Microsoft buys Blizzard to get the Metaverse, Nintendo doesn’t care

Why doesn’t Nintendo deploy the Metaverse?

Microsoft buys Blizzard to get the Metaverse, Nintendo doesn't care

Game companies, in the Metaverse, will be high-quality assets for giants to compete for, but Nintendo may have a different view on this.

On January 18, 2022, Microsoft announced that it plans to spend 68.7 billion to acquire the game company Activision Blizzard to prepare sufficient ammunition for its future competition in the Metaverse game field.

After the news came, the market was shocked. After seeing the sky-high purchase price, many netizens sighed with emotion: “Poverty limits my imagination”, “The world of the rich is so unpretentious and boring.”

However, in stark contrast to Microsoft’s aggressive style is Nintendo, which has a considerable position in the game industry. In today’s era when everyone is talking about the Metaverse, this game company, one of the world’s three major console manufacturers, does not seem to be interested in the concept of “Metaverse”. In the face of the layout of various competitors, he took on an attitude of “I will stand still when the wind is blowing.”

Metaverse, giants in action

Since the Internet giant Facebook changed its name to Meta in the second half of 2021, the concept of the Metaverse has been on fire, and it has become a mess.

In the 360th line, there seems to be only the game industry at present, which is the closest to the Metaverse, and it is possible to realize the application scenarios of the Metaverse first.

In order to get the tickets to the Metaverse as soon as possible and enter the beautiful Metaverse, various game manufacturers have started their own layouts.

As early as 2021, Microsoft CEO Nadella once said: “In terms of the concept of the Metaverse, Microsoft players can regard “Last Battle” as a Metaverse, or “Minecraft” and “Flight Sim”. Think of it as a Metaverse. Players can fully expect that Microsoft will make a difference in terms of gaming platforms.”

And Nadella didn’t break his promise at all. Microsoft, who has been in games for 23 years, is now investing so much in the game field, which is enough to show the importance it attaches to the concept of the Metaverse.

After the acquisition is completed, Microsoft will become the world’s third largest game company after Tencent and Sony.It will have at least 30 game development studios and additional e-sports organizational capabilities. And many well-known IPs such as “Diablo”, “Warcraft” and “Call of Duty” will also be included in Microsoft’s bag.

The third in the industry has begun to run wildly in the direction of the Metaverse, and of course the first and second must not be idle.

Also at the beginning of 2022, there was news in the industry that Tencent plans to acquire Black Shark Technology, a gaming mobile phone company. If the acquisition is completed and merged into Tencent’s Black Shark Technology, the future business focus may shift from gaming phones to VR devices.

Before that, Tencent had successively registered multiple trademarks such as “King Metaverse”, “Tianyuan Universe” and “QQ Metaverse”. It seems that the entire company will be “Metaverse”, and all products will be packaged and put into the Metaverse.

Compared with Microsoft and Tencent, Sony seems to be taking bigger steps. At the recent CES show, Sony released its latest VR device: the PS VR2.

Microsoft buys Blizzard to get the Metaverse, Nintendo doesn't care

This VR device introduces a new sensory function: it can simulate the feeling that the character’s pulse is quickening, or the object is close to the character, and the object like the object quickly swept above, or the thrust that the player feels when driving, etc., can also be perfected by the device. simulated.

Through the real sensory experience function of this VR device, the player’s experience in the game will become more realistic, and the game will have a more immersive feeling.

It can be seen that the giants in the game field have already made adequate preparations for the coming Metaverse era.

The booster of stock price, the panacea of ​​hype

Some game makers are making real efforts in the Metaverse; some game makers regard the Metaverse as a panacea, and use the Metaverse as a tool for making money.

In March 2021, Roblox, an American online game creation platform, was listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Because it wrote the concept of the Metaverse into the prospectus for the first time, it was called “the first share of the Metaverse”.

And as the concept of the Metaverse becomes more and more popular, Roblox’s share price has repeatedly hit new highs, making many people envious.

Seeing that the Metaverse bottle of panacea has such a miraculous curative effect, many game makers in the industry began to sit still.

As early as September 2021, Zhongqingbao, a domestic game company, announced to the public that it would develop a game with concepts related to the Metaverse, “Brewer Master”. After the news came, Zhongqingbao’s stock price rose sharply, and its market value quadrupled in more than a month.

At the beginning of 2022, Li Ruijie, chairman of Zhongqingbao, posted this dynamic on Weibo: “I couldn’t help but spoil the H5 version of the Metaverse game “Brewer Master”, and began to approach my requirements. There are 2D, 3D, VR, overseas, Roblos version.”

Microsoft buys Blizzard to get the Metaverse, Nintendo doesn't care

However, judging from the demo video of the H5 version of the game, whether it is picture quality or UI, whether it is gameplay or style, Brewmaster does not look like a Metaverse game that will be released in 2022.

Mr. Li of Zhongqingbao gave this game such high praise. I don’t know if it was because he hadn’t played the game for a long time, or he thought that netizens had not played the game for a long time.

Sure enough, after seeing the demo video of the game, many netizens couldn’t sit still. In the message of President Li of Zhongqingbao on Weibo, there are many negative comments such as “It is obviously a 2D game” and “the game screen with a sense of age”.

