Mojang states that Minecraft will not have NFTs or any blockchain technology

Minecraft developer Mojang released an official statement stating their stance on Minecraft’s NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). This statement is quite against the whole concept of NFTs. This official announcement comes after some Minecraft servers made NFT gameplay available to players participating in the game.


Mojang didn’t want to add NFTs to Minecraft because it violated the game’s gameplay guidelines. In the statement, Mojang said: “To ensure a safe and inclusive gaming experience for Minecraft players, we do not allow blockchain technology to be integrated into our client and server applications, nor for Blockchain technology leverages Minecraft content—such as worlds, skins, personal items, or other mods—to create scarce digital assets.”

Mojang continued: “The speculative price and investment mentality surrounding NFTs distracts people from playing the game and encourages speculation, which we believe will damage our players’ long-term fun and sense of achievement.”


In the end, Mojang doesn’t want Minecraft to breed such a divisive culture that divides its players into “rich” and “poor.” The studio also noted that the NFT market is rife with various scams, such as price gouging through fraudulent means.

However, although Mojang has currently categorically rejected the possibility of any NFT or other blockchain technology joining Minecraft, he still said that if the technology has changes and new uses in the future, it can really enhance the game experience, They still welcome it.

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