Mind and Journey: How Web3 Goes Overseas

This discussion is mainly about 2 things, one is the body method, about the details of the way to go to sea; the other is the mental method, which is psychological construction, how to overcome inner demons.

Everyone’s situation in the web 3 industry is different, and the guests shared their experiences from different mental journeys for your reference.

1. The course of Run

Crypto V


If you are a student, then you only need to take a relatively mild path to build your own personal abilities, such as getting a degree, looking for some internships, and exploring your favorite future jobs, such as doing this Interns will not encounter so many challenges in a short period of time,

Lilith Li


My purpose of going abroad was to study abroad. The way is this, first come out as a student, find a school, or find a language school. Become a student visa, then change to a work visa, and then change to a highly talented visa. Then apply for a green card.

In fact, the fastest is basically 3 or 5 years. If you don’t need a degree, it will actually be faster. I studied here for two years, then I exchanged to the UK and Canada, and then I came back, so it took a lot of time, and then I was going to work, and after I got the work visa, I wanted to play again, and managed to Go get a highly talented visa. What we call going overseas, you can also choose to create a company in a country to do that kind of investment and business visa.

I also recommend that everyone come out as a student first. Spend a little tuition, stabilize your status first, and get a visa for one to several years.

Minion (GM, Jo Sun) in Amsterdam


I went to Australia when I was 14 and 13, and then I spent half of my life in China and then half of my life in Australia. I think this experience is very special. I don’t want stability. I personally bet on dogs. In about 5 years, maybe the team or company has changed 7.

I ran to Melbourne, Australia, then Beijing to Hong Kong, and then from Hong Kong to all over the world. This experience is actually not found in many other industries, and I will not consider how long or how it has been done. The most important thing is to look at your personal development, and then what you want to do, that is, once you know what you want to do, then I don’t think I am surprised that you change 10 companies in your 11 years. Do it with your own goals, and then all kinds of things in it are actually just experiences, and there is no sacrifice without sacrifice.



I have been abroad for 14 years, and then I studied in New Zealand from university to now. If you go overseas, you actually have to consider many factors. The first is the factor of your parents, and the second is how much capital you have to support you when you go overseas. How do you solve this visa problem, and how to solve life problems. Because of the cost of living, how do you solve these problems here, my personal suggestion is that if you want to go abroad, try to consider your own capital.

2. Run the Heart Method



First of all, the currency circle itself is a high-risk industry and profession, and then it is a layer of leverage, and then you go out to sea and you go out in the flesh is such a big uncertainty, it is another layer of leverage, so you are adding leverage on top of that. lever.

One is that you have the self-motivation of that career, and then you feel that this kind of self-motivation and career can bring you a return, which is relatively certain, which is equivalent to reducing your leverage.

The second state is that you are very full, both spiritually and in life. You feel that your life just needs to be icing on the cake to broaden your horizons, and then you may get to know more people, that’s all, I think in these two states, you will be more comfortable going out to sea.

There is another kind, maybe the post-00s or 98s just came out of school, and then they urgently need to get a professional certification and become the bottoms of their life. Then he added that he was doing things related to investment and consulting. He needed to go to the forefront of the channel information chain, so the conditions he chose to go overseas were not particularly bad.

Crypto V


In this case of cost, there is a high probability that if you do not have this asset of 200,000 U, such as Australia and New Zealand, you are definitely not able to handle it in developed countries. You may only consider Thailand or Vietnam. Your dog is doable, but not necessary.


In this industry, he only accepts one type of person, and his ethical requirements are actually not high.

I just want you to be clean and not complicated.

The reason why there are so few such people in China is because some cultural courses in China will complicate people.

Become impure, become impure, if you want to do something clean, the whole world will bless you. I often tell my friends around me that I will give what he wants from me, that I will give money if he wants money, and he wants me to do things for him. If you want to go to sea, you must first look at your original intention, if you are going around. If it is not very clean, you will definitely lose the game in this industry.



This industry has very low requirements for human ability. In China, you may feel that issuing coins is a big thing. In foreign countries, it is as simple as breathing. The threshold for creating assets is already so low, basically, you can figure it out clearly, and you can go out to sea as soon as you step on it.

Stella Xu


During my postgraduate studies, I also received investment from other people. I worked as a trading company in Australia, and later I worked as a fund in China. It is a traditional fund, and later switched to Crypto, so in fact, if we are like us who have been working in the financial industry, the ceiling in foreign countries is very, very high.

In such an environment in Shanghai, the first thing I thought about was whether I would go to the Fangcang, which would reduce the effectiveness of my work. The mentality is completely different, that is, you will always give priority to work. Or put your career first. In fact, as long as you have relatively OK funds, then you can go overseas to ensure this.

Indeed, there are also many children who have just graduated, and then don’t have much experience, so they go out rashly without any experience at all, so I think it’s better to be cautious, that’s the thing. Well, there is still some risk involved.

3. Run the body method 



If you have a work visa in Australia and New Zealand, there are 200,000 or 1 million yuan to do it. Go to open a company, find a friend to open one, open a company, and then get the contract, just stay in New Zealand and spend money. The advantage of 200,000 can be survived in New Zealand or Australia, and then you can open a bank account and open a Crypto account.



