Moutai can’t escape the Metaverse

Although Moutai denies the idea of ​​entering the metaverse, as a liquor leader, Moutai needs new stories and new concepts to maintain a high-end brand image and high profit returns. In the past ten or two years, Moutai has raised itself to the leading position with its precise grasp of strategy and marketing.

Before the tuyere of the Metaverse had arrived, the “pigs” had already taken their formations. From games, technology, travel, to education and training, retail, and consumer industries, there are more and more companies lining up to enter the Metaverse, and the fields they touch are getting wider and wider.

The latest company to be involved in the vortex of the Metaverse is A-share leader Kweichow Moutai. On January 5, Moutai released the Chinese Zodiac wine for the Year of the Tiger with a guide price of 2,499 yuan. Selling zodiac wine is a regular operation of Moutai every year, but what is special this year is that Li Jingren, deputy secretary of the party committee and general manager of Moutai Group, and acting general manager of Moutai Liquor Co., Ltd., said at the press conference: “To build a series of sauces that belong to the sauce. Wine’s Drunk Beauty ‘Metaverse'”.

As a result, the news that Maotai was going to enter the Metaverse spread like wildfire. The most popular Metaverse, coupled with the most arrogant Maotai, instantly produced a chemical reaction, “In the future, it will be Cosmic Mao”, “Maotai is really a high-tech company”, “Drink a few mouthfuls of Maotai, and you don’t need to bring any equipment. This is the concept of the real universe.” On the investment platform, the remarks of Maotai executives caused a lot of complaints.

Maotai told Caijing Tianxia Weekly, “‘Metaverse’ is an adjective proposed by President Li, and there is no need to over-interpret it”, and then Caijing Tianxia Weekly contacted Li Jingren himself many times about this, but the phone has never been connected. .

Judging from the current news, Kweichow Moutai’s entry into Metaverse is more like a marketing gimmick. As the leader of the wine industry and the “stock king” of A-shares, Moutai’s marketing needs constant new stories and new concepts.

zodiac wine bubbles


Just after New Year’s Day, Kweichow Moutai fired the first shot of New Year’s marketing and couldn’t wait to release Renyin Year of the Tiger zodiac wine, covering four brands of Moutai, Moutai Prince, Guizhou Daqu and Lai Mao.

The 53-degree zodiac Maotai (Renyin Tiger Year) is still the most concerned. The market guide price is 2499 yuan/bottle. The whole body of the bottle is made of tourmaline green, which means the color of forest and life. Although some investors complain that green looks a bit “unlucky”, the market’s enthusiasm for Maotai zodiac wine is still there.

“Financial World” Weekly learned from dealers that although Maotai in the Year of the Tiger has not been officially released, the pre-sale quotations of some dealers have been raised to about 6,000 yuan/bottle, and the full amount must be paid first to ensure the delivery.

“Now the Year of the Tiger zodiac wine has just been launched, and the price must be high.” said the above-mentioned distributor. According to his observation, in recent years, Maotai zodiac wine has shown a clear price trend of “the price skyrocketed when it was launched and then kept falling back”. For example, the Maotai zodiac wine for the Year of the Ox released in February 2021 was initially fired to 8,000 yuan/bottle, and then gradually declined. The current price of the original box is about 3,960 yuan/bottle, “and it is also the zodiac wine with the lowest price in the current market.”

Moutai has become the biggest winner of Chinese Zodiac wine. Since the launch of the first Moutai zodiac wine in the Year of the Horse in 2014, Kweichow Moutai has led the industry’s “Zodiac wine” wave for 9 years. In 2014, the liquor industry as a whole had not yet stepped out of the haze of the ban on “three public consumption”. When major brand liquor companies no longer insisted on high-end categories and turned to low-end wines, Moutai adhered to its high-end positioning and launched the first The Maotai zodiac wine of the Year of the Horse marketed its “scarcity” and “commemorative value” by means of “price increase” and “limitation”.

In fact, the wine body of Chinese zodiac wine is not different from ordinary wine, only the packaging and bottle have been changed, but the price can be more expensive than ordinary wine. For example, in 2014, the ex-factory price of ordinary Feitian Moutai was 819 yuan, while the zodiac Maotai in the year of the horse was raised to 850 yuan, with a limited supply of 350 tons. However, due to the sluggish industry environment at that time, Ma Mao did not become popular on a large scale after its launch. In the year of the sheep the following year, Moutai simply reduced the production of Chinese zodiac wine to 250 tons.

Moutai zodiac wine really broke out in 2016, the Year of the Monkey in Bingshen. In the same year, the market gradually recovered, and the overall high-end development trend of the liquor industry was obvious. The “scarcity” promoted by Moutai all the year round gradually occupied the minds of consumers. It was also this year that Maotai zodiac wine ushered in a rush to buy, and the price went up with it. Among them, the price of zodiac wine for the Year of the Horse and the Year of the Goat doubled directly. The huge investment value quickly attracted market attention and speculators entered the market, and Moutai zodiac wine also once showed good investment attributes in its serialization process.

