Mobile Internet is version 1.0 of “Metaverse”

Being in it and not knowing it, let’s review the chronicle of the “Early Meta Universe”

It gets dark early in winter in the 30°N latitude area. A Xing went out at 6pm to take express delivery and had to take a mobile phone to watch the “Bird” APP. Suddenly a car rushed past and suddenly thought:

If an ancient man crossed over and saw a cell phone in the street, he had to carry a brick with him at all times, what would he think of the world around him:

“The mobile phone is the brain-computer interface, and the traversal is the meta-universe.”

Is there such a possibility that the concept of “meta universe” is not a vision of a future development path, but a true representation of the digital world formed by the mobile Internet and our current development status? !

This assumption is not sensational. After all, there has never been a period in history like the present: a real world corresponds to a “dual world” of a digital world, the digital world is the “twin ecology” of the real world, and people do not just treat the digital world as The “mapping” of the real world is also regarded as an enhanced version of “reality”. Even in many cases, the emerging digital industry is still vying for the dominance of the physical industry.

The main criterion of “Meta Universe” is to regard the virtual as reality. The only shortcoming is that the virtual is not 3D augmented reality, but the difference of the two-dimensional display on the electronic screen. And this difference in the medium will be overcome sooner or later.

People nowadays live in a generation meta-universe system without knowing it, and they are often prone to produce similar daily states:

“Zhang San has been out without money for more than 5 years”; “Li Si can’t live a day without a mobile phone, so it will be difficult to walk like that”; “Wang Wu has mobile phone anxiety, he has to touch his mobile phone in the early morning, and can’t sleep with his mobile phone at night. “; “Zhao Liu basically does business on his mobile phone”; “Qian Qi used to like to read books, but he doesn’t read much on his mobile phone anymore. He reads in depth for more than 1 hour. Even if he picks up work a day The number of mobile phones exceeded 30 times”…

The concept of meta-universe may be the concept that after the rapid aging of the mobile Internet meta-universe 1.0 system, capital needs to be more imaginative and stimulated. It only tells the truth about the captivity of digital humans, and does not mean that the meta-universe has not yet Come. Although people have limited experience for a long time and regarded the mobile Internet as a natural continuation of the PC Internet, in fact, the smart phone is just a “non-intubated brain machine” disguised as a mobile phone. Most missions.

Instead of saying that the future orientation of the mobile Internet is a more realistic virtual world, it is better to say that Metaverse has been running at his rhythm for more than ten years, making the virtual world more realistic than ever. And how did all this come into being? We might as well re-view the development of the mobile Internet with the concept of “meta universe”, then it is like opening the “God’s perspective” to see more thoroughly. Next, I will take you back to the brief chronicle of the first meta universe.

a. The first year of Yuan universe (2007):

Apple released the iOS system, and Google released Android. The former is not open source, and the latter is open source for global developers. Together, they established the way of existence of the first-generation Meta universe products in the virtual space-APP. Why the two major systems can be released at the same time in 2007 is still a mystery that no one has discussed, but as the bottom builders of the virtual ecosystem (matrix world source code), they have become the dual monopoly giants of Metaverse 1.0, and they are also in the United States. It is a typical feature of the juxtaposition of two giants in other fields.

Mobile Internet is version 1.0 of "Metaverse"

b. The second year of Yuan Universe (2010 AD):

Apple released the first generation of “non-intubation brain machine” product-iPhone4; the creator Steven Jobs (Steven Jobs), later called “the master of the first generation of the universe.” Although Apple did not follow up with subversive innovations, before the birth of the second-generation meta-universe system, it became the company with the highest market value during that period because Apple had mastered the first-generation meta-universe product carrier and operating system at the same time.

Mobile Internet is version 1.0 of "Metaverse"

In the same year, the Chinese Internet entrepreneur Lei Jun (known as ” Rebs “) , who sold his last company to Amazon and cashed out successfully, decided to imitate the iPhone 4 to create a portable, non-intubation device that Chinese young people (at the time when netizens laughed at themselves as “Diaosi”) can afford The brain-computer product- Xiaomi M1, in order to save cost and time, most of the first-generation brain-computer interfaces use Android as the UI.

Mobile Internet is version 1.0 of "Metaverse"

c. Three years of Yuan universe (2011 AD):

The world’s most populous Internet in China , Tencent launched the first generation of the universe yuan social tools – Micro-letter (Wechat), Zhang Xiaolong Gods product manager, founder of Tencent Ma was pleased: “Tencent grab (generation yuan universe) tickets.” .

