MixMarvel eco-member Rocket Protocol announces $1.2 million seed funding round led by a number of top investors

Blockchain infrastructure Rocket Protocol has secured a $1.2 million seed round led by Pantera, Framework, and SevenX.

Rocket Protocol, a blockchain infrastructure for the future of virtual worlds incubated by MixMarvel, has just announced the closing of a $1.2 million seed funding round. The round was led by Pantera, FrameWork Ventures, and SevenX Ventures, with participation from Hashkey Capital, SNZ, Puzzle Ventures, and Spark Digital Capital. The funding will be used for the development of the current version of Rocket Protocol and technical upgrades. According to the launch plan announced by the Rocket Protocol team, Rocket Protocol 2.0 will go live on the main website in the second quarter.

With the success of this seed round, Rocket Protocol has gained not only the financial support from investment institutions, but also a huge network of resources.

On the one hand, the investors’ great influence in the industry can help Rocket Protocol have more opportunities to showcase in various fields of blockchain, increase Rocket Protocol’s visibility and expand its user base in the global market. On the other hand, Rocket Protocol has established deep strategic partnerships with many investors. The investment matrix of investors has introduced more top resources worthy of cooperation for Rocket Protocol, covering developers, top IPs and major communities. It is reported that the seed round investors are also major investors in well-known projects in the industry such as FileCoin, Ripple, Starkware, Cosmos, Polkadot and CoinBase.

In addition, the success of this Rocket Protocol funding has a huge effect on the entire MixMarvel ecosystem. The launch of the Rocket Protocol will systematically improve the efficiency of MixMarvel’s content distribution and bring in a huge amount of global cooperation resources. At the same time, according to MixMarvel’s pass design interpretation, MIX pass holders also have the privilege of priority participation in new projects released by MixMarvel, as well as airdrop activities and insider testing activities for various new assets, including Rocket Protocol token RPG (Rocket Protocol Gas).

About Rocket Protocol

Rocket Protocol is a blockchain infrastructure for future virtual worlds incubated by MixMarvel. As a high-performance chain group that enables interoperable multi-chain contracts in the EVM system, Rocket Protocol 2.0 integrates and extends the cross-chain protocol, NFT protocol and EVM protocol, enabling developers to freely create complex decentralized applications for various scenarios while giving users an Internet-like application experience.

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