But with the gradual increase in the amount of investment, “its value is not as good as before.” The aforementioned retailer said. The statistics of Caijing World Weekly found that in addition to the reduction in the production of zodiac wine in 2015, the output of Moutai zodiac wine has maintained steady growth every year since then. In 2018, the Year of the Dog and the following years, the output of Maotai zodiac wine is almost 1,500 tons per year.

“Because the ex-factory price of zodiac wine is expensive,” an industry insider told Caijingxia Weekly that Moutai has continuously increased the amount of zodiac wine for profit, “but the actual quality of zodiac wine is basically the same as that of ordinary Feitian Moutai in the same year, but the packaging is changed. Gradually, consumers no longer have the concept of ‘superstition’, and Moutai zodiac wine will naturally be worthless.”

According to the quotation given by a dealer, the original box wine of the Year of the Goat is still the most collectible wine among the zodiac wines, with the price of 30,500 yuan/bottle in the original box; Quote 19800 yuan / bottle. The high price of these two wines is also due to the low supply at the beginning. As for the zodiac wine after the Year of the Monkey, the price of the original box fell sharply as the manufacturers began to increase the volume. At present, the price of the original box of Moutai in the Year of the Monkey is about 6250 yuan/bottle. At the beginning of 2020, the price of the zodiac Maotai in the year of the chicken, the dog and the pig even appeared “upside down”, and the price of the original box was close to the price of Feitian Maotai in the corresponding year.

Speculators’ “crazy” towards Maotai zodiac wine is no longer as good as it used to be.

Moreover, in recent years, various brand wine companies have also followed Moutai to develop zodiac wine. “The concept of zodiac wine has gradually weakened, which has also weakened the value of Maotai zodiac wine to a certain extent,” said the aforementioned industry insiders. According to public data, the current zodiac wine market in the liquor industry is about 20 billion yuan, with an annual increase of 30%. On the occasion of the Year of the Tiger in 2022, in addition to Maotai, Wuliangye, Fenjiu, Luzhou Laojiao, Langjiu, Yanghe, etc. have launched commemorative wines for the Year of the Tiger.

More importantly, consumers have gradually seen the essence of its marketing. Some dealers reluctantly said: “Severe homogenization has become a common problem in the industry. The bottle opening rate of Maotai zodiac wine is low, and other zodiac wines are getting together, and its scarcity and gift attributes are weakening.”

Baijiu Metaverse, just a gimmick

Compared with the conventional wine merchant routines such as zodiac wine, the Metaverse is undoubtedly a new concept. In the capital market, all companies that are stained with the concept of the metaverse are being touted.

When the outside world thought that Maotai was going to play with new concepts and new tricks, Maotai strongly denied the intention of “entering the Metaverse”. But the reason why the market sentiment is strong is mainly because Baijiu joins hands with Metaverse, which has a precedent in the industry.

In September 2021, Zhongqingbao, an A-share game company that landed on the Growth Enterprise Market ten years ago, quickly came out of the circle with the official announcement of a “metaverse” game “brewmaster”. There are both the concept of the Metaverse and the concept of liquor, so the company’s stock price has risen from 8 yuan to more than 40 yuan in two months, a maximum of 5 times, which has caused the supervision to issue continuous letters of concern.

In the game introduction of Zhongqingbao about “Wine Master”, “Everyone in the game is a unique wine master. Players can choose how to operate the winery according to their own way of thinking, and can subconsciously construct according to their own wishes and dreams. The world, running a winery”. In addition to “online brewing”, players can also extract their own brewed liquor from offline winery brand operation points and obtain NFT certification.

On January 3, 2022, Li Ruijie, chairman of Zhongqingbao, shared a demonstration video of the H5 version of “Master Brewmaster” on Weibo, saying, “I started to approach my request, and it has been overturned five times before.”

As a result, public opinion turned over. The game “Brewer Master” has been complained by many players because of its poor quality and stale gameplay, such as “I am not professional in making games, but I am professional in stock trading”, and for example, “After playing online games for more than ten years, your game is second to none. The level of production ten years ago”.

A netizen even said bluntly: “Is this a game in 2022?” Later, Li Ruijie responded to the outside world’s doubts on Weibo: “At least our attitude is serious.”

In addition to the criticism of the game itself, the bigger criticism comes from “selling alcohol in disguise”. According to the gameplay of “Wine Master”, the wine that can be extracted offline is Jinsha Ancient Wine, a wine company under Li Ruijie. To the outside world, this is just a disguised way of selling wine in a “metaverse” shell.

A small game and a small and medium-sized winery can be lifted to the sky with the spring breeze of the Metaverse.Therefore, when it was rumored that Baijiu Faucet was going to enter the Metaverse, the outside world was so surprised.

“This is the strongest metaverse concept stock. If a bottle goes down the sky, the whole world is yours.” Some netizens complained that Maotai is a real metaverse concept stock.

