Monologue at No.1: How to make a true executive team?

The outside world will not give more patience to the first position, so why should the first position be more patient with the executives?

Written at the beginning

The formation of the “True Executive Team” is a process of getting out, not a result of a sudden gift from heaven.

I originally thought that it should first find a few great executives to build a competent executive team.

Along the way, I discovered that it was in the process of producing a “true executive team” and by the way “real executives”.

In this process, as the number one position, I also “boiled” out a better version of myself.

On May 4, 2020, “After the Wave” was very popular.

My age tells me that I am definitely not a “back wave”.

But I’m sure I did, and “waves” all in a surging rivers.

In addition, I can be sure that since I planned to start a business five years ago, my heart of “leading the trend” has never stopped.

“Leading the tide” must not be alone, but a group of people must “wave” together .

One hero has three gangs, and one position must have a competent executive team.

What is an effective executive team? The term “true executive team” is a good idea.

I like this sentence very much: “A true executive team is a team that can take detours very well”.

Looking back on the years since we started our business, this is how our senior management team came here, a “true senior management team.”

Please listen to my monologue about how the “real executive team” came out.

It’s hard to be the last one to speak at the party

In this era of entrepreneurship, many people are playing a big chess game, and the chess pieces are not enough.

Now printing business cards is as easy as printing money during the inflation period. The streets are full of VPs, CXOs, and partners.

Many founders are not stupid at the number one position, but they have just started their careers and the amount of money to pay is limited. There is no way, so they can use their titles to attract them.

Moreover, several companies that are known as big factories have predatory harvest of talents in the market, and small companies have few bargaining chips in attracting talents.

Complaining is useless, the truth is tortuous, and dreams are still necessary.

Back then, I had to find a few people to serve as “executives” for the time being, and walk away!

Powered by competition, real gold is not afraid of fire, and in the process of making detours, identify who is the “real executive” and who is the “pseudo executive”.

Sometimes unfortunately, several “Yan Liang” and “Wen Chou” executives were found.

What’s more unfortunate is that these executives, who “started with their appearance and fell into their talents”, can turn executive meetings into a gathering of fine-tuned, flattering and tri-skilled.

Generally, the actor is the first to appear on stage. The actor usually comes with a script and automatically adds the drama, saying less “dry goods” and more “feeling” when acting.

The scary thing is that there is also a flattery in the executive team, who has no opinion and believes that “praising others is the greatest virtue.”

The flattery gives the drama spirit a little sunshine, and the drama spirit becomes more and more brilliant.

The duo of play-skilled + flattery will play a few times, and they will force a high-powered talent, specializes in play-skilled and flattering.

This kind of executive meeting, in my opinion, is the carnival of a group of people, the loneliness of the first position.

Monologue at No.1: How to make a true executive team?

Speaking of this, you will be wondering why I have no control over my position one.

In fact, as the number one position, I am also dumb and eat Huanglian.

I also know the depth of their Taoism, it is indeed lack of ability, so I have to rely on the way of drama, flattering, and leverage to improve their sense of existence.

I’m not good at breaking it, and there will be no suitable substitutes in the talent market for a while, so I can’t help but refrain from acting rashly for the time being.

I had no choice but to encourage myself with “half of my ambition is patience” and comfort myself with “good top leaders are more diverse.”

Speaking of this, I would like to mention some of the views in “Being a “Good at the Last Speaking” Position” .

The “last speech” at the meeting at the No. 1 position is indeed beneficial. It will make it easier for the team to make correct decisions; it will help make the executive team “good as a cloud”; it will help the No. 1 position to learn and evolve; and it will help the No. 1 position to control change.

Before starting my business, I worked in a private company with a very good management level for nearly 10 years, and I also witnessed the number one position “good at the last speech”.

Therefore, in the early days of entrepreneurship, of course, I myself would “have something to learn” and wanted to be a “good at last speaking” position and harvest an all-star “real executive” team.

However, the ideal is full, and the reality is very skinny. It’s difficult to be the last one to speak at the gathering of the three actors and the three actors.

The outside world will not give more patience to the first position, so why should the first position be more patient with the executives?

The number one looks glamorous, but it’s actually very hard.

In addition to physical and mental labor, the No. 1 position also has to do emotional labor for the drama, bar, and flatterers every day.

In addition to serving customers, the No. 1 position has to pull the senior management team to grow; in many cases, the feeling of being unable to pull makes people desperate.

