Metaverse’s poetry is too far away from the distance, and it’s the most realistic way to sell classes right now.

Selling lessons has become a new business opportunity for Meta Universe

“Meta Universe” is a hot word recently, and related topics have been out of circles. Whether you have known the meta universe before or not, you must have seen or heard more or less news about the meta universe during this period of time, like It is a variety of popular science content on the short video platform, and popular topics such as Facebook’s renamed Meta for Metaverse and Luo Yonghao’s Weibo about Metaverse.

Many companies related to or even connected with Metaverse have also benefited from this metaverse trend, and their stock prices have risen continuously. The fiery enthusiasm of Meta Universe has overwhelmed some members of the public and confused many users who have first known it. This just gives the knowledge payment platform an opportunity to alleviate the anxiety of users.

Recently, I got the App to launch a course called “Frontier Course · Metaverse 6 Lectures”. The platform shows that the number of people who have joined the study has exceeded 40,000. Based on the original price of 29.9 yuan, the revenue of this online course has exceeded 120. ten thousand. At present, the number of paying people for this course is still growing. Comparing with other cutting-edge courses on the platform, it is found that the total number of paying people and the growth rate of paying for “Meta Universe 6 Lectures” at this stage are very eye-catching. Make a good profit. However, this time the “sale anxiety” is not from App founder Luo Zhenyu, but the entire capital market.

Users’ anxiety needs to be relieved by online classes

In the final analysis, the root cause of many users’ anxiety about Metaverse comes from the Metaverse itself. There is no accepted definition of Metaverse. The knowledge system obtained by users after checking information on the Internet is mostly scattered, and different companies and different companies. An individual’s understanding of the meta universe has commonalities and individualities. The commonalities come from the past history of the metaverse and the realistic digital scenes in the future. The individuality is based on the different starting points of each company and individual, the layout of the industry and the perspective of thinking. Differences, ordinary users don’t know who to trust after seeing so many different views.

On short video or Chinese video platforms, there have been a lot of two or three minutes to understand the meta universe videos. Most of these content are simple videos of some network materials. After listening , users can understand and wake up, and after a while I felt as if I didn’t understand anything, and the video content was like a duck’s back in the water. In the end, I was still confused or anxious. Just like popular science knowledge in other fields on the Internet, fragmented information can only relieve users’ temporary anxiety, and cannot allow users to gain any new knowledge fundamentally.

Compared with a meta-universe article of 800 or 900 characters on the Internet and a few minutes of popular science video, online courses can carry more information points, and the course learning by staged interpretation is more linear. Of course, these advantages alone are not enough. Other platforms of the same type can also do it. In order for users to pay for online courses willingly on the App, in addition to amplifying user anxiety, the content needs to be supported by industry leaders.

Amplifying user anxiety has already been done in this part of the market, but what about the other part? Get “meta-universe 6 stresses” the main reason people on Chen Xu, the universe is zero carbon yuan MetaZ think tank founder and former “Masheng Ligong Science and Technology Review” chief adviser Chinese version. The course is divided into six lectures in addition to the publication. The main content is what the metaverse is, the technical logic of the metaverse, and what preparations should be made for individuals and society to realize the metaverse.

Paying for knowledge from the perspective of industry leaders far surpasses fragmented network knowledge in terms of influence and authority. Judging from the comment area of ​​the course, users’ evaluation of “Metaverse 6 Lectures” is quite high, with a score of 4.6 points (out of 5 points), but different voices also appeared in the comment area, such as “The technology is not mature yet. The content is not mature, so let’s start the class slowly. It’s not that the lecturer can’t work, but the content is a bit urgent.”

In fact, it may not be the courses that are really anxious, but the users who are eager to learn about Metaverse. When searching for Metaverse on a shopping platform, the data showed that the monthly sales volume of some Metaverse books was 1000+, and the sales volume was already higher than that of some Java programming books. Tianhu Education (a subsidiary of Kaiyuan Education, an A-share listed company), which originally mainly offered design courses , also offers meta-universe courses and stated that “Meta-universe series of courses are independently developed by the company.”

Metaverse’s poetry is too far away from the distance, and it’s the most realistic way to sell classes right now.

In addition, on some private domain traffic platforms, there are businesses selling courses called “Meta Universe First Lesson “. Judging from the screenshots exposed on the Internet, the business’s single-day income exceeds 90,000 yuan and the cumulative income is over 90,000 yuan. Nearly 1.6 million, the ability to attract gold is no worse than getting it.

