“Miracle · Stupid Child” releases limited digital collections. Will the film and television circle “collectively” enter the Metaverse in 2022?

Are Digital Collections the Best Digital Peripherals for Movie Fans?

"Miracle · Stupid Child" releases limited digital collections. Will the film and television circle "collectively" enter the Metaverse in 2022?

The countdown to the Spring Festival is coming. The New Year movie “Miracle Stupid Child” starring Yi Yangqianxi has launched a number of behind-the-scenes videos. As a Spring Festival file with a stronger family-friendly nature among the major movies at the end of the year, it is full of warm trailers and promotional songs. , to bring out the strong New Year’s flavor early.

Surprisingly, on the first day of the new year, “Miracle · Stupid Child” will also launch limited digital collections in conjunction with Maruka, an IP digital derivatives distribution platform under Haina Nebula, to synchronize with the rhythm of offline nationwide release. Actively open the connection with the Metaverse that day. As a hot topic at the moment, the digital collection of “Miracle · Stupid Child” will be launched in a high-profile manner and will quickly break the circle, radiating from the entertainment circle to reach the “fan group” who love the digital economy.

The “digital collection” was only familiar to the public last year, but it has become a new normal to release commemorative digital collections derived from blockbusters by world-renowned film and television IPs. From Wong Kar-wai’s short film “In the Mood for Love – Moment”, to “The Matrix 4” and “Spider-Man: No Return”, the film and television industry has a great momentum to “collectively” enter the Metaverse.

Early adopters? gimmick? trend? What is the answer. If you know the “truth” of digital collections, you can’t help but be amazed, it may be the most “anticipated” digital peripheral by movie fans.

Are Digital Collections the Best Digital Peripherals for Movie Fans?

How hot is the Spring Festival this year? As of 15:48 on January 26, the total pre-sale box office of “Miracle · Stupid Child” has exceeded 40 million, and a 3 billion + box office blockbuster may be born again. According to industry statistics, “Miracle · Stupid Child” continues to lead in the want-to-watch index among female audiences and young audiences, and also has high reach among the third- and fourth-tier sinking markets, as well as low-frequency audiences.

As a popular niche student at the moment, the Spring Festival file of the Year of the Tiger is a “double happiness” for Yi Yang Qianxi, who has “double-film release”. Because of this, the limited digital collection of “Miracle · Stupid Child” has not been launched yet, and it has already been used by all circles. concerned. Especially the fans of Yi Yang Qianxi, on the first day of the new year, everyone will not only watch the movie for the first time, but grabbing the limited number of digital collections earlier has also become a “new action” to support idols.

At present, there is a huge ecological chain around the derivatives of film and television dramas, from dolls, clothing, accessories, with the rise of digital collections, new gameplay and new digital assets are born. Late last year, “The Matrix 4” produced 100,000 digital collections of the series’ famous “red and blue pills”, which were released on November 30 for $50 each, and eventually earned $5 million. Wong Kar-wai also produced a digital collection of “In the Mood for Love – Moment in the Mood for Love” with footage from the film’s launch day in 1999, which was sold for HK$4.28 million at Sotheby’s autumn auction.

Digital collections are the most suitable digital peripherals for movie fans. This time, the digital collection of “Miracle · Stupid Kid” is 10,000 avatars, each of which is different, which can be understood as the Chinese version of cryptopunks.Last year, Hollywood, Hong Kong and Taiwan stars brought the avatar craze on social networks. Domestic fans and fans can’t wait to have such a unique avatar, but they can only get their wish after the first day of the school. As a digital peripheral, it has three advantages:

1. Limited scarcity; the full name is Non-Fungible Token, the Chinese translation name is non-fungible token, which is a digital asset verified by blockchain technology. In September last year, Maruka launched the first digital collection of the movie “Fengshen Trilogy” and sold it in a limited number of 400 pieces, all of which were sold out in 24 minutes. The limited quantity and scarcity under the blessing of blockchain technology endow it with unique collection and commemorative value.

2. Genuine and unforgeable; digital collections cannot be forged compared to the traditional physical world film and television drama derived from the flood of copycats. This is also an important reason why “Spider-Man: Heroes of No Return”, “The Matrix 4” and “Marvel Stupid Kid” are actively launching digital collections with “special significance” on various platforms at the time of movie announcement and release, etc., which cannot be tampered with , cannot be copied, which effectively satisfies the fans’ psychological demands for “exclusivity” around their beloved entertainment IP.

