Mobile game developer Bling completes seed funding round, led by Coinbase Ventures

Bling, a mobile game developer that supports Bitcoin rewards, announced the completion of a seed round of financing. Coinbase Ventures led the investment. The specific financing amount was not disclosed.

According to a report by Crowdfundinsider on July 2, Bling, a mobile game developer supporting Bitcoin rewards, announced that it has completed a seed round of financing. Coinbase Ventures led the investment. The specific financing amount was not disclosed. It is reported that investors in the Pre-Seed round include Wavemaker Genesis, Gumi Cryptos Capital and Blocktower Capital.

Coinworld-mobile game developer Bling completes seed round financing, Coinbase Ventures leads the investment

Bling said that the new funds will be used to expand the team and develop the platform. Bling said that the platform has achieved tremendous growth in less than two years, with more than 5 million registered users and more than 1 million monthly active users.

Founded in 2019, Bling is a gaming platform that helps game developers reward users with Bitcoin. The Bling platform has a proprietary software development kit (SDK), including a bitcoin reward system, fraud detection and user value detection. For individuals who are new to the crypto industry, Bling helps users own the first Bitcoin without risk. Bling said that about 70% of users have never opened a Coinbase account before.

Bling was co-founded by Amy Wan, a lawyer in the field of securities, a well-known person in the Fintech industry, and Dan Rice, a senior software engineer in the field of blockchain and games, and is committed to creating a platform that combines money and fun.

Miko Matsumura, general partner of Gumi Cryptos Capital, commented:We are very happy that Coinbase Ventures has invested in Bling. Bling is one of the greatest entrepreneurial stories I have ever seen. This round of financing has brought more experienced strategic investors to Bling’s growth.

Crowdfund Insider got in touch with Wan and asked her a few questions. Wan shared that the Bitcoin Blast application can be used in the Android and Apple iOS ecosystems. Users are not restricted by region and can be used by users all over the world.

As for whether to consider other cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin? Wan said:We have considered other cryptocurrencies, but our main audience is new users in the cryptocurrency field. Currently, they prefer Bitcoin and have not shown a very strong interest in other cryptocurrencies. However, if there are strategic or strong business reasons, we will add more cryptocurrencies.

When asked how she hopes to take advantage of the growing user base and what new features are expected to be introduced, Wan said that the platform plans to integrate other financial services:We are working hard to truly build a user community and plan to start paid marketing to further accelerate user growth. In the future, users can look forward to new games (from us and other game developers using SDK). We will also explore adding experiences across fintech.

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