More than 2,000 times in two months, SHIB makes me doubt my life

How long can such a trend last?

More than 2,000 times in two months, SHIB makes me doubt my life

If you take a look at the most popular cryptocurrencies in the past month, besides Doge, its “counterfeit project” SHIBA INU (SHIB) must be on the list.

At 15:00 this afternoon, the official announcement was made that SHIBA INU (SHIB) will go live in the Coinan Innovation Zone at 19:00 tonight. Once the news came out, it drove the price of SHIB up again.

OKEx OuYi quotes show that SHIB pulled up from 0.0000147 USDT to 0.0000228 USDT, with a maximum increase of more than 50% in one hour; CMC data shows that SHIB market capitalization entered the top 30, ranking 23rd, surpassing XMR, NEO, BSV and other veteran projects; in the past two months, SHIB accumulated a gain of more than 2000 USDT. Over the past two months, the cumulative increase of SHIB is more than 2,000 times; as of press time, the price of SHIB still remains above 0.00002 USDT, and “SHIB is up” is once again on Weibo hot search.

More than 2,000 times in two months, SHIB makes me doubt my life

Previously, the anonymous developers of SHIB had sent 50% of the token supply (500 trillion SHIB) to the wallet of Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ether. With the recent price spike, the value of SHIB in V God’s wallet has exceeded $20 billion. Although V God himself has never done anything so far, the possibility of replacing SHIB with ETH in the future cannot be ruled out.

In addition, many new imitations have recently started to follow the example of SHIB, and have injected a certain amount of cryptocurrency into V God’s address, and claimed that V God already holds the project tokens for publicity and momentum. At present, there are dozens of animal coins such as dog coins, pig coins and Pikachu coins in V God’s address, and many people jokingly call V God a zoo keeper.

More than 2,000 times in two months, SHIB makes me doubt my life

The rise in SHIB prices has also benefited early investors, with SHIB community holders shouting the bold words.

“SHIB target price $1.”

“SHIB is the bitcoin, it’s the future currency.”

“I don’t have to go to work tomorrow anymore, SHIB puts me out of my misery.”

The excellent performance of SHIB has been met with remorse by a number of short sellers.

“Take the money you spent buying bitcoin and go trade it for dogs, dog leashes, and shit, all free.”

“There is no future in speculating on coins, speculate on shit to get rich.”


More importantly, the high SHIB has made many cryptocurrency investors “question” their investment philosophy and investment logic. In their opinion, SHIB such pure air and do not do development of the project, is destined to be just a bubble, after the carnival is bound to burst; but SHIB but time and again set new highs, is undoubtedly a slap in the face of their own judgment, mocking their own is the clown.

“I understand why Munger hates Bitcoin, because I hate SHIB too,” one investor lamented, adding that he can no longer offer investment advice to new leeks.

“My friend asked me if I was involved. I said I only dare to play the mainstream coin – it might be in the top 10 in market cap in a few days, and then, to play or not to play?”

It seems that the old leeks seem to focus more on technology, product applications and other landing practices, while many new leeks are more interested in the celebrity effect. “The vast majority of the entire cryptocurrency project is air, since they are air, buy celebrities blowing air does not smell good? After all, Musk are shouting single Doge, SHIB.”

This is indeed the case, and Doge and SHIB, which are out of the circle, rely more on the addition of the celebrity effect of Tesla founder Musk behind them. In addition, the current crypto market is hot and new leeks from home and abroad are starting to enter, so Doge and SHIB, which have a low price and are out of the circle, naturally become the first stop for them to test the water. With one round of buying after another, it makes sense that the prices of both of them keep hitting new highs.

But how long such a trend can last, no one knows. In particular, all kinds of imitation plate began to rise one after another, whether it is a wealth myth, or drumming for relay, we will soon see the difference.

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