Microsoft buys Blizzard to get the Metaverse, Nintendo doesn't care

A Weibo related to the Metaverse game “Brewer Master” became the scene of the “Tucao Conference” because of the indignant negative comments from netizens.

In addition to Zhongqingbao, there are also some domestic game manufacturers who are also hyping their own value by getting involved in the Metaverse field.

In the game industry, companies such as 37 Interactive Entertainment, Chuangmeng Tiandi, Dianhun Network and 4399 all follow the principle of “products are not in motion, trademarks first”, and register trademarks related to the concept of the Metaverse for themselves.

In the Metaverse field, these game companies have not produced any products, but their slogans are loud enough and the momentum is loud enough.

In this way, the Metaverse has indeed become a panacea. No matter who it is, no matter what company it is, you must bring the Metaverse and wipe it on your body.

However, unlike most game makers, Nintendo, which has always been famous in the game industry, lost its voice in the Metaverse this time.

Nintendo: One step away, but no further

In fact, the seemingly unknown Nintendo has been involved in the Metaverse as early as thirty years ago. Only, that time it failed.

In the 1990s, Nintendo, under the leadership of its then-president Yokoi Jun, made every effort to develop a VR device: the Virtual Boy. However, relative to the technology level at the time, Nintendo’s steps were too big.

Problems such as insufficient battery life, insufficient internal space for hardware configuration, and substandard screen rendering appear one after another on this advanced VR device. In the end, Nintendo’s Virtual Boy disappeared after a painful lesson from the market.

Although it was once broken on the Metaverse, many of Nintendo’s products today are very close to the related concepts of the Metaverse. In terms of game peripherals and game content, Nintendo seems to be only one step away from the real Metaverse.

In the “Mario Racing” series of games, in order to allow players to better experience the fun of driving, Nintendo has equipped players with a special somatosensory peripheral steering wheel. In the game “Fitness Ring Adventure”, peripheral somatosensory fitness rings and leggings have become standard in the game, sweating with players.

Microsoft buys Blizzard to get the Metaverse, Nintendo doesn't care

In addition, game shooting guns, fishing rods, tennis rackets, skipping ropes and other items also appear in Nintendo’s peripheral family to help players better participate in the game.

Although there is no high-level VR equipment, but through these strange game peripherals, Nintendo players can still deeply participate in the game as if they were on the scene.

In terms of game content, many of Nintendo’s works also have some shadows of the Metaverse.

In the “Legend of Zelda” series of games, the player plays the protagonist Link, who will enter an open world. In this world, there are no fixed levels and no tasks that must be completed.

As a player, you can hunt wild boars, explore temples, and cook a dark meal. You can even do nothing, just sit on the grass alone and look at the scenery in the distance.

Another game, “Animal Crossing”, is infinitely close to the game form of the Metaverse. In this game, players can build houses, buy and sell items, chat and socialize, and start a business to become rich in accordance with their own ideas.

Microsoft buys Blizzard to get the Metaverse, Nintendo doesn't care

“Animal Crossing” has also developed other functions by players. During the 2020 epidemic, ACAI, the top AI academic conference, once held a seminar in “Animal Crossing Friends Club”, and speakers from all over the world played PPT and gave speeches in this game.

Is this scene almost the same as the so-called “Metaverse meeting” that is popular now?

In this way, Nintendo, which does not follow the trend, has actually been secretly making efforts on the road to the Metaverse.

Is it the future, or is it hype?

Not only Nintendo, but many games today actually have the prototype of the Metaverse concept.

All kinds of online games, because they can set their own character shapes, have a clear world structure, and have a free trading system, can all have a little touch with the Metaverse concept of today’s fire.

In fact, the essence of the Metaverse is a virtual world that is different from the real world. After entering this virtual world, people can play the roles they like and do what they like. In this world, the unhappiness in reality will be completely dissipated, and only the good will remain.

In this way, the Metaverse does not seem to be far from us. A long time ago, we experienced the joys of Metaverse-like concepts in games.

However, why are there so many game companies today making a big fuss about the concept of the Metaverse?

Because, in the Internet age, concepts come first. Those companies in the game industry, in order to increase their stock prices and increase their profits, can’t wait to put all the new concepts on themselves.

Today’s companies, as long as their products are closely related to the Metaverse, must write a lot about their publicity; as long as their business is related to the Metaverse, they must add “Metaverse” to the corporate concept column. words.

For many companies, the Metaverse has become a dish that can be hyped, cooked, and most importantly, hyped.

Many game companies today regard the Metaverse as a code of wealth, and have set up the banner of the Metaverse one after another. They chase the bottom line in product development, but give up the most important things that are fun, fun, and joy. They are running wildly on the road of chasing the wind and hyping the concept, but they forget to look back at the user.

For the game industry, it doesn’t matter what concept you have, it’s fun; for game companies, it doesn’t matter how novel the product is, it’s fun. For the general public, whether it is the Metaverse or the square universe, as long as the game is fun, it is a happy universe.

In this day and age, everything can be hyped. However, the more things fly by hype, the harder they fall when they fall.

We don’t want to see that the concept of the Metaverse that is so hot today will end up being a piece of chicken feathers.

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