Entrepreneurship is not a dinner party. In the end, the market, customers, and opportunities no longer give the No. 1 position so much patience.

Why should the number one be more patient with executives?

The first position is not to fight for the executives to have alcohol and meat to eat. First of all, they should fight for the customers and the company, and strive to survive in this weak business world.

Moreover, everyone is an adult, so we should give up certain emotions.

I take care of your emotions, who takes care of my emotions, who takes care of the emotions of customers and the company.

After figuring this out, I was relieved.

So, I started to talk about it at work. If someone really can’t bear it, just leave, and the ones who are genuine will stay.

Finally, the real executives who can go down together should be “adults.”

Of course, I won’t be so simple and rude, and I have to talk about how to deal with drama, leverage, and flattering.

In a meeting, when the drama, the bar, and the flattering are over-exerted, I’m not polite anymore.

For the drama, I will interrupt with “less talk about feelings, more talk about dry goods”.

I will interrupt with “Speaking less questions, and more suggestions” for the bargaining essence.

For flatterers, I would interrupt with “Say less good things, talk more questions”.

I will not treat the three essences at the same time in one meeting, but usually one will be treated this time, and the other will be treated next time.

Monologue at No.1: How to make a true executive team?

Sanjing also felt my change.

It is said that when I first raised the sword and established my power, several senior executives discussed in private after the meeting, saying that I must have been scolded by my wife at home, so today is different from usual.

In addition, work and meetings are not all that the executive team is together.

During that time, we also strengthened non-work team activities, drinking together, playing together, having fun together…

In these non-work situations, they can do everything they need.

In these non-work situations, everyone is accustomed to sarcasm at each other, but when it comes to work, everyone will switch to a serious state.

In this process, two people did go.

This is what I expected before, so I don’t have a psychological burden.

Moreover, everyone is an adult, so please say goodbye when you break up.

Invite a “hairy crab” that was rinsed in Yangcheng Lake

As mentioned earlier, our senior management team left two people and also had two pits.

At this stage, our business has initially established a firm foothold in the market.

At this time, when we recruit senior executives from abroad, we also have a little more quality “talking”.

This time I plan to recruit two more senior executives to improve the combat effectiveness of the entire executive team.

Many people would think that the number one likes to act arbitrarily, but not, at least I am eager to recruit senior executives.

I also long for them to lead my position in the field they are good at and lead the company forward.

At this point, I have to make a point.

If we give a person the title of VP, I do not expect him to lead me in a certain functional area, because the VP (Vice President) is still a “deputy”.

However, if we give a person the title of CX0, I am eager for him to lead me in a certain functional area, because C (Chief) means chief and means the first person.

I found a high-end headhunting resource. It lasted 5 months, met no less than 10 candidates, drank no less than 50 coffees, and finally found a CXO that I like.

This man elite master’s degree, prior to pipe Pearson manner enters a world’s top 500 foreign companies, worked for 10 years, has experienced internal promotion and job rotation, worked in a number of cities.

Later, I moved to a large factory and worked for 2 years, which is considered to be a touch of local energy.

When he joined, I took the senior management team and gave a grand welcome ceremony.

At that time, I was smug and felt that I had got a great talent.

From then on, even if the Xiongguan Mandao is really as iron, it will start from scratch.

Life is always full of twists and turns, the greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment.

This CXO is still very good in terms of professional penetration and systemicity. After all, I have worked in large organizations and have a lot of routines.

However, Cheng Ye Xiao He defeated Xiao He.

He had previously served as a functional senior director of a Chinese branch of a top 500 foreign company, but his main positioning was to efficiently implement the management system and process rules of the foreign company’s headquarters.

Later, he jumped to work in a large factory. The system of the factory is basically mature. He is good at routine tools, and Dachang is good at naming these routines and tools.

Therefore, this executive has a lot of routines, and the tools come with his hands, just like the Doraemon, which really makes people feel like they are in front of them.

Many routines and tools seem to be learned as soon as they are learned, but they are wrong when they are used in our company.

If you need to dig deeper into the underlying logic behind these routine tools, and ask if you can make some workarounds, this buddy is also powerless and at a loss.

I was also disappointed by another point. This buddy “deceived others by his duty.”

In our management system, both VP and CXO report to my No. 1 position, but CXO’s professional level and political treatment are still higher than VP.