However, the market and capital are rational after all. Except for Jinsha Ancient Wine, there are not many mainstream wine companies in the “Metaverse”, and among the trademark applications related to the Metaverse, only Lidu Wine Industry, a subsidiary of Jindong Group, has a layout. Jindong Group owns Jinliufu Liquor, Jinyuanchun Liquor, Zhenjiu Liquor, and Huazhi Liquor, an A-share listed company.

After the news of Moutai’s entry into the Metaverse came out, the share price of Moutai in Kweichow continued to fall, falling for two consecutive days, with a total decline of 4.09%, and the market value evaporated by 100 billion yuan. The story of Baijiu Metaverse does not allow Maotai to continue to “fly”.

“Marketing Everyone” Maotai

As a consumer product with standard taste, Moutai’s “history of conferring gods” in the liquor industry is a history of self-marketing.

Before the “scarcity” marketing represented by zodiac wine, Maotai’s most well-known classic marketing case was the “national wine” trademark incident.

Like the Chinese zodiac wine, which is “change the bottle without changing the wine”, the national wine is also a concept marketing. Through the marketing of the word “national”, consumers can produce Maotai as a “national wine” or even “the best domestic wine”. This is a marketing battle for Moutai that has lasted nearly 20 years. Although Moutai finally gave up its obsession with the trademark application for “National Wine Moutai” in 2018, after years of unremitting application and publicity, Moutai has already become a vested Stakeholders, the concept of “Moutai = national wine” is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Time back to the 1990s, when Moutai was just a little brother among the famous wine brands. There are plans to allocate Luzhou Laojiao, the first to achieve a million-level revenue, Shanxi Fenjiu, which is winning with production efficiency in the market-oriented reform, and Wuliangye, which quickly occupied the market through price increases and OEM.

Moutai is unwilling to be left behind. Since 2001, it has proposed the concept of “National Liquor Moutai”, and has initiated many applications. When the trademark application has not been successful, it has vigorously promoted it online and offline. On the one hand, offline stores and wineries put out the four-character signboard of “National Liquor Moutai” with great fanfare and publicize it through Moutai Club, Moutai Club and Moutai Tasting Club; Broadcasting, shouting the slogan of “National Wine Moutai, Telling the Time for You” to the people of the whole country.

Under the subtle influence of these actions, Moutai’s “national wine” brand image has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Soon, Moutai applied for the “National Liquor” trademark to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, which attracted collective objections from the industry. Brands represented by Wuliangye, Jiannanchun, Fenjiu, etc. filed objections to the court one after another, but Moutai was still reluctant to give up. In the past 20 years, 9 applications were submitted and 9 failed.

The market has already seen through Maotai’s “little tricks”. “On the surface, it is a marketing strategy for trademark registration and lawsuits. It binds itself to the concept of ‘national wine’ and continuously consolidates the brand.” A wine industry source said. In the end, in 2018, Maotai chose to give up and continue to apply for the “National Liquor” trademark, but after more than ten years of tossing, it seems that it is not so important to get the “National Liquor” trademark.

The concepts of “national wine” and “scarcity” have laid the foundation for Maotai’s high-end brand for many years. As the leader of Chinese liquor, Kweichow Moutai has a market value of trillions of yuan, and has staged a “market miracle” with a price difference of more than 2,000 yuan between the ex-factory price and the market price. It has gradually evolved from a single consumer product to an investment product and a collectible. But at the same time, years of marketing have finally put Maotai in the embarrassing situation of “a bottle is hard to find” and “the sky-high price”.

Today, the embarrassing situation facing Moutai is: on the one hand, it does not dare to easily increase the price of the best-selling single product “53 Degree Flying Moutai”, but on the other hand, there is a demand for profit growth.Therefore, Moutai’s approach is “diversification”, and the so-called “diversification” is to a certain extent, the introduction of higher-end products to raise prices in disguise.

In addition to the well-known zodiac wines, Moutai also has a dazzling variety of holiday commemorative wines. These wines have gorgeous packaging and attractive gimmicks. The wine itself is not too different, but because of its uniqueness and scarcity, The price is often above the ordinary Feitian Moutai. This wine has neither the pressure of price control, but also improves profits.

On January 8, 2022, Moutai announced that the market price of rare Moutai was set at 4,599 yuan, and Moutai set it as “the first high-end product released in the new era of high-quality and strong industry”. Kweichow Moutai (15) was also quickly hyped by the market, but it remains to be seen whether the popularity can last.

There have been cases of overturning before. In June 2021, Kweichow Moutai launched a new product of “Xiang Yi Wuzhou”. Before its launch, the wine was fired up to 8,500 yuan per bottle in some wine merchants’ WeChat groups, but the popularity and high price of the product only lasted for about a week. At present, on the e-commerce platform, the price of this wine has dropped to around 3,600 yuan.

The two most important things in consumer products: one is the channel and the other is the brand. The high premium attribute of Moutai makes it have a very strong voice in the channel, but Moutai needs new concepts now and in the future, and constantly maintains the tonality of high-end brands through marketing, while creating higher profits.

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