Mirror’s Web3 tool suite is open to everyone

According to Mirror official, Mirror opened the rest of the Mirror economic and governance suite to the public on October 14, 2021, including Editions, Splits, Token Race and Auctions. This means that Mirror’s Web3 tool suite is open to everyone.

Mirror stated that in the past few months, users need to earn and burn a WRITE token to fully access Mirror’s web3 creative suite. In the future, anyone can connect wallets, tell stories, initiate crowdfunding, sell NFTs, share revenue with partners, create tokenized governance games, and auction NFTs.

Mirror stated that Mirror is constantly evolving to support creators, communities and DAOs throughout its life cycle, and the best way is to open all tools for anyone to use.

The current web3 tool suite of Mirror includes:


Publishing (Entries, publishing). Create a blog, the posts are permanently stored on the decentralized network and authorized by the user’s private key. Writers monetized their content through the web3 business model, earning thousands of dollars worth of ETH on a single blog post  .

Crowdfunds (crowdfunding). Start the community treasury by issuing tokens and NFTs to contributors in exchange for ETH. Mirror has helped filmmakers, writers, musicians, e-sports teams, grant DAOs, media DAOs and party DAOs build their communities.

NFT Editions. Build a community by selling a custom amount of NFT at a fixed price. Mirror users use Edition to support open source projects, donate to rescue efforts in Afghanistan, provide early access to upcoming books, and sell tickets for the IRL casting experience.

Splits. Share income with collaborators and other communities. Members use splits to share NFT income among project core contributors, paper co-authors and charitable donations.

Token Race. Introduce interesting and social community governance proposals. Join DAO members to jointly decide which NFTs to collect, and decide which topics should be covered in community discussions. The community can even use NFT to vote.

Auctions. Sell ​​1 NFT to the largest collector in the community and discover the super fans of the project. Mirror users have auctioned research reports, funding announcements, and music.

Mirror said that in the next few months, the toolkit will be expanded to support membership primitives, strong governance features, custom NFT distribution, community dashboards, web3 profile pages, and other high-impact areas.

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