Metaverse Web 3.0 staged a snatch battle and pushed one person to send 5 iPhones

Introduce 5 I Phones for Success Award , “Not to send mobile phones, but to let you collect all colors”!

Apply for reimbursement of round-trip air tickets and five-star hotel accommodation expenses!

These astonishing recruitment conditions have appeared in the job advertisements for Metaverse-related positions, and the battle between giants and startups has been heating up!

And this is just the tip of the iceberg in the battle!

Metaverse web3.0, is changing from future tense to ongoing tense! The great migration of Internet talents has begun. Yesterday, an article “Web3 Revolution: Escape, Faith, and Great Migration” was forwarded in full swing by the Internet circle. The main idea is that Web3.0 is becoming the future of the Internet that young people believe in, and Internet elites and young people from big factories are running towards Web3. 0, and capital is also pulling full steam to staking the field.

Start-ups and big factories face each other head-to-head in the war for talent. Today, the author heard that there are internal push posters of startup companies in the circle. 5 IPhone 13 Pro Max or equivalent bonuses will be awarded for the success of the promotion, and the applicants will be reimbursed for round-trip air tickets and five-star hotel accommodation expenses. Absolute sincerity full marks, pride full marks! This internal recruiting poster is from the only art of the head enterprise of the digital art e-commerce platform. According to the poster, the recruited position is developed by Metaverse U3D.


According to the information provided by my friends in the human resources circle, the current competition for talents related to Metaverse Web3.0 has entered a fierce battle. The big factories are gearing up, and the start-up enterprises have also attacked with heavy blows. And the only art above is one of them.

The only domestic well-known digital art e-commerce platform head enterprise in the art department was established in May 2021, and received 10 million yuan in angel round and tens of millions of yuan in A round investment in September 2021 and April 2022 respectively. One of the few digital art e-commerce platforms in China that is invested by state-owned capital and has relatively complete business-related qualifications in the industry. He is a rookie entrepreneur emerging from the wave of Metaverse web3.0.

Can China overtake in this wave of Web3.0?

The end of the universe is not necessarily the Metaverse, but the end of Web2.0 is Web3.0. It seems that it has become the consensus of entrepreneurs, capital and young people! For traditional Internet and startup companies, how to attract and retain talents will become an important issue for enterprises!

Right now, the 2022 Metaverse Web 3.0 battle for talent is heating up as soon as it starts, which shows that companies attach great importance to talents. Whether this can promote China to stand at the forefront of the Internet wave of Metaverse Web3.0, there is suspense and hope!

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