“Metaverse” will profoundly affect the future of financial enterprises

Communicate with a company specializing in blockchain technology services at the beginning of this year. When talking about the development trend of the currency circle, the boss of the company believes that the currency circle may evolve into a financial service system that is completely different from the current financial format and can operate independently in a closed loop.

At the beginning, I didn’t take the other party’s point of view too seriously, but the recent emergence of the concept of meta-universe made me realize that his idea is likely to become a reality. It is necessary to break the original inertial thinking, upgrade the cognitive system, and rethink finance. The future of the enterprise.

Mankind has produced a new common imagination

Human beings have always collected external signals through the senses of vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch of the body, and then sent them to the brain for calculation and processing to form instruction signals, which are then handed over to our bodies to execute them. In this way, we can realize the connection and interaction with the real world, influence this world, and be influenced by this world.

With the advent of the digital age of the Internet, the human brain can experience and control the virtual world on the Internet. With the continuous breakthrough and upgrading of information technology, human experience of this virtual world has become more and more real, and the sense of manipulation has become stronger and stronger.

In the future, brain-computer interface technology will gradually mature, and the human brain will be able to directly interact with the virtual digital world. The experience it brings to us may not be inferior to our current experience in the real world. This means that humans have the opportunity to experience life activities in another cosmic space composed of numbers.

Therefore, people have more imagination about the future of the space. In order to facilitate thinking and discussion, it is gradually determined that an expression symbol called “meta universe” has been formed. As long as the symbol is mentioned, everyone knows what is being said, and there is a general common understanding.

A colleague bought and read a newly published book on Metaverse. Introduce us to the preface written in the front of this book is particularly good, but only the recommendation preface written by the experts in the front has something else, and the content in the latter book is basically a hodgepodge.

I also found the book and looked through it, and found that the content of the book was indeed lackluster. If you think about it, you can also understand that for a brand new concept that just came up, everything is only in chaos. Only when more information is obtained in the exploration process of creative practice in the future can there be truly good books.

Based on the extended imagination of the existing network virtual world, people feel the existence of the meta-universe. When human beings migrate into the meta-universe, build and live here, the meta-universe will continue to evolve and change accordingly. Its future looks may be completely beyond our current imagination.

The meta universe has not yet formed an authoritative definition, which shows that everyone has maintained a very open attitude towards the evolution of the concept. The generally accepted explanation is: a virtual digital world with enhanced immersive experience based on technologies such as 5G, VR, blockchain, and artificial intelligence.

You can imagine the meta universe as another living space, where you can also live, study, work, play, and even thrive. You have a “clone” in the meta universe, that is, you in a virtual digital world. The “clone” and you in the real world form a complete you.

The experience of virtual social networking, shopping, gaming, and learning built by current Internet companies is still far from the meta-universe vision requirements. But these are the basis for the future development of the meta-universe. Starting from this, a prosperous meta-universe is not far away from us.

In the meta universe, each resident has an independent identity, has his own circle and friendship, and has a strong immersion and low-latency experience. It claims to have freedom and diversity beyond reality, and has its own economic system. Residents formed communities, built cities, and jointly constructed social rules in it, and evolved another civilized society.

Products and services involving games, artworks, entertainment, real estate, finance and other fields have appeared in the current meta-universe ecology. Among them, the financial field has been initially constructed based on blockchain technology. With Bitcoin as the representative of the native digital currency had become the climate, NFT (non-homogeneity tokens) to become this year’s hot market of the art, supporting DeFi (decentralized financial) services increasingly active.

Provides a broad opportunity for the younger generation

The younger generation is facing an increasingly fierce competitive environment. The real world has gradually returned from a period of vigorous development of opportunities everywhere to a period of steady duration. The low-hanging fruits have basically been picked clean, and the rest of the beautiful fruits are all on the heights of the tree. If you want to get it, you have to make more efforts.

Some young people continue to walk on the path pioneered by their predecessors, and their achievements are hard to compare with their predecessors. This has given birth to some young people who “lie down” and give up hard work. Some young people change their direction and look for new fruit trees in order to find new low-hanging fruits.

The Internet has given birth to many emerging industries, and e-sports games are one of them. The number of spectators in an e-sports final can actually exceed the number of spectators in the Football World Cup. A new idol legend was born here. There are also a lot of similar opportunities in the meta-universe.

The experience and qualifications that the elders once had here will become irrelevant, and may even be a burden. The younger generation has been active in cyberspace since they were young, and will naturally have a deeper understanding of the metaverse. The meta universe will be their home ground of life.

Young people finally don’t have to sneer on others, since then they can show their fists and kicks. Relying on the young and natural advantages of curiosity, courage, imagination and energy, in the process of building a new home for the metaverse, he has established achievements that surpass his predecessors.

During the great voyage, some Europeans chose to travel across oceans to reach the new continent of America, looking for new development opportunities. This has brought about a large-scale exchange of species and cultures, and has promoted the prosperity of the global economy. Many pioneers have also turned over and achieved extraordinary achievements.

The meta universe is today’s new continent, and it may bring the same effect. If you want to enter the meta-universe, you don’t need to venture across the oceans, but you must be brave enough to face the criticisms of people around you, step out of the current comfort zone, and devote your brain’s attention to the related activities of the meta-universe.

The younger generation now pursues more spiritual satisfaction, pays more attention to personal feelings, and cherishes the meaning of life more. They not only pay attention to practical values ​​such as skills and experience, but also cherish the connotative values ​​such as emotions and goodwill, and emphasize social values ​​such as credit, connections, and dedication.

Many of their behaviors have changed as a result. For example, some people will spend a lot of money to buy NFT digital avatars. Buyers want to use this to show their unique status and also reflect their identity with virtual items and the cultural value behind them.