In the same year, Alipay, the online electronic payment product of another giant in China, obtained the first “payment license”.

Mobile Internet is version 1.0 of "Metaverse"

Mobile social networking and mobile payment have become the two basic engines for the operation of the generation meta universe. Due to China’s huge population and market size dividends, Tencent and Alibaba have embarked on nearly a decade of crazy investment and mergers and acquisitions, becoming the first echelon of global Internet companies.

d. The four years of Yuan universe (2013 AD):

China issued 4G licenses, and Internet terminals for Internet users were transformed from PCs (personal computers) in office and school scenes into “non-intubated brain machines” (people called them “smartphones” at the time).

Mobile Internet is version 1.0 of "Metaverse"

Although the non-intubated brain-computer products connected to 4G are also two-dimensional screens, they are fundamentally different from plug-in cables or Bluetooth-connected devices: the user is “online” for 24 hours until the body or consciousness disappears.

This is the core feature of the meta-universe, and it is the basic law inherited by the second-generation meta-universe and the subsequent N-generation meta-universe. At that time, people who could not be connected in the world of a generation universe were called “disconnected.”

e. Five Years of Yuan Universe (2014 AD):

Because one brain-computer product is quickly handed over and connected 24 hours a day, online shopping and entertainment activities have gathered people’s attention flow, and since the battery version of the first generation of brain-computer products cannot be removed, there is an LBS function that can collect the user’s real-time location 24 hours a day ; The user’s immersive experience in the first-generation meta-universe has become quite “lazy”, and they will never go out to solve the problem with their fingers.

As a result, emerging business models such as takeaway O2O, door-to-door nail art O2O, door-to-door housekeeping O2O, door-to-door tutoring O2O, and door-to-door maintenance O2O have emerged. They all set out with the dream of becoming the “next Jack Ma”, but these companies still overestimate the meta universe users. They hate choosing an APP to package all offline businesses. Although they burned money to make subsidies, most of them became “bubbles.”

All physical industries and enterprises had to seek digital transformation. In the same year, the official announcement of the “Internet +” action, the first generation of meta universe business model began to closely try to integrate with offline (people called “O2O” at the time, that is, offline and online integration ), in fact, the offline industry was integrated as part of the first-generation Meta-Universal industry chain with the first-generation Meta-Universe social networking and e-commerce. At that time, the most popular training business was to brainwash offline entrepreneurs on how to make money in the first-generation Meta-Universe “platform thinking” Since mobile internet is not the essence of Meta Universe 1.0, many entity companies do not have any attractive traffic scenarios, nor have they built massive amounts of “digital person” account data. The more urgent they are to integrate, they will actually become Meta Universe 1.0. Attachment to the core product of the universe.

f. The sixth year of the Yuan universe (2015 AD)

At the beginning of 2015, the free start-up stage of Meta Universe came to an end. Under the matching of capital, all the first-generation Meta Universe startups had to integrate into small vertical giants in the industry in order to better form a separate base in the Meta Universe world. Among them, Didi and Kuaidi The merger of 58 and Ganji, the merger of Dianping and Meituan, and the merger of Ctrip and Qunar. Meituan has become the strongest giant in the life service category, and Didi has become a giant in the travel field.

In 2015, almost all media were transformed into information flow apps in order to attract more traffic. The “shocked body” became the norm, people’s text reading ability declined sharply, and a large number of netizens who did not read text information became the mainstream. However, today’s headline ( ByteDance ), which is the main interest engine, has realized the spirit of the meta-universe in advance, and focused on short video services that are more attractive to the brain. Among them, headline videos ( watermelon videos ) and volcano videos are incubated internally at the same time. Standard fast hand ), Douyin short video products.

In 2015, Tencent launched the game of Glory of Kings, becoming the first national-level mobile game in which offline users can also engage in “brain-computer interface team battles” face-to-face in the first-generation meta-universe scene . In the first-generation meta-universe world, every user can become a heroic IP siege location. Before the launch of the anti-addiction system for minors, no one knew that the person who might abuse himself in the meta-universe world might be a primary school student.

Game entrepreneurial team to fight a lot to create a group to fight the electricity supplier was established with the micro-channel user account login only by means of social gameplay low-cost user acquisition, sell cheaper than Taobao goods rapidly growing to become one of the three major electricity supplier platform.

