Moutai will also build a “Metaverse” of wine, netizens comment: drink too much

Everything can be Metaverse, including Maotai.

Although it is not enough for the big companies to “crawl” on Metaverse, when they heard that Maotai was also going to enter the Metaverse, netizens were “stunned”.

Recently, Li Jingren, general manager of Moutai Group, said that it is necessary to build a drunken beauty “yuan universe” belonging to the Maotai series of liquors. Netizens are puzzled, how can Moutai and Metaverse get involved? Someone is wondering what Maotai Metaverse is? Some people have already seen everything, capital speculation.

In fact, it is not only Moutai who is “crushing” the Metaverse heat. In November 2021 alone, 737 companies have applied for a total of 4,156 Metaverse trademarks. It is expected that the first half of 2022 will usher in a new high in registration.

However, judging from the existing Metaverse related products, the recognition is not high. Baidu’s “Xarang” and Meta’s “HorizonWorlds” have been complained by users about the immature technology. It’s no wonder that Moutai, which seems to be out of reach of Yuan Cosmos, will be ridiculed by the crowd.

01  Maotai drunk beauty “Metaverse” is valid

Another listed company caught the popularity of Metaverse.

On January 5, 2022, at the 2021 Maotai Series Liquor National Distributors Association, Li Jingren, the general manager of Moutai Group, said that he will adhere to the “purple line” and focus on the two major projects of “culture” and “brand”, and do our best The two major responsibilities of “public welfare” and “service”, concentrate on embracing the new era, and strive to achieve the ultimate in “products of time precipitation” and “miracle of brewing technology”, and build a drunken beauty “Metaverse” belonging to the Maoxiang series. Interpret “MT” with more excellent results and create a new future.

As a result, the news that Maotai would also enter the Metaverse spread quickly.

Netizens don’t seem to be very optimistic about this, “Moutai will also enter the Metaverse. I really don’t understand it!”, “you have to rub against any heat”, and some netizens jokingly said, “Let’s look forward to the launch of the Metaverse limitation of Moutai. The pricing of the “Universal Moutai” model is not uncommon anyway in the high-end market.”

Moutai will also build a "Metaverse" of wine, netizens comment: drink too much

(Some netizens commented)

Although Moutai proposed the “Metaverse”, it has not yet made any specific actions. However, this “opportunity” has long been discovered.

The Tianyan check showed that there were more than 120 applications for the “Metaverse” trademark related to liquor, but no liquor company has successfully registered.

Among them, three companies have been preemptively registering the Maotai Yuanyu trademark. “Chengdu Huichangyi Digital Technology Co., Ltd.” applied for the trademark name “Moutai Yuanyu”, and the international classification is education and entertainment; “Guizhou Xusheng Information Consulting Service Co., Ltd.” applied for the trademark name “Moutai Yuanyu” and “Muotai Maotai” “, the international classification is wine; “Guizhou Yijia Culture Media Co., Ltd.” applied for a trademark named “Guizhou Maotai Yuanyu” twice in a month, and the international classification is wine.Among them, Guizhou Yijia Culture Media Co., Ltd. applied for the relevant trademark first on November 25, 2021. At present, the status of relevant trademarks is mostly waiting for substantive examination.

It has not been announced how to build the Maotai Metaverse. This has caused netizens to have different opinions, and they have broken their hearts. “When a person is drunk, he will go to another world. This world is called the Drunken Metaverse. But if this metaverse enters, you will return. What should I do if it doesn’t come”, but some people suspect that this is just a capital hype.

In the secondary market, the stock price of related stocks will skyrocket as long as they are stained with the word “Metaverse”. For example, Zhongqingbao has skyrocketed for several consecutive months; Xuanya International has pulled the 20CM daily limit for several consecutive trading days. In the past 2021, Kweichow Moutai was very ups and downs. From 1998 yuan at the beginning of the year, it soared all the way to around 2,600 yuan, and then went all the way down to 1,500 yuan, and finally stood at the 2,000 yuan mark at the end of the year.

