MoonEdge: A decentralized distribution platform for Polygon’s ecology

MoonEdge is the first decentralized launch platform fully dedicated to IDO on Polygon.

What is MoonEdge?

MoonEdge is the first decentralized launch platform fully dedicated to IDOs on Polygon.

MoonEdge’s goal is to provide a seamless path to market for projects on Polygon.

In this way, MoonEdge lowers the barrier to entry for all Polygon enthusiasts.

MoonEdge: A decentralized distribution platform for Polygon's ecology

MoonEdge is dedicated to bringing a secure and fair fundraising platform to Polygon.

The recent rise of Initial DEX Offering has brought various investments to many project parties. It has many advantages over the previous issuance model, but the high transaction fees have limited its development, and this phenomenon is especially serious in the Ether ecosystem.

In the issuance process, the high fees discourage many investors, and also make other investors choose to invest large amounts to reduce the proportion of transaction fees.

MoonEdge: A decentralized distribution platform for Polygon's ecology

Skyrocketing Gas fees have resulted in forcing Ether users to seek cheaper and faster solutions, and Polygon is a good choice, hence its growing popularity as a second tier solution.

Polygon Network’s low fees and high degree of decentralization, along with near-instantaneous transactions, have led to exponential growth in Polygon Network’s user base in both 2020 and 2021.

MoonEdge believes the next most popular distribution platforms will emerge as Layer 2 solutions, with Polygon being the most bullish.

Many mainstream ethereum projects have recently chosen to deploy in the Polygon ecosystem, including Aave, mStable, Curve Finance, Instadapp and others.

Polygon ecology is growing rapidly, in April and May, its user growth is can reach as much as four times, the next ecology will have more applications, and the number will continue to grow.

MoonEdge: A decentralized distribution platform for Polygon's ecology

MoonEdge provides a better articulation solution for projects on Polygon, improving user satisfaction and experience.

The project will complete a full project review on the Moon Edge Fair tiered system before IDO.

On the premise of ensuring the interests of every member of MoonEdge community, we provide supporting value-added services and support for MoonEdge projects.

Project Structure and Advantages


Tiered System

Moon Edge uses a fair tiered system with minimum holding requirements for each tier based on weighted pool size and dynamic adjustment of tier project allocation.

Snapshots are taken for each tier with different holdings of different items to determine the placement tier assignments before the project is launched.

MoonEdge: A decentralized distribution platform for Polygon's ecology

The Moon Edge launch offers a two-round model.

The first round is tier-based, where each Moon Edge participant is allocated fairly within a predetermined framework.

In the second round, unsold TOKENs are reallocated based on a tiered system and sold on an FCFS basis.



MoonEdge’s guarantee of a fair launch is key to project adoption.

New projects launched on Polygon need a way to increase liquidity, and investors will demand assurance that these new projects are legitimate.

MoonEdge provides a safe and equal opportunity for everyone. To achieve this goal, MoonEdge has created a fair system.

This system allows investors of any capital size to have a guaranteed allocation in each IDO, with no exceptions.

Token’s Economic Model

MoonEdge Token is applicable to the issuing platform ecology, and holders can be rewarded for their contributions. The mechanism of the platform will be designed to ensure that all platform pass holders receive the corresponding investment amount for quality projects.

MoonEdge: A decentralized distribution platform for Polygon's ecology

Platform passes will also be used for MoonEdge’s platform governance, and an innovative lock-in mechanism will assist the platform’s growth, as well as reward long-term investors.

Seed: 10% at the time of listing and 0.33% per day for nine consecutive months.

Private: 10% at IPO, 0.40% per day for seven consecutive months.

Public: 25% at IPO, 12.5% per day.

Liquidity: 30% at the time of listing, with a weekly release of 22.5%.

Marketing: 1 month locked position, 10% unlocked each month.

Team: 3 months locked position, 25% unlocked on a quarterly basis.

Advisors: 3 months locked position, 25% unlocked quarterly.

Staking Reward: Fully locked until system release.

Reserve: 1 month locked position, 20% unlocked per month.

MoonEdge: A decentralized distribution platform for Polygon's ecology


MoonEdge, Polygon’s decentralized IDO-based platform, closed a 14x oversubscribed financing round with participation from Axia8 Ventures.

Other investors include Grizzly Capital, X21 Digital, NGC Ventures, Synaps, PetRock Capital, SneakyVC, kyVision Capital, Hyperion, T3E, Signum Capital, and others.

MoonEdge: A decentralized distribution platform for Polygon's ecology

KyVision Capital was founded to promote new, open decentralized technologies and their development.

Providing advisory services and a robust ecosystem to continuously promote, develop and deliver new, open decentralized technologies and architectures.

X21 Digital is a blockchain advisory and investment firm dedicated to helping major blockchain startups accelerate their growth and exposure in the industry.

NGC Ventures is one of the largest institutional investors in blockchain and distributed ledger technology and has been a major contributor to many leading blockchain projects.

Current Status and Development Prospects

MoonEdge development path.

MoonEdge: A decentralized distribution platform for Polygon's ecology

MoonEdge is airdropping a total of 2,000,000 MOONEDs to airdrop participants.

Connecting your Polygon wallet and completing simple social tasks to earn passes will also earn you 1 pass per referral, and the total pool will be distributed equally to all participants based on the total number of passes.

How do I get airdrops?

  1. Be sure to visit MoonEdge’s official website, register and verify your email at
  1. Tap Register, tap Send Verification to send verification confirmation, and tap the corresponding web address in your email to confirm.
  2. Verify your wallet address. 4.
  3. Follow the social accounts and submit the appropriate account name. 5.
  4. Referring the web address will increase your chances of winning. Quote retweet and @3 friends, submit your own tweet address.

Platform Advantages

MoonEdge is the first decentralized open distribution model, aiming to become the preferred distribution platform of Polygon ecology, linking project parties and investors in the ecology.

MoonEdge brings the most leading innovative features to the distribution platform, specifically including.

  1. Fair ranking system to ensure the fair distribution of shares.
  2. Innovative reward mechanism to give back to long-term investors.
  3. An evolvable and upgradeable community governance system.
  4. Optimize the issuance platform through data analysis.

MoonEdge platform will assist Polygon ecology to acquire users and projects, and while the distribution channel is popularized, it will be dedicated to protecting all investors from investing in questionable or malicious project parties.

MoonEdge: A decentralized distribution platform for Polygon's ecology

The platform’s investors and strategic partners will elect the MoonEdge committee to conduct a strict review for the projects, and only after the review can the project parties land on the MoonEdge distribution platform.

The experienced MoonEdge team will also provide value-added services for the projects to help them realize their full potential and provide guaranteed opportunities and fair distribution to empower the community.

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