage, and the user can use the avatar to match heartbeats with other users, as well as real-time audio and video interaction.

Our users in different languages ​​around the world can also use AI voice real-time translation to obtain a barrier-free and immersive social experience.

Ms. He Wei, Vice President of Chizicheng Technology, shares "Metaverse: A Social Super Future"

In fact, Chizicheng has many advantages in the layout of the meta-universe. We are a social platform for strangers overseas. At present, the monthly life of the world is 20 million, which is not a small volume abroad. Our product form also has a strong UGC attribute, which lays a good foundation for our future meta-universe co-creation system, and also provides some convenience for more users to do co-creation and construction on the platform in the future.

In addition, there is another point that I especially want to talk about. For all globalized apps, especially social networking, localized operation capabilities are very important. Metaverse actually needs to be localized and operated. Combining with the concept of localization, we will combine some localized scenes to explore meta-universe scenes for the first time to provide users with different experiences. For example, in the process of social matching, you can switch to different scenes, such as the scenes and styles of the Middle East and Japan are different. In the future, we will also continue to explore the combination of VR, AR and content. Maybe the next two years will be a very important research topic for us.

Based on the advantages and explorations I just mentioned, let’s talk about some of our layout plans for the social meta-universe.

First of all, we will build the infrastructure of Metaverse on the existing main APP, and keep getting feedback from some users. Later, it will actively explore and establish an independent meta-universe APP to build a richer virtual scene, a more comprehensive digital economy system, a more interesting interactive form, and a more active content creation ecology. In addition, a new generation of VR and AR technologies will also be used to allow different countries and users to have a more efficient and immersive ultimate social experience. In this process, we will continue to adapt technologies to manufacturers, and the platform will also feed back some data and feedback to these technology platforms to accelerate the maturity of the meta universe.

How did socialization lead to the meta universe? We think its exploration path may have several processes: copy, create, and merge. To be more specific, copying means moving real life online; creation is in a virtual world. We create new relationships, new currencies, and new economic systems. It will have some original value in itself, and thus will also Affect our real life; in the end, online virtual and offline real life are infinitely connected. We believe that the construction of ecology is a process of quantitative change for the social meta-universe, and technological leaps will eventually produce qualitative changes.

Based on this path, how should we lay out and explore the social meta-universe? For social interaction, we believe that precipitating social relationships and building a large scale is the most important. Efforts should be made to open up the user base, expand the user base, and continuously strengthen the establishment, precipitation and transformation of relationships, and ultimately form a platform effect.

The second is to accelerate the expansion of scenes, to create more scenes and gameplay, and to make the offline immersive experience online to meet more needs of users.

Finally, there is the connection of technology. Technology is the key to the realization of the meta-universe immersion system. Whether it is the connection of the 1.0 form of AR, VR, or the N.0 form of brain-computer interface, it is necessary to attach great importance to the exploration of technical connection.

After talking about the path of exploring the social meta-universe, I will share some directions that may be the easiest way to enter the meta-universe:

The first is virtual dating. Metaverse focuses on the establishment of virtual identities. Virtual social interaction may be the first choice and the most direct entry point for many companies that want to enter Metaverse.

The second is social interaction with strangers, which companies like ours are doing. Social interaction with strangers may be based on interests and hormonal needs. It may generate more new relationships. The social meta-universe will take new relationships as a starting point and provide differentiated interaction methods. Therefore, I think that social interaction with strangers may be a very Ideal starting point.

The last is the content platform, because the big ecology of Metaverse is inseparable from the creation of content. The establishment of a good incentive mechanism for creators and the creation of the UGC platform ecology will help the rapid expansion of Metaverse.

The above three points are the entrances that we think are relatively easy to cut into the social meta-universe.

Recalling the imaginary social formation in 2051 that I just started talking about, some people may think that the social meta-universe is still very far away from us, and some people think that such a scene will not come too slow or too fast. In any case, we believe that the meta-universe is based on brain science and the continuous development of chips, which should comply with “Moore’s Law” and may be faster than we thought.

Now that I have seen the future of the social meta-universe, I also hope that more people, as well as friends who may be doing social activities, will join us in the super future of the social meta-universe.

thank you all!

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