Metaverse (Wuyi Mountain) Tourism Star Chain Project is about to start: opening a new model of “digital economy + smart tourism”

China’s first tourist city Metaverse, China’s first tourist city digital collection platform, the first batch of world cultural and natural heritage digital collections, China’s first tourist city digital identity, China’s first tourist city blockchain social platform, etc. Officially launched on January 11. In the evening, all relevant parties will hold a grand launch ceremony for the launch of the Metaverse (Wuyi Mountain) Tourism Star Chain Plan and the launch of the “Lian Shang Wuyi” digital collection platform at the China Wuyi Tea Expo Park in Wuyishan City, and will release relevant content to open the “Digital Collection of Wuyi Mountain”. “Economy + Smart Tourism” new model.

At present, Wuyishan City is making every effort to promote the innovation and improvement of the tourism industry, and promote the transformation from landscape sightseeing to leisure and vacation travel, from scenic tourism to all-for-one tourism, and from the combination of tea and tourism to the comprehensive integration of culture, tourism and tea, and strives to build a world-class cultural heritage. Tourist attractions and resorts. The development of the digital economy and the improvement of smart tourism are important contents and powerful drivers. The launch of these projects is significant and far-reaching.

The Metaverse (Wuyi Mountain) Tourism Star Chain Project will help Wuyi Mountain to realize the leap from the offline stock market to the online incremental market. The project is supported by Entropy Chain Technology, the chairman of the Fujian Blockchain Association, to create the first national The tourism city digital collection platform has created a new digital tourism business model. Create an e-commerce platform that integrates Wuyi rock tea, Wuyi cultural and creative products, etc., which can drive the development of Wuyi’s characteristic and enriching industries, build a new digital Wuyi platform economy model, and realize “food, accommodation, travel, entertainment and shopping” in the Wuyi Metaverse, from “a trip” “To “live in it every day”, which brings great economic benefits. Combining digital collections and the Metaverse, Wuyi Mountain will create a new model of digital Wuyi cultural tourism, create a new model of “digital economy + smart tourism”, and play an exemplary role in the construction of the digital economy, allowing the world to experience the beauty of Wuyi Mountain’s natural and humanistic beauty. , the beauty of thought, and maximize the value of Wuyi Mountain’s “Nature + Culture” world double heritage.

On the night of the event, 510 drones will also present a wonderful performance of “painting Wuyi in the air”, which will further vividly interpret Wuyi Mountain’s embrace of digital economy, smart tourism, and the pride of the cosmos, so that cultural tourism + technology will collide again!

It is understood that this event aims to promote the integration of cultural casting and cultural tourism, play the role of cultural empowerment, improve the level of scientific and technological support for cultural and tourism development, and strive to achieve innovative development. At the same time, in order to combine with the “14th Five-Year” digital Fujian special plan of Fujian Province, it clearly supports the blockchain, Wuyishan “cloud consumption”, and the demonstration spirit of Wuyi rock tea digital application, and promotes blockchain technology to empower Wuyishan’s intelligent innovation and development.

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