This buddy really regards himself as a wrist. In several meetings, in the face of other VP’s doubts, he actually directly popped out “I am higher than you”, “I am responsible for this matter, you listen to me” and other naivety. Words.

It is conceivable that I have to do a lot of work to appease other VPs. I want to wipe the ass for this CXO (and, CXO himself has no sense of it).

The last thing that makes us part ways is the disagreement about the strategic rhythm and the entry point.

We are consistent in the strategic direction, but based on the assessment of the company’s history and current situation, I have my own judgment on the entry point and pace.

CXO thinks I am conservative and insist on doing it if I think clearly. Then what did the founder of Dachang say when he moved out of Dachang.

I admit that my talent and courage are much worse than the founder of that big factory.

Therefore, we cannot take the road of others, nor the road of Dachang.

Because the founder cannot be copied, the success of Dachang cannot be copied.

Conversely, I felt a little unhappy inside. I thought to myself, during the two years you worked at Dachang, you probably saw only a handful of founders. How different is this from what I saw in the media? Why do you know more clearly what the founder thought at the time and why did you do that?

Finally, I had a showdown with him.

To be honest, in the two days after CXO left, I felt like my body was hollowed out.

When you come with wind and rain, our company is inevitable; when you go, the four seasons are chaotic, and our company is chronically ill.

Later, my senior management team and I reviewed the matter.

An executive said a vivid metaphor, saying that this is the hairy crabs that are being rinsed in Yangcheng Lake, not the real Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs.

Of course, hairy crabs that have been rinsed in Yangcheng Lake cannot be killed with a single stick. “Shubu” is not based on time, but on quality. Some people have experience but no experience, and some people can turn experience into high-quality experience.

After this experience, I have a long memory, and I no longer have a superstitious belief in famous schools, top 500 companies, and auras from big factories.

Monologue at No.1: How to make a true executive team?

During my follow-up interviews with executives, I will especially focus on asking why, not only asking him what he did at the time, but also what he thought at the time and how he made difficult choices.

These insights seem to be “common sense.” I actually received training in interview techniques in my previous job.

However, it was not until I had to face the pain caused by the final result that these were unforgettable-what a painful comprehension.

Who is forgotten by the heavens?

In the process of building a “real executive team” with combat effectiveness, I have also fallen into a bigger mess.

I hired a VP of operations. This person and I are an alumnus or a fellow, who joined us after being introduced by other alumni.

After all, and I have a lot in common, we saw before.

Therefore, when we sent out the invitation for employment, I didn’t think much about doing a background check or the like.

This buddy has good abilities and high emotional intelligence.

But what I didn’t expect was that while this buddy worked in our company, he was also concurrently taking on some jobs in other companies.

This matter, this buddy did not make it clear to me when he entered the job.

And that company still has a little competitive relationship with us.

After I knew it, I was very angry.

In my opinion, the greatest evil of human nature is to consume the goodness of others.

However, it is easy to ask God, but it is difficult to send God.

Finally, I invite his alumni to mediate, spend money (resignation compensation) to solve the matter, and ask him to resign.

We didn’t contact much later. Recently, I heard that he was involved in a company’s violation of the business code of conduct and was exposed by the company’s audit department in the Anti-Corruption and Discipline Alliance.

I can’t help feeling that the way of heaven is reincarnation, who is forgiven by heaven.

Regarding the entry and departure of this executive, I once talked to my executives.

They told me that many of them knew about this executive concurrently working for other companies, but they didn’t tell me.

I was very angry at the time and blamed the executives: “Why don’t you tell me?”

An executive’s remarks were harsh, but they did wake me up.

“I think you attach great importance to this alumnus and fellow executive. The signal to the team is that this person is not a person to discuss, and that this person’s affairs are not to be discussed.”

Grind out a team of real executives, gain a touch

What I said before was all pain, all a little bit “mourning.”

As an entrepreneur, as a person who is determined to “lead the tide”, these are all indispensable parts of life.

I often exhort myself with this passage: the real strong man, when the night is quiet, he takes out his heart, sews and repairs himself, and then stuffs it back when he is done, and wakes up with confidence after a sleep.

In the past five years, the road to entrepreneurship has not only been “pain” and “mourning.”

We have cultivated a team of real executives with combat effectiveness, and we have been touched.

I don’t know when, I’m no longer stuck on speaking at the end of the meeting, just say what I have to say.

