Metaverse Walkthrough Guide: Open and Dark Lines

Summary of the situation

This is my keynote speech at the 7th Blockchain Global Summit. Roughly corrected the inaccurate or even stubborn oral expression mistakes, and you will be able to see it with PPT screenshots. (In fact, there are some easter eggs in the PPT. There is no show on site. Please enjoy yourself if you find out.)


Put forward the light and dark line observation perspective of “coded” and “materialized”, qualitatively established the development coordinate system of coded and materialized, and tried to use these two tools to observe a short period of future, and finally made it based on this Some irresponsible judgments-some of them may not be very friendly to the majority of Metaverse lovers.

The main purpose of the message is to fill the water tanks of new and old drivers with cold water, and then add some fuel to everyone’s fuel tanks. After all, they have to run long distances.

Speech content

Hello everyone!

I am definitely not here to hit the scene, but I do want to express some personal opinions.

First, I would like to share with you a book that has a great influence on me: “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. Many people have read this book, and it has a great influence on Western modern memes.

Metaverse Walkthrough Guide: Open and Dark Lines

“The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” was born in 1978. What age is that? It was Armstrong who just landed on the moon in 1969. It was the United States that began the exploration of Mars and Venus. The entire Western world was discussing going to space and was rejoicing. In this context, in 1978, the BBC aired a far-reaching radio drama “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.

It tells a story that a man on earth was taken by an alien to roam the Milky Way galaxy for some absurd reason. The bright line is his exploration in the galaxy, experiencing all kinds of absurd, interesting and wonderful events. At the same time, there is a dark line, in the form of asking the “ultimate answer of the universe”, caring for the future of mankind.

Against this background, the theme of my speech today is: “Disenchantment and Trek: A Guide to the Metaverse Wandering”.

Metaverse Walkthrough Guide: Open and Dark Lines

Consistent with the framework of the book “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, there are also two lines on the way to the Metaverse, an open line and a dark line.

Open wire, I call it “coded”.

The previous guests mentioned many terms such as digitization, virtualization, and bitization, so why should I talk about coding? Because code is executable, executable is a very important feature. I regard coding as an open line, including the gradual virtualization of the physical world, society, economy, politics, and culture. This process is presented in the bright place. You will see one product after another, one attempt after another, all appearing in the world in the form of concrete products. I refer to them collectively as Codeverse .

Codeverse/Codeverse is one of the sides of Metaverse, or step stone.

As the area covered by the coding gradually becomes wider and deeper, the Codeverse becomes more ” livable “, and at this time people begin to “live” in the code world . This process has been happening for a long time. Since the beginning of the digital world, people have been trying all kinds of sojourn. Entering a game and then exiting, does it seem like traveling, adventurous, and playing? Going to other people’s circle of friends and taking a look, and then quitting, in fact, I also took a tour of the code world.

The dark line is “materialization.”

In the code world, there are countless “code objects”, covering a wide range, ranging from objects, encrypted artworks, and game props to as large as a society and a world. Humans’ dependence on life and personality on code objects has been gradually increasing, until “I leave it, my life is affected, my personality is affected when I leave it, and my life can’t even be complete and unsustainable without it.” This process is “Materialize”.

This thing is not happening now, since human beings began, this kind of dependence has happened, such as dependence on literary works and dependence on artworks. But with the development of the times, especially the development of information technology, the matter of code dependence has embarked on the main stage.

Emotions will be coded, relationships may be coded, the world, economy, politics, culture… At the cognitive level, everyone will feel that they are becoming more and more real, which can be said to be “believe it as true” or even “rely for a living.” , We refer to these collectively as “materialization”.

In the industry, we rarely discuss this dark line. Although we have some feelings as users, as practitioners, we have not analyzed how this line goes from a systematic perspective. We are paying attention to coding, seeing a lot of projects appearing, seeing that the code world has been improving, and seeing the fusion of code and the physical world taking place. But human psychology is changing, society is changing, and social psychology is changing. In my opinion, this dark line