“Mile Life”, which has received millions of financing from angel rounds, provides Metaverse operation solutions for local life

Li Yang: LBM mode is a Metaverse upgrade to OMO mode

Li Yang, founder and CEO of Mai Le Life, said that LBM (Location Based Metaverse) refers to a localized Metaverse that helps localized commercial brands connect with consumers. It is an upgrade of the OMO (Online-Merge-Offline) model. The grip of this upgrade is the emerging interaction style of the Metaverse. In this mode, the digital upgrade will also transform from the original two-dimensional to three-dimensional. For example, customers of equal size can convert the incentives after playing VR games into online consumption discounts. This is a Metaverse upgrade in a way of acquiring customers. In the early stage of the construction of the Metaverse infrastructure, the three-dimensional User experience is also an important Metaverse traffic portal.

Founded in April 2020, Beijing Maile Life Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Maile Life) is an operation solution provider that uses online Metaverse technology to acquire customers for local merchants, serving the local life industry.Previously, the company’s main model was the combination of offline customer acquisition and online secondary realization, that is, the OMO model. Mai Le Life is also a channel partner of Ali Local Life and its subsidiary Keruyun. The company has also helped more than 2,000 local life offline stores across the country to achieve digital upgrades. This year, the company has undergone some changes in both business lines and service areas.

“Mile Life”, which has received millions of financing from angel rounds, provides Metaverse operation solutions for local life

Urban business Metaverse based on LBM (Location Based Metaverse)

The current business of Maile Life mainly includes four major parts. One is to establish TOC’s Metaverse City Business Alliance. For example, the private domain traffic accumulated through ordering and paying bills and community operations is diverted to the online life service platform built by Maile Life, and accumulated to form a larger public domain traffic pool; the second is to establish TOB’s Metaverse commercial brand marketing . This is also the key business newly expanded by the company this year, mainly to help commercial brands carry out three-dimensional IP design, incubation, promotion and franchise business; the third is to continue the channel cooperation between Ali’s local life and its subsidiary Keruyun; the fourth is to build a local life entrepreneurial alliance . The company expects to achieve a guaranteed revenue of about 30 million this year, and the target is expected to reach 50 million to 100 million. The revenue point is expected to be 50% in the Metaverse City Business Alliance (LBM) on the TOC side, and 40% in the commercial brand marketing on the TOB side. , 10% in other sectors, such as the cooperation with Alibaba Keruyun and the empowerment of entrepreneurial alliances.

Regarding the company’s competitive advantages, Li Yang, founder and CEO of Maile Life, mainly mentioned the following aspects. The first is to upgrade the local consumption experience in an interactive way, and to bring emerging technologies such as Metaverse into local life; the second is to build a unified technology platform and brand IP for single-point small and medium-sized local merchants. Consensus system; third, compared with other large service providers, the organizational structure of Maile enables the company to shorten the decision-making cycle as much as possible and speed up the implementation progress. This is also in line with the upgrading needs of the company’s technology platform, because the company’s underlying technology is non-universal, so it has faster iterations to adapt to changes in the market.

Mai Le Life connects the underlying platform and brand IP to improve the pressure-bearing capacity of small and medium-sized merchants

According to iiMedia Research, the catering industry will still be seriously affected by the epidemic in 2022. The development of pre-made dishes will allow chain brands in the catering industry to reduce the impact of the reduction in dine-in business. In addition, Huachuang Securities analyst Wang Weina analyzed that listed catering brands are relatively strong and have certain bargaining power in terms of rent and supply chain, and their resilience should be better than the industry.

Compared with the influence of chain brands and listed brands, small and medium-sized merchants based on local services have stronger geographical attributes and weaker brand IP influence. The business is highly dependent on the dine-in business, and the cash flow pressure is weak. In the post-epidemic era of the new normal of the epidemic, for local merchants, the uncertainty of passenger flow has become a pressure stone from time to time. This kind of pressure has put forward higher requirements on the pressure-bearing ability, flexible service ability and brand IP influence of local merchants.

The business logic of Mai Le Life is based on local merchants. For the difficulties faced by small and medium-sized merchants, the solution provided by the company is to use the new interaction method of Metaverse to conduct online drainage and empowerment, platform connection and IP linkage.

Li Yang’s understanding of the Metaverse’s empowerment of local life is that the Metaverse’s implementation of local life can make eating, drinking and playing present a new consumption experience, which is more fun. For example, consumers can experience offline VR games during the waiting process, and then they can use the game rewards to obtain consumption coupons, or participate in the store’s marketing activities. The company developed the VR application Mai Le City in January this year. It has been online for two months and is expected to be officially launched in June. As far as the company’s small-scale tests are concerned, the offline conversion rate and online retention rate brought by Metaverse technologies such as VR/AR/MR are both around 50%.

“Mile Life”, which has received millions of financing from angel rounds, provides Metaverse operation solutions for local life

Pulse City

For the Metaverse City Business Alliance, Li Yang not only pays attention to the interactive drainage and private domain accumulation of the Metaverse, but also pays attention to the establishment of business alliances. He explained that because the chain brand has a common brand IP, the C-end conversion effect is very good. The company’s main service targets are local small and medium-sized merchants. In order to enable them to have strong brand pressure under the epidemic, the company’s solution is to build a business alliance that connects single stores. Behind this alliance is a unified set of For marketing and membership systems, a single store can also use the common three-dimensional brand image “Mile Astronaut” as an addition to the original brand IP.

For example, in dozens of alliance brand stores in Handan City, Hebei Province, consumers can use a Myle card and enjoy multiple member discounts and bonus points that can be connected with China Unicom. This alliance is mainly to provide a channel of mutual drainage for individual small and medium-sized merchants, thereby enhancing the pressure-bearing capacity and brand influence of a single store.

For the Metaverse City Business Alliance, the operation logic of Maile Life is to open up the underlying technology on the one hand, and to link the brand IP on the other hand. At present, the city business alliance mainly uses five direct branches in Beijing, Shenzhen, Handan, Dongguan and Shijiazhuang as the main distribution points, and other cities are mainly handed over to other channel providers for expansion. At present, the company has reached cooperation with more than 2,000 local life stores across the country, including catering brands such as Juqi, Xibei, Yixin Roasted Pork and other life service brands such as Zero Point Reasoning Club.

The company’s current management team has extensive experience in catering channel management and Internet operations. The company will also step up the introduction of talents in platform technology and brand operation. For example, a former director of Ogilvy & Mather will officially join the company team in May this year, responsible for TOB’s Metaverse commercial brand marketing business.

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