Metaverse will not be a “dark universe” Compliance ecology is the first element

In 2014, Meta (formerly Facebook) acquired headset manufacturer Oculus for US$2 billion. At that time, there was speculation that Meta was preparing to seize the virtual technology market and paying for the future. From the perspective of Facebook’s official name change to Meta last week, its purpose is self-evident. Under the new “Meta” umbrella, existing services such as Facebook and Whatsapp will retain their existing brands, while Facebook’s virtual reality helmet company Oculus will re-establish its brand in 2022.

On October 28th, US time, at the annual conference of Facebook Connect, Oculus Chief Technology Officer John Carmack said in a keynote speech that Meta will not be fully open to the encrypted world. He said that NFT and cryptocurrency will inevitably play a role in the meta-universe, so Meta will support cryptocurrency transactions, but it may not be a completely open crypto-friendly platform. Although he personally likes that cryptocurrency can realize unimpeded cash transfers around the world, he is also plagued by a large number of scams and spam.

Metaverse will not be a "dark universe" Compliance ecology is the first element

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When Zuckerberg announced that Facebook was building a meta-universe development, it immediately attracted the attention of the world, especially the crypto world. Because in the process of constructing the metaverse, virtual currency and NFT are unanimously regarded as indispensable and important components.

But John Carmack’s speech made it clear that Meta will not go to the “dark universe.” Now mainstream digital tokens have been incorporated in the West, and most digital asset exchanges are regulated by international organizations. Non-compliant digital tokens can only go to the dark web. Even in the West, where digital tokens are accepted, a distinction is made between compliant digital tokens and non-compliant digital tokens. Meta’s direction is very clear. Meta universe will not welcome non-compliant digital tokens with high financial risks and many frauds.

On October 14, 2021, we released the “NFR White Paper”. We propose: “Meta universe should be an open meta universe, a bright, open, and trustworthy world, not a dark universe, let alone a deceitful paradise. If the meta universe wants to develop for a long time, compliance is still the number one priority. Essentials.” Judging from John Carmack’s speech, Meta Co. coincides with our idea, that is, Meta Universe is not a “dark universe” and a compliant ecological environment is the first element. Just as the Internet is not a place outside the law, NFT and NFR are not a place outside the law, and the meta universe is not a place outside the law. (Article source: Baijiahao-Interlink Network Expert Professor Cai Weide)

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