This part of the group has unusual obsessions. They act based on their own unique value judgments and codes of conduct, and don’t care about the opinions of others. If we simply deny this with an exclusive mentality, it will hinder our deeper thinking and insight.

The strategy of “let the bullets fly for a while” adopted in reform and opening up should be considered. As long as it does little harm to the society as a whole, there is no rush to interfere. Let time prove everything, so as to discover new laws and avoid missing beautiful new things. We must believe that the market will eventually give the correct judgment and choice.

The future described by the meta universe is in line with the pursuit of the younger generation. The tremendous pressure of survival from the real world has given young people a strong motivation to turn around and devote themselves to the construction and life of the meta-universe. I believe that more and more young people will choose to migrate to the meta universe.

As an elder, one should keep pace with the times and realize the value and attractiveness of the meta universe to young people. In the future, if you see a young man surfing the Internet for a long time, maybe he is not just for fun, but as a resident in the meta-universe, participating in the creation of a new civilization.

We should support them in their attempts with an open and inclusive attitude. Young people have the right to make their own choices without affecting others. Even if he does not achieve his ideal achievements in the future, I believe that in the process of his efforts, he can also gain valuable life experience.

Responding to the challenges brought by the meta universe

In the future, people will live in two worlds, the real universe and the meta universe. The needs of the real world are only part of the total needs of people. People’s value pursuit and consumption habits in the metaverse will affect their performance and choices in the real world.

If a company only does business in the real world, it is unlikely to understand the new concepts formed by customers in the metaverse, and it is impossible to grasp the nature of customer needs, and cannot produce the products and services that customers expect. Such a company will inevitably be abandoned by customers and cannot survive.

Companies operating in Metaverse will have the opportunity to master user activity data in Metaverse, based on which they can analyze and insight into their new value pursuits and consumption willingness, and create products and services that can accompany customers’ growth in Metaverse, and even Form a new business model.

With this, it is possible to carry out a dimensionality reduction attack on companies that only serve the real world, thus taking all-in-one in both universes. All this happened during the development of the Internet. Internet giants such as Alibaba and Tencent have brought subversive impact to traditional offline companies in a similar way.

The meta-universe emphasizes the decentralized social construction thought, advocates “sharing, co-construction, and co-governance”, and provides its citizens with an immersive and open and free experience. This is quite different from the real world environment, and it is a huge challenge for traditional enterprises.

Real-world corporate services, especially financial services, basically adopt a centralized model, relying on centralized management and control. This conflicts with many low-level concepts advocated by the current meta-universe. Obviously, simply copying real-world business models into the meta-universe cannot be successful.

If an enterprise wants to enter the meta-universe to carry out commercial activities, it must act in a manner acceptable to the meta-universe. To doubt and break the solid beliefs formed in the past, be curious about everything in the meta-universe, and learn to master the laws of operation in the meta-universe.

The many participants in the meta-universe constitute an ecology, which will continue to evolve and develop. Everyone is not fighting for the gains and losses at the moment, but to live longer than anyone else. Just like in nature, different creatures occupy their own ecological niches in order to survive and pass on from generation to generation.

Companies must find their own niche in the meta-universe based on their actual conditions. Make your own contribution in the ecology, and also get support services from the ecology. We must actively seek cooperation in the meta-universe, form a community of interests, rely on the power of the group, and cooperate for a win-win situation.

In the activities of Metaverse construction, efforts should be made to give full play to the unique technical advantages of the enterprise and integrate other resources in the ecology for our use. You must have a sense of awe, must not be greedy for everything, and avoid consuming resources in areas that are not your own advantages.

The meta-universe, which is still in the early stages of development, faces great uncertainty. Just like the period of a species explosion, various species will emerge. Most of them will be eliminated in the next competition. When a company enters it, the first thing to consider is to survive.

We should seek breakthroughs locally, establish a foundation for survival, and gradually expand the scope of exploration to strive for a better living environment. Only by integrating into the ecology and becoming a part of the jointly constructed meta-universe can there be a bright future.

As the economic support of Metaverse, the currency circle must have vigorous vitality. Understand this point, you can understand why some governments continue to increase the supervision of virtual currencies, but the momentum of innovation and development of the currency circle has become more and more rapid.

The future financial innovation will inevitably involve the economic system in the meta universe, and the topic of the currency circle will not be circumvented. Financial companies should take the initiative to study this and think about the role they will play in the future. When you can take action, you must be careful not to touch the regulatory red line.

In the real world, the few large companies with strong technological advantages and capital blessings have the desire and conditions to control the development and operation of the meta universe. Although the meta universe will correct this through its own powerful group power, it is likely to have caused huge damage.

On the other hand, when people accept the new civilization in the meta-universe, new ideas and concepts will be produced. This in turn will affect our judgments in the real world, and may have an impact on the operating rules of the real world. If it is benefited by a few people, it is likely to cause harm to the real society.

The meta-universe cannot exist completely in isolation from the real world. It is believed that the government will not allow the above risks to be ignored, and will inevitably make all-round regulatory requirements for them, and the regulatory system will gradually be constructed and improved. In the current situation where the relevant laws and regulations are not sound, the innovation and development of enterprises must uphold the principle of “science and technology for good”.

The meta universe as we know it now is a bit like the ocean seen on the shore. The mysterious and unpredictable power that it exhibits and devours everything makes us fearful and full of curiosity. There are endless treasures here, as well as stormy waves, which test our courage and wisdom, and beckon us to explore a new chapter that portrays the future.

"Metaverse" will profoundly affect the future of financial enterprises

Author|Su Wenli

Assistant to the President of Sunshine Insurance Group, a financial technology expert, a columnist who understands economics

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