3. Rich gameplay; make fans “crazy”, and film and television producers also actively participate. In particular, the innovation in the diversified gameplay of digital film collections gives it a very broad application space in the future. For example, AMC partnered with Sony Pictures to give away 86,000 WAX Chain-based digital collectibles to members who pre-ordered tickets to the premiere of Spider-Man: Homeless. In the fifth digital collection of “Fengshen Trilogy” released by Maruka, the owner of the Easter egg card can get a viewing seat on the premiere day of “Fengshen Trilogy”. 》Digital collections share box office bonuses with collectors. For example, blind box gameplay, synthetic upgrade gameplay, etc., have infinitely expanded the linkage mode between digital collections and film and television announcements.

On January 27, Maruka also released the digital collection “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf’s Basket Out of the Future” in cooperation with Aofei Entertainment. A total of 8 image digital collections were released. There will be a linkage of related benefits, and the natural cross-border advantages of digital collections will also be revealed.

Limited scarcity, genuine authorization, unforgeable, and diverse cross-border gameplay all endow digital collections with unique value in the digital peripherals of film and television. Digital collections have always been regarded as the basic construction of the Metaverse. In the wave of the Metaverse, the cultural industry and its combination are the best tracks, and the commercial value of digital collections has also risen. Undoubtedly, the active launch of digital collections by well-known film and television IPs is also a link that must be taken to lay out the Metaverse in advance.

Synchronized digital collections of well-known movies are released or the norm

After more than ten years of history, Lunar New Year movies have become a very unique existence, and the limited digital collections launched by synchronous movies on the first day of the new year have further unique meaning and value.

As a future outlet, in addition to vertical players such as Maruka, Internet giants such as Ali, Tencent, and NetEase have also entered the market one after another. Alibaba launched the NFT trading platform Ant Chain Fan Granule, Tencent launched the NFT trading platform Magic Core App, and Netease Wenchuang’s Sansan Studio and Nervina Labs jointly issued the NFT project “Xiaoyang Sansan Commemorative Gold Coin”.

In terms of film and television digital collections, Maruka has gone further and deeper. Previously, it has teamed up with “Fengshen Trilogy”, the domestic animation film “Lion Boy”, and “Embrace You Through the Cold Winter” to release various forms of digital collections. . From Hollywood to the domestic film and television market, well-known movies are paying more and more attention to the distribution of digital collections, which Tianhao believes will be a “new normal” in the future.

1. The concept of the Metaverse is on fire, and digital collections are the foundation; what is the Metaverse? It is a virtual world made up of numbers. Digital collections are just digital assets in the virtual world. Film and television works, game works, and art works are naturally suitable for the “real objects” of the Metaverse. Digital collections endow them with the property of circulation in this parallel world. No matter which film and television IP, it will never give up its hidden commercial value in the Metaverse. The release of various digital collections is the most effective way to capture the Metaverse.

2. Digital collections have unique commemorative and collection value; in March last year, digital artist Beeple’s digital collection “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” was auctioned at Christie’s for $69 million. In the same month, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey sold the 2006 collection. The first tweet he sent fetched $2.5 million at auction. What we call a collection, in a popular sense, is a collection of historical witnesses. Therefore, its birth time, birth background, creator, and many factors determine the value it contains, and it will continue to increase over time.

Therefore, “Rage: Serious Cases”, “Spider-Man: Homeless Heroes” and “The Matrix 4” all use digital collections as new breakthroughs for movie announcements. The release time of a movie can be regarded as the “birthday” of an entertainment IP, and the digital collections released during the same period therefore have unique commemorative and collection value.

3. Endow entertainment IP derivatives with a revolutionary breakthrough; a well-known film and television drama has become a way for fans to express their love for its derivative IP products. Under the fan economic model such as meet-and-greets, concerts, the same model of characters, and peripheral development, the economy of entertainment IP derivatives has developed rapidly. However, traditional derivatives also have their own limitations. For example, limited-edition products face the chronic disease of cottages, and the physical surroundings face the collection cost and space occupation. For example, some trendy players often need to vacate one or several houses in order to collect their favorite dolls.

In contrast, digital collections have given a revolutionary breakthrough to entertainment IP derivatives. They are permanently preserved and will not be damaged or lost once collected, like dolls, cards, and clothing. In addition, its unforgeable characteristics perfectly fit the fans’ psychology of expressing their love, and it has become the most direct way to support the entertainment IP they love. Moreover, everyone in the digital world has theoretically unlimited space, which greatly reduces the economic burden of collecting “love”.

At the same time, the diverse gameplay and cross-border linkage methods endow digital collections with more possibilities.

Looking back, in the Spring Festival gear of the Year of the Tiger, what movie fans snapped up might not be just a movie ticket, or a digital collection with special meaning. From “Marvel Stupid Kid” to “Spider-Man: No Home” and “The Matrix 4”, digital collections have gradually become the “standard” of film and television. In the new digital era, digital collections make the connection between film and television works and fans more closely, and this connection will appreciate and enlarge over time.

There is no doubt that under various favorable factors, the film and television industry may “collectively” enter the Metaverse in 2022.

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