Who would have thought that after a wave of Metaverse heat, Maotai did not rise but fell instead. As of the close of the market on the 6th, Kweichow Moutai’s share price fell below 2,000 yuan and closed at 1982.22 yuan per share, down 2.06%.

02  tricks rub yuan universe

The Metaverse has become so popular, it seems that whoever doesn’t rub the heat of the Metaverse will be out.

According to the company’s data, as of the end of 2021, my country has applied for a total of 11,376 “Metaverse” trademarks, involving 1,692 companies. Among them, 99.9% of the “Metaverse” trademarks were registered in 2021, including 11,374 cases, involving 1,691 companies.

Judging from the registration trend in the past year, there was a small registration peak in September, with 312 companies applying for the Metaverse trademark in 2009, and November was the annual registration peak, with 737 companies applying for the Metaverse trademark in 4,156 applications. The number exceeded one-third of the entire year; the registration boom continued in December, with 521 companies applying for a total of 3472 Metauniverse trademarks.Qicha Data Research Institute predicts that the Metaverse trademark registration boom will continue for at least half a year, because the companies that are currently dismissed are still “crab-eaters” in all walks of life, and the mid-waist companies will definitely follow after the head companies are dismissed. The first half of 2022 may usher in a new high in registration.

Since the Metaverse concept fire, games, digital entertainment, and social circuits have had unique advantages and become the “first batch of people who eat crabs.”

Analyzed from the number of Metauniverse trademark applications, enterprise search data shows that there are 31 game-related companies among the TOP100 companies with the number of Metauniverse trademark applications. Some game companies have registered the corresponding Metaverse trademarks for their classic game works, while some have only registered a Metaverse trademark related to the company name.

In addition, among the TOP100 companies that have applied for trademarks of Metaverse, related companies such as live broadcasting, digital publishing, MCN, Internet of Things, and psychological consultation also appear on the TOP100 list.

If the Metaverse of the above-mentioned track layout is still barely understandable, then the others are a bit barely understood.

According to the company’s data, the company that has applied for the largest number of Yuanyu’s trademarks is “Qinggang County Jushi Trading Co., Ltd.”. This company was established in September 2020 with a registered capital of RMB 50 million. The business scope includes the production, sales, processing, transportation, wholesale of aquatic products, etc. of agricultural products.

The company has 1472 pieces of trademark information, 80% of which are related to Metaverse. Including luxury jewelry Metaverse trademarks, such as Chanel Metaverse, Louis Vuitton Metaverse, etc.; as well as automotive Metaverse trademarks, such as Hyundai Motor Metaverse, Lexus Metaverse, etc.; also applied for Wanda Film and Television Metaverse, Meituan preferred Metaverse, Huya live broadcast of Metaverse, Do Duo Cai Metaverse, 100,000 cold jokes, Metaverse, Weibo Metaverse and many other well-known brand Metaverse trademarks, involving education and entertainment, food, scientific instruments, transportation tools and other types , Inevitably there are suspicions of cybersquatting and hotness.

Moutai will also build a "Metaverse" of wine, netizens comment: drink too much

(Source: Enterprise Check)

A group of auto companies have also joined the team to apply for the Metaverse trademark. The three giants of new energy vehicles, “Xiaopeng Automobile, Ideal Automobile, and Weilai Automobile” have all applied for the Metaverse trademark with the company name, and SAIC Motor has applied for the trademarks of “Che Metaverse Z-UNIVERSE, Che Metaverse, Roewe Metaverse”, etc. , Dongfeng Motor has applied for trademarks such as “Guangdong Yuanyuyuan Universe, Lantuyuan Universe”, Great Wall Motor has applied for the “Great Wall Yuanyuan Universe” trademark, and FAW has applied for the “Yuanyuyuan Universe” trademark…

Even the tea brand Michelle Ice City has applied for the trademarks of “Mi Xue Metaverse and Xue Wang Metaverse”. Is it necessary to construct the Milk Tea Metaverse like Moutai?

Luo Yonghao said that the next entrepreneurial project is Metaverse; only ten days after the launch of the Metaverse training program, the number of paying users reached 2,673, with a cumulative income of nearly 1.6 million yuan; Zhangjiajie Scenic Area announced the establishment of the country’s first Metaverse Research Center… Rub” Metaverse.