Mobile Internet is version 1.0 of "Metaverse"

g. The Seventh Year of Yuan Universe (2016 AD)

In 2016, Douyin operated independently and became the first-generation product of Metaverse with the fastest growth in application downloads and traffic. The initial operation of Douyin focused on music + video + discovering a better life. Since short videos, live broadcasts, and information flow have become the lowest threshold and most kill time entertainment and pastimes in the virtual world of the first-generation meta-universe, “Byte Beat” has quickly become a new giant in the field of the first-generation meta-universe. Unlike other tool applications, Douyin is the most successful product that fits the spirit of the universe for a long time.

The prosperity of short videos has made the spiritual life of people in the first-generation meta-universe richer and more three-dimensional. They imagined anything, so that people who stayed in the meta-universe for a long time would appear irritable, angry, anxious, and bored, but these bad emotions are very Quickly can be covered by short videos and dopamine produced by Meta Universe consumer products.

Due to breakthroughs in bandwidth and network content distribution technology, the live broadcast room emerged in 2016. In the live broadcast room, Internet celebrities have any beauties they want to see. Inke, Huajiao Live , YY Live, Momo and other crazy search for beauties who can dance and come. The need for male adolescents to find a girlfriend has dropped drastically. In 2016, the game live broadcast mode also became a place for users of the first generation of meta universe to exchange technologies, and Douyu was established.

In 2016, the meta universe shopping scene needs entertainment blessing. Alibaba decided to transform into an online celebrity e-commerce and a live broadcast e-commerce model. A batch of sales to the live broadcast room were incubated and discovered by suppliers, becoming the future meta universe users’ eyes. Internet celebrities”. WeChat’s internal test applet has been launched to allow various Internet developers to back up and run their products on WeChat, and the “WeChat universe” is ready to emerge.

At the beginning of 2016, Google launched the AlphaGO intelligent robot to defeat the Go master. Baidu proposed a strategic transformation from the Internet of Information to “Artificial Intelligence”. Artificial intelligence (“AI”) has become popular, and there are corresponding AI+ models in many fields for a time.

It is precisely because of the formation of the first-generation meta-universe ecology that there are artificial intelligence (AI) training scenarios, allowing code machines to better understand each ID, and better meet the push and management of each user’s online needs. And the advocates of artificial intelligence (AI) have never concealed the existing offline work and production methods of substitutes, making the whole world a part of the meta-universe, but the landing is not as expected due to too much steps.

h. The eighth year of the Yuan universe (2017 AD)

In 2017, Toutiao acquired, and its team was integrated into Tiktok, the international version of Douyin. After Douyin became popular, Douyin Divine Comedy and Kuwu began to become an important part of popular culture.

In 2017, Station B, as the favorite online entertainment community of post-95s, began to enter mainstream media discourse. At that time, the new Leek in the first generation of meta universe gradually became the backbone of the later second generation of meta universe. This batch of meta universe users has a proud name: “Digital Natives”.

Mobile Internet is version 1.0 of "Metaverse"

The first generation of Yuan Universe live broadcast shouting wheat culture out of the circle, representing the suppression of real life and the rise of online voice of young people in small towns. The active positions are mainly in YY and Kuaishou.

The young Chinese generations born from 1985 to 00 are all integrated into the first-generation meta-universe. Their lives are all based on cyber utopia.

The sunshine of the first generation of meta universe was also dark. In 2017, P2P projects began to thunder, some projects swept some middle-aged and elderly money and ran away, campus loans and college students naked loans were exposed, and P2P began to become the key rectification target of relevant parties.

i. The Ninth Year of Yuan Universe (2018 AD)

The meta-universe documentary film “Number One Player” was released. At the time, people thought it was a science fiction movie, just like the 1999 meta-universe prophecy film “The Matrix” and “Feeling Game” when it was released. It is always afterthought.

Mobile Internet is version 1.0 of "Metaverse"

As a 5G supplier, Huawei is rapidly expanding its business around the world and plans to build 40,000 5G base stations; Huawei’s mobile phone sales in China exceed Xiaomi, and Huawei’s self-developed chip Kirin 980 uses TSMC’s 7nm process technology to release the first 5G mobile phone Mate 20X. At that time, the pollen was immersed in the excitement of defeating the fruit powder.

