Mofa Technology completed $130 million in financing, hoping to “build a Metaverse infrastructure”

Mofa Technology hopes to build the “hydroelectric coal” of the Metaverse.

On April 6, the Metaverse infrastructure company Mofa Technology announced that it has successively completed the B rounds and C rounds of financing, with a total amount of 130 million US dollars. Among them, the B round financing was jointly invested by Qingxin Capital and Jinsha Capital, and Sequoia China and Wuyuan Capital invested in three consecutive rounds; the C round financing of 110 million US dollars was jointly led by SoftBank Vision Fund Phase 2 and a well-known strategic investment institution. Northern Lights Ventures, Index Ventures followed the investment, and Index Capital acted as the exclusive financial advisor. 

Founded in 2018, Mofa Technology is a technology company with computer graphics and AI technology as its core. It has full-stack end-to-end virtual content intelligent production, virtual human creation and operation technology, and has developed professional-level and Consumer-level virtual live broadcast technology and 3D AI virtual human capability platform have created a full-stack product matrix.

Mofa Technology completed 0 million in financing, hoping to “build a Metaverse infrastructure”

Photo courtesy of Mofa Technology

Dr. Chai Jinxiang, founder and CEO of Mofa Technology, introduced to 36 Krypton that the company’s products include: Xmov virtual content collaborative production, which reduces the threshold for Metaverse content production, increases production capacity, and accelerates the scale of Metaverse content by creating end-to-end intelligent tools Intelligent cloud platform; Avatar, which covers To B professional-level and To C consumer-level application scenarios by creating mature standardized, full-stack virtual live broadcast and social interaction products; and AI Human, an AI virtual human capability platform based on artificial intelligence technology, which It can realize the “creation-cultivation-application” of all-intelligent virtual human, help To B professional and To C consumer customers create AI virtual human in one-stop, and implement virtual digital human into various application scenarios, such as virtual customer service, virtual Sales, virtual teacher, virtual human resources officer, e-commerce anchor, virtual training, etc.

With original full-stack AI performance animation technology, intelligent modeling and binding technology, virtual content intelligent collaborative production technology, virtual live broadcast technology and AI virtual human technology accumulation, Mofa Technology is building virtual world infrastructure and creating high-quality, Many breakthroughs have been achieved in efficient and intelligent virtual content.

At present, Mofa Technology has cooperated with many upstream studios, as well as downstream industry customers including game companies, entertainment film and television companies, Internet platform companies, consumer goods companies, technology companies, etc. ecological barriers.

Up to now, Mofa Technology has accumulated more than 200 corporate customers, covering games, entertainment, consumption, e-commerce, finance, technology, education, medical care, cultural tourism and other industries.

Among them, the virtual content collaborative intelligent production cloud platform not only created original virtual IP Ling, but also created virtual images for well-known enterprises such as Alibaba, Tencent, CCTV, L’Oreal, Quduoduo (Kraft), Yili, Mengniu, and iFLYTEK Spokesperson or high-quality virtual content. Virtual live broadcast technology and products include Ye Xiu (Yuewen), Linghu (Tencent), Octopus Girl (Alibaba), Saratoga (Bilibili), Xiao Ai (Xiaomi), Sister M (L’Oreal), etc. virtual IP inside. AI virtual human has served top customers such as ByteDance, OPPO, Xinhua News Agency, China Mobile, China Construction Bank, China Everbright Bank, Hua Xia Bank, Nanjing Bank, and Taiping Insurance.

Chai Jinxiang said that based on full-stack technology capabilities, Mofa Technology provides platform solutions for the large-scale, interactive and intelligent production of 3D virtual content, and will provide more virtual consumer services and products in the future to further extend application scenarios. to “Virtual +X”.

“Mofa Technology hopes to build the ‘hydropower coal’ of the Metaverse, so that all enterprises and all ordinary people can create their own virtual people through platform-based services and at the lowest cost in the future, and produce high-quality virtual content. In the virtual ecology of the combination of virtual and reality and the interaction of all things, value creation is endless.” Chai Jinxiang said.

Dr. Chai Jinxiang, founder and CEO of Mofa Technology, said that the essence of the Metaverse is to upgrade the information carrier and interactive mode with 3D native virtual content and virtual human as the core. The value of Mofa is focused on the scale of virtual content and virtual human. , interactive and intelligent to provide infrastructure, empowering all walks of life to enter the Metaverse era. The financing funds will be mainly used for product research and development investment, multi-scenario market expansion in the whole industry, upstream and downstream ecological construction and layout, and further expand the leading edge of Mofa in technology, products and markets.

“3D virtual content has been widely used in games, film and television, social networking and other fields, and as the basic component of the Metaverse, the production capacity of 3D virtual content will become a scarce resource in the era of the Metaverse.” SoftBank Vision Fund, the lead investor in the C round Zhang Kaixun, managing partner, said: “Compared with traditional single-point software tools and labor-intensive content production processes, the end-to-end full-stack virtual content and virtual human intelligent production product matrix independently developed by Mofa can greatly improve The production efficiency of 3D virtual content and virtual people enables large-scale and intelligent production. We believe that Mofa’s full-link intelligent technology can bring a new round of technological changes to the traditional 3D content production industry. Infrastructure for Virtual Content Production in the Metaverse Era.”

Deng Feng, founding managing partner of Northern Lights Venture Capital, said that the next-generation Internet platform will be dominated by 3D media, and virtual people will play an important information carrier. The current 3D modeling industry lacks process and standardization, with high cost and low efficiency. The cost of virtual human remains high, making it difficult to popularize and apply it. Northern Lights continues to look for industry disruptors. As a global leader in the field of AI+CG, Prof. Chai has led Mofa to achieve remarkable results, with rich technologies and product lines. The Metaverse is not far away, and Northern Lights believes that with the establishment of the Mofa ecology, virtual human technology can change the existing forms of interaction and media in many industries.

Sequoia China led the angel round of investment in Mofa Technology, and made two additional investments after that.Wang Hao, managing director of Sequoia China, said that he is optimistic about the application prospects of the company’s technology in Metaverse, AR/VR, virtual content and virtual humans.

Cheng Yu, a partner of Wuyuan Capital, also said that in the face of a huge wave like Metaverse, technological “infrastructure” is a core challenge and a major opportunity.

Chai Jinxiang holds a Ph.D. from the Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University. Before founding Mofa Technology, he was a tenured professor at TAMU, a famous engineering school in the United States. He has more than 20 years of research experience in the fields of graphics, 3D virtual human, and AI. The core members of the team come from well-known enterprises and institutions such as Microsoft Research, TAMU, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, and Zhejiang University.

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