More than 22 typical security incidents occurred in October: DeFi and encryption scams

It’s time for monthly security inventory again! According to Chengdu Lianan [ Lianbian-Blockchain Security Situational Awareness Platform ] security public opinion monitoring data shows that in October 2021, various security incidents still occurred from time to time, and more than “22  typical security incidents occurred this month .

On the whole, the number of blockchain security incidents in October dropped slightly compared to September, and the overall number of security incidents was still at a high risk level. Security this month is still focused on the two areas of DeFi and encryption scams . The DeFi aspect is still the main position where typical security incidents frequently occur, and the “lightning loan attack” is still the main attack method used by hackers. In addition, the security posture of fraud/encryption scams is also severe and should not be taken lightly.

 DeFi aspect 

A total of “8” typical security incidents occurred

No.1   DeFI agreement AutoShark Finance suffered a lightning loan attack, and hackers made a profit of approximately US$580,000 .

No.2   POAP minting system was attacked by hackers, and several POAPs were fraudulently issued and sold.

 Indexed Finance, the No.3  passive income agreement, was attacked and lost approximately US$16 million .

No.4   DeFi protocol Pancake Hunny on BSC was attacked by lightning loan.

No.5   Avalanche ecological protocol Avaterra Finance was attacked by hackers, and the minting contract had serious loopholes.

No.6   DeFi lending agreement Cream Finance was attacked, with a loss of approximately US$130 million .

No.7   AutoShark Finance, the DeFi protocol on Binance’s smart chain, was attacked in a series of transactions by hackers, and the hackers made a profit of US$2 million (the protocol loss may be even greater).

No.8   On October 30th, the BXH project on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) decentralized transaction protocol was attacked.

More than 22 typical security incidents occurred in October: DeFi and encryption scams

 In terms of fraud/encryption scams 

A total of “12” typical security incidents occurred

No.1   European authorities arrested members of ransomware gangs in Ukraine and confiscated 1.3 million U.S. dollars in cryptocurrency.

No. 2   a scammer made a profit of 138,000 US dollars through the digital statue NFT project sales scam .

The No.3   NFT project Evolved Apes ran away and took away 798 ETH worth US$2.7 million .

No.4   The FBI teamed up with the Israeli police to arrest 26 people in the cryptocurrency fraud case.

No.5   US nuclear engineers were accused of selling naval secrets in exchange for $100,000 in XMR.

No.6   DEX MoonSwap IDO project SaturnBeam ran on the Moonriver chain.

More than 22 typical security incidents occurred in October: DeFi and encryption scams

No.7   Zunyi police destroyed a large virtual currency money laundering gang, involving money laundering of 800 million yuan .

No. 8   scammers defrauded users of 1.4 million US dollars by enticing users to install a fake encryption application CryptoRom .

No.9 The   police of Nantong City, Jiangsu Province detected a case involving the use of Bitcoin ransomware to implement online extortion, involving more than 5 million yuan.

The No.10   “digital currency swiping order” scam case opened in Laixi, Shandong, involving a total of 10 million yuan.

No.11 The   Ukrainian Security Service arrested a criminal gang that sold malware that stole Bitcoin.

No.12   international police cracked a dark web drug dealer composed of 150 people and seized $4.9 million worth of cryptocurrency.

 Ransomware/mining Trojans 

A total of “2” typical security incidents occurred

No.1   A crypto miner in the UK was sentenced to more than 13 months in prison for stealing 32,000 pounds of electricity to operate a Bitcoin mining machine.

No.2   An npm package that was downloaded millions of times a week was hacked and embedded in a malicious cryptocurrency mining program.

More than 22 typical security incidents occurred in October: DeFi and encryption scams

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