I am actually very willing to hear different voices, because many times I don’t have a bottom in my heart, I need to verify in PK.

There will still be a few people who dare to say and dare to plead with me in the team.

To be honest, “dare to speak” and “judgmental” are two different things.

They really couldn’t talk to me at the beginning, and they didn’t think about things on one level, not on one level.

However, “dare to speak” is a good start. For those who dare to speak, I will force them to think by asking questions and improve their judgment and overall view.

Monologue at No.1: How to make a true executive team?

Some people can slowly keep up. This is how our VP of operations grew.

When he came, he was just a manager, but over the years, he has experienced the ups and downs of the company’s operating system.

When he reported to my alumnus and fellow operation VP that I mentioned in the previous article, he still learned a lot of things, digested and transformed them, and used them as an important input to build our own system.

Although many management routines are also based on the summary of practice, there is still a Pacific Ocean between the summary of practice and the practice.

My VP who has grown up internally is not smart, but there is one thing that is very good. He will practice it after learning it.

He has accumulated steps and thousands of miles, and today I feel safe and willing to give his back to him.

Of course there are people who can’t keep up, so say goodbye.

I am also relieved that the company is not a school. I cannot and should not be responsible for their growth, they should be responsible for themselves.

But I can create opportunities for them to grow, nothing more.

We also External a CTO, this buddy-class technical insight, emotional intelligence is really catching anxious .

Every time I have a meeting, I will be open at any disagreement and despise the cognitive level of others.

But this buddy has a weakness, that is, good drinking.

Therefore, everybody was at a halt at the meeting, and after the meeting, there was no alcohol that could not be solved.

Everyone understands him, he is that style.

Everyone actually admires him. His starting point when talking about things is really for the company’s consideration.

This CTO has been with us for 2 years and is our mainstay.

He got married half a year ago (I am also curious that this straight man can find a wife), marriage is the best training ground for emotional intelligence.

I am pleased to see that he is still very restrained in his newly recruited colleagues. He knows that his lethality will make unfamiliar people unbearable. It is said that this is a positive change based on feedback from his lover.

Finally, let’s talk about our HRVP.

To be honest, many times, I am also betting.

I cannot guarantee that every directional decision I make is correct. In fact, I only have 50% confidence every time.

However, in the past few years of starting a business, I have become accustomed to “seeking wealth in insurance”.

The decision is wrong, the result is not good, and I am not generally frustrated.

What’s more wrong than making a mistake is being depressed and stagnating after making a mistake.

The correct approach should be to face, summarize, let go, and act again.

The decision is wrong and the result is not good. I am not injured. I must have a big heart in the number one position.

However, when I heard someone in the senior management team say “I advised you not to listen”, “You are the founder, what do you like” and so on, I couldn’t help but get angry.

I admit that the No. 1 position must pay for all errors and bear the primary responsibility.

I insist that when a senior manager, you have to pay for your mistakes together with the number one-I’m so overbearing.

If you don’t accompany you in the sunset, who are you when you rise again? You are not in the same ups and downs, and you are not worthy of prosperity and wealth.

When our HRVP was still working as an HR manager, I was very moved by a few words.

She said: “Boss, whether this decision is the best decision, we do not have confidence; but we are confident that you are currently the most suitable person to make the final decision.”

She said: “Boss, even if the decision is wrong, and the final result is not good, we will all carry it with you.”

The heart in position one is also fleshy, and when I hear these words, there are actually tears in my eyes.

But I still pretended to be strong and made a painful decision that proved correct afterwards.

Of course, don’t get me wrong. Our HR manager of the year was able to be today’s HRVP, not because of these few words.

Her major is also excellent, and her working style is very pragmatic.


I, this number one, in the past 5 years, just like this, rushing with the team.

In the end, someone followed and someone left behind.

We took a lot of detours, but we were touched, we grind out a highly effective executive team.

I dare not say how good it is to take a detour, but at least today we still have the qualifications to walk on the road.

Life is a journey. We still have a lot of hope in our lives. That’s enough.

The formation of the “True Executive Team” is a process of getting out, not a result of a sudden gift from heaven.

I originally thought that it should first find a few great executives to build a competent executive team.

Along the way, I discovered that it was in the process of producing a “true executive team” and by the way “real executives”.

In this process, as the number one position, I also “boiled” out a better version of myself.

Monologue at No.1: How to make a true executive team?

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