If you want to apply for a two-year visa here in Dubai, because many here are tourist cities, basically it means that Tianlong people are Arabs, and there are very few people in the UAE, so it is really open. The overall cost is about 30,000 RMB, and a two-year long-term signing can be done.

Fox God Lucas���


One of the biggest problems for many students is that they go to study abroad and read a book. But during the study period, I didn’t work hard to do internships or research the workplace, and then when I graduated, after you had seen the best use outside, you came back to China and found that the gap is actually quite big, so the most important thing is The thing is, once you go out of the country, then you have to do your best to stay.

Because if you really want to go back to China, your attitude towards returnees will be more respectful to those who have obtained certain experience and qualifications in foreign industries, but the resources and experience come back, not just a person who just came back from an independent university and ran naked. This In fact, it will change your destiny for the rest of your life. So one of the results I found at the time was a Singapore passport.

After you get Singapore PR, you can apply for Singapore citizenship within two years, that is to say, if you first run Singapore. Then, if you go to the United States, it will be faster than if you directly apply for the United States to get a green card.

Because we are like Chinese, if you are studying in Beihang University or Harbin Institute of Technology, which is a little bit less related to national defense, your visa will be blocked by the customs at any time, right?

So when you come to the United States, in fact, the most important thing is to clean up your identity first. If you go directly to the United States, you will first go to Harvard and Stanford, and then you will get Google and Facebook. The offer is particularly good, and then you still have to queue for H1B1 with Indians for many years, and you have to queue for a green card. That is to say, it takes 6 to 8 years, and even ten years to finally flow to the United States. Maybe It also depends on marrying locals to do this.

If you stay in Singapore for 4 years, get Citizen, and then you go straight to the US, you can get a special occupational visa. This speaks to the benefits of a small country.

Then what if you don’t like Southeast Asia? There are many programs in Europe that provide that kind of international student scholarship. You can go to Europe to apply for one. Maybe this school is not a top class, but they give you free money, and then you can get involved in the local program after you finish your studies. This resource for schools to find jobs in Europe. Then you get an EU passport though.

That one doesn’t have the passports of Singapore and Hong Kong, but people go out a little bit, and you get to a place where the people and the politics are free and enlightened.

This will also achieve the goal.

Then the above two are the one who learns to achieve prosperity. But one might think, what if I’ve already done graduate school and can’t do it again?

It doesn’t matter, we have other words, why do I always like a place like the EU? Just because the place is so big. It is because this place is so big that many small countries have many policies. My friends and I have studied about dozens of them, and ran various methods in different countries.

But one of my favorite options is to go to Cyprus. Cyprus also has a very funny policy, that is, as long as you buy a house there and spend a little money on it, you can get an EU passport there, and then you go with this EU passport first, and you can find it in all countries in the whole EU. Already working. A shoebox apartment of less than eight square meters, at a price of less than a hundred thousand yuan, can still get you an EU passport.

Mainly, as long as you have good English and a good resume, you can find a job there.

For the poor, the EU is the best way to go. I don’t recommend the United States and Canada, because everyone in the United States and Canada looks like illegal immigrants.


Secondly, Grenada, St. Kitts and Nevis, Grenada, and then Vanuatu, these words are generally just to buy a passport. Buying a passport is not particularly meaningful because of St. Kitts and Nevis. About 200,000 and then donate to the National Construction Fund. If it gives you this passport, the wind disaster reconstruction fund is 190,000 US dollars. This passport can pass through many countries, but this passport cannot be used to apply for a bank card.



Cyprus can work and live in all EU member states. If you have this passport, then many bosses used to open companies because they have many tax deductions. It is also a relatively good financial holy place, and the climate is also good. The scenery is also good, I think it’s really good value for money.

Crypto V


now what? In fact, there are some ways of saving the country by comparing curves. One of them is called 489. Migrants from remote areas, what do you mean by remote areas? It is a relatively remote area except for several major cities on the coast of Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast.

In fact, the scenery is very good. The cost of living is actually much lower than that in big cities. If you stay here for two years, you can actually get a green card directly. Then there is another place called Tas. Mania, Tasmania is an island in Australia. It is equivalent to Hainan to China. What is the name of this 489 separate policy? It is said to be a skilled immigrant, but in fact, you opened a steamed bread shop in the past and lasted for two years, and then you will get the status of this immigrant, and this, in fact, for your undergraduate degree, what are you doing? Nothing has any of this requirement

In fact, everyone can consider the sword to go slanted, not necessarily to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane.

Lilith Li


It is recommended to come to Japan because it is very cheap. Really, whether it is investment, buying a house, or studying abroad, its cost is currently relatively cheap. I came in earlier times, or The exchange rate of 8 has now been adjusted to the exchange rate around 5.2 or 5.1, so in fact, it can be said that it can be cheaper than that in the past.

There are many types of Japanese investment immigration, that is, the form of buying a house and opening a company, but the environment cannot be compared with Canada and the United States. All the amount in Japan is small, which means that if you spend the same price in the United States To buy a house, he may be really wide, but in Japan, he may be almost a small square meter.

In Japan, if you normally do a company investment immigration, that is, if you want to establish a company, the capital is 5 million yen, which is called an investment business visa. As for his contract renewal, it means that depending on your asset status in the previous year, it is basically signed every year. You are also eligible to apply for permanent residence in Japan.

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