Following the sanctions against ZTE, the United States sanctioned domestic high-tech companies, Huawei was the first to bear the brunt and kidnapped Huawei’s CFO Meng Wanzhou in Canada. The Sino-US trade war is heating up. A large number of first-generation Yuan universe companies have intensively rushed for listing in the industry chain, including Xiaomi, Meituan, Pinduoduo, and so on.

The trade war had a profound shock wave on the field of the first-generation meta-universe. In addition to the delisting of many Internet giants with equity VIE structure or returning to Hong Kong to go public, some people have awakened from the original meta universe, and some have switched to blockchain speculation in Bitcoin; Huawei has begun to fully develop its own domestic operating system.

Some people see the bottleneck of the non-intubated brain machine and turn to the mobile surround brain machine 2.0-new energy vehicles. Similar to the goal of the first-generation meta-universe, the smart car represents the prototype of the second-generation meta-universe. The experience is digitized, and AI will gradually take over for unmanned driving.

Faced with long-term losses and insufficient mass production, Tesla was introduced and settled in Shanghai after repeated considerations. No one would have expected that its market value would quickly surpass the original Yuan universe overlord Apple after it settled in China. In the same year, Weilai, Xiaopeng, and Ideal all launched their first mass-produced products to the market.

j Yuan Universe Ten Years (2019 AD)

The first generation of Metaverse absorbed the sinking market, that is, people outside the city. Many first-line technology companies in China entered the list of negative entities, and netizens ignited anti-American sentiment. Companies that have not received sanctions certification are in an embarrassing situation.

Musk has become the new idol of Chinese netizens. Tesla has sold more than 40,000 vehicles in China. The mass-produced models gradually launched have become people’s new darling of consumption. Prices continue to drop and are expected to replicate Apple’s trend of becoming an “arcade machine” that year. New energy vehicles become the hope of China’s emerging pillar industry.

Ma Yun gave a speech in support of 996, and was criticized by young netizens. Many companies such as NetEase were involved in negative public opinion due to layoffs. With the retirement of Ma Yun and Liu Qiangdong, many Internet upstarts have accelerated their exit.

The early meta universe community entered a period of stagnation, and it was difficult to generate new outlets. Anti-intellectualization, oppositionalization, and melon-eating emotions rose. Involvement, collapse of personnel, social deaths, and peaking of demographic dividends became the normal state of the Internet.

k. The Eleventh Year of Yuan Universe (2020 AD)

The global new crown epidemic has once again ushered in the first-generation Metaspace company’s traffic dividend, especially the live broadcast e-commerce extended the tuyere cycle, and the advertising share of the first-generation Metaspace traffic platform increased. At the national level, a “new infrastructure” macroeconomic boost plan was proposed. WeChat push video number complements short video + live broadcast platform scenes.

After a big boss bombarded the supervisory authority at the Bund Summit, the Anti-Monopoly Law paid close attention to the mergers and mergers of the first-generation meta-universe giants, and the platform supervision measures continued to be strengthened. On the other side of the ocean, U.S. President Trump mobilized Fan Qinwang through his social accounts during the election, and his accounts on the entire network were jointly blocked by the first-generation meta-universe giants in the United States.

During the epidemic, online education was extended to the K12 period, and no one realized that things would be counterproductive during the crazy customer acquisition phase.

The call for “getting out of the virtual to the real” has intensified, and the state has gradually refined, clarified, and strengthened the supervision of Internet platforms.

L. Twelve Years of Yuan Universe (2021 AD):

The concept of “meta universe” was formally put forward. People will see the essence of the mobile Internet more clearly. Marx said, “monkey anatomy is the key to human anatomy.” The mobile Internet is the monkey body of the meta universe. Can find the road map for the generation and development of the meta-universe.

The metaverse venture capital circle is bound to redefine the equipment and developer ecology based on the successful experience of the first generation of twelve years, and further guide the user’s online direction. It may replicate the wealth creation miracle produced by the first generation.

The digital economy created by Meta Universe 1.0 has become an important source of tax revenue in many countries. Due to the accumulation of flow and capital, it is difficult to stay in one generation. As for ordinary people, there is not much that can be done.

“I don’t know who is a guest in my dream, and I wake up as the person in my dream.” German philosopher Kant said, “Freedom is not doing what you want, but not doing what you don’t want.” You can refuse It’s obviously not possible to live on mobile phones and the Internet, so freedom is already too rare in the first meta universe.

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