Metaverse’s poetry is too far away from the distance, and it’s the most realistic way to sell classes right now.

There are many similar meta-universe courses in the market. What is worth thinking about is that the courses on the App are at least assisted by industry experts. What about courses on other platforms? What is the faculty of the platform and where do the main teaching materials come from? Many platforms may just want to cut a wave of leeks while the meta universe is still in the “hazy” period.

Because some platforms or small sellers know that the definition of metauniverse has not really formed yet. From what, why to how to do it, looking at the future metauniverse from the current perspective, many of the views must have limitations. Sexual. But most users just want to keep up with the trend, expand their knowledge, and pay to buy a piece of comfort.

However, compared to other platforms, among the topics related to the meta-universe course, the “Meta-Universe 6 Lectures” that got the App is more popular on the Internet, which may also prove from the side that at least the platform is successful in selling courses. of. In fact, from the perspective of platform development, getting a course to quickly follow up on the meta-universe is the need for platform development, but also the need for breaking the circle.

Need meta-universe

As the main player in the field of domestic knowledge payment , it is still relatively small compared with players such as Zhihu and Himalaya . Judging from the monthly activity data, Zhihu and Himalaya both exceeded 100 million monthly activities, and the monthly activity obtained was still at the million level. The prospectus showed that the time was as of March 31, 2020, and the monthly activity obtained for the App was 3.5 million.

The reason why the monthly activity of the platform is not high may be related to the attributes of the platform. The content in the App is mainly paid, and the community attribute of Zhihu is stronger, and most functions do not need to open a paid member.

According to the number of prospectuses obtained from the main thinking creation of App operation , the company’s main revenue comes from the online knowledge service business, but the number of new registered users and paying users from 2018 to 2020 has declined, and the number of new paying users They were 1,649,100, 911,100 and 826,100 respectively. The number of users obtained is not large in itself, and the decrease of new users may affect the healthy development of the entire platform. With the domestic knowledge payment market becoming more mature, the expansion of the overall scale of the industry provides opportunities for further expansion of the industry. , IiMedia Consulting’s report shows that in 2021, the scale of the domestic payment for knowledge market will reach 67.5 billion, and it is necessary to seize the new market demand to promote the sustainable development of the platform.

Metaverse’s poetry is too far away from the distance, and it’s the most realistic way to sell classes right now.

Secondly, the courses obtained have the characteristics of a certain single “burst point”, that is, a certain fire course can bring more revenue to the platform, and it can also break the circle for getting. For example, Xue Zhaofeng’s economics course is very capable of attracting money. During 2017 and 2018, he earned nearly 30 million yuan. In 2017, it accounted for 4.27% of the total purchases of the thinking and creation company. The current learning user of “Xue Zhaofeng’s Economics Class” More than 550,000, calculated at the original price of 249 yuan, has brought more than 100 million yuan in income. During the period, Xue Zhaofeng also appeared on several variety shows, invisibly promoted the app.

The combination of these factors also shows that getting more and more popular courses is needed. A popular course can create huge value for getting at the economic and market level. Therefore, we will see that many popular courses that get gotten are made by all walks of life. From the big coffee in various industries. In the field of knowledge payment, the popularity of Metaverse has undoubtedly given many industry players the opportunity to expand their business. For example, some small-scale private domain traffic platforms mentioned in the previous article have met market demand and quickly entered the cake.

The arrival of the meta-universe is also an opportunity to continue breaking the circle, at least from the perspective of curriculum arrangements and teachers, the received meta-universe courses are still guaranteed. In the long run, with the continued popularity of the meta-universe concept, the course may continue to be popular for a period of time to get the future or other meta-universe courses will be launched to attract more users to the platform.

It is worth noting that the development of the mobile Internet has allowed many new concepts to spread very quickly. Some concepts that were hot at the time were sought after by speculators. However, after the heat receded, it was the companies that were usually silent to promote the development of the industry. For example, the previous blockchain. As a knowledge payment platform, what you need is to rely on your own industry influence to develop more and more valuable meta universe content, such as many parts of the meta universe industry chain that are worthy of being a course. Chasing hot spots is only for a while. Only when it settles can we develop more socially influential courses. For knowledge-paid platforms, isn’t the core competitiveness just the content? The cutting-edge course series is to get the differentiation of the platform. In the final analysis, the business model obtained depends on the differentiation of the content. Only if the infrastructure is built well enough, the future industry upper limit of the platform will be higher.

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