03  Metaverse is not easy to “rub”

Although the concept of Metaverse has been popular for quite a while, what exactly is Metaverse? Many people are not clear. The term metaverse originated from the science fiction novel “Avalanche” written by the famous American science fiction novelist Neo Stevenson in 1992. The book depicts an online world parallel to the real world-Metaverse, where people in the real world are in There is a network clone in Metaverse, where real people live with virtual people through VR devices.

Although it’s still a hot concept stage, Internet giants have already launched the first generation products as “the first batch of people who eat crabs.”

In foreign countries, Facebook is the fiercest, directly changing the name to Meta. On December 9, 2021 local time, Meta announced that its VR world “Horizon Worlds” is officially open to people over 18 years old in the United States and Canada. In this VR world, users of Oculus virtual reality headsets can create an avatar without legs and wander around in the virtual world. At the same time, users can interact with the avatars of other user avatars in this world, and even play games together.

In China, when NetEase Cloud Music went on the market, it did not forget the popularity of the Metaverse. On December 2, 2021, NetEase Cloud Music was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and the world’s first “Metaverse” listing ceremony was specially held.

In this ceremony, two AI virtual Ding Lei appeared, namely “Ding Lei” who was 29 years old in 2000 and “Ding Lei” who was 50 years old in 2021. Ding Lei himself and the other two “self” struck the bell synchronously across time and space, making a lot of gimmicks.

Moutai will also build a "Metaverse" of wine, netizens comment: drink too much

But, with this strange rendering effect, who can recognize the two virtual characters as Ding Lei?

On December 27, 2021, Baidu released its first “domestic Metaverse” product-Greece at the Baidu AI Developer Development Conference. The product is modeled on a Mobius ring planet, creating a permanent multi-person interactive space that spans virtual and reality.

In this space, users can encounter Optimus Prime and Bumblebee here, visit Shaolin Temple, an ancient temple of the millennium, and learn martial arts with the Three Treasure monks; they can also explore Sanxingdui and dig for the Millennium National Treasure. In addition, urban design incorporates a lot of Chinese elements. Chinese landscape, Chinese culture, and Chinese history will all be integrated into urban construction and interactive experience. When the news was announced, it attracted a lot of attention from netizens.

However, after the official launch, the evaluation was not as good as expected. According to the Android application store, the “Hearan” APP has been installed 2.28 million times, and scored by 668 people. The overall score is only 1.8. The users who gave the product a score of 1 far exceed the others.

Moutai will also build a "Metaverse" of wine, netizens comment: drink too much

Judging from user feedback, the images in “Hearings” are far inferior to the exquisite and realistic images in the publicity, and the production is too rough. “If you update to 90%, you won’t be able to move. What will you do if you put this semi-finished product out?”, “The experience is not good at all”, “Always flash back, and the map feels not complete.”

Users who have experienced the VR world “Horizon Worlds” launched by Meta also said that the network connection is unstable and sometimes it takes too long to load.

In addition to the above, there are also other major manufacturers that are also deploying. Huawei has released the AR interactive experience APP “Star Tower”; Pico, a subsidiary of ByteDance, has applied for the registration of the “Pico Metaverse” trademark; Xiaomi is also making relevant technical reserves, and its “virtual The “Mobile Payment Method and Device in Realistic Environment” patent has been authorized.

The “2021 Metaverse Development Research Report” pointed out that the current Metaverse industrial ecosystem is in a sub-healthy state. Since the Metaverse industry is still in the initial stage of development, it needs to rely on the joint effect of technological innovation and institutional innovation to achieve healthy development of the industry.

From the Metaverse-related products that have appeared so far, the main reason for the disappointment of users is the huge gap between expectations and reality. The key to alleviating this gap is technological breakthroughs, and at the same time, the concept of “Metaverse” must not be overconsumed.

Back to the original question, what is the Metaverse of Maotai? Want to sell wine in the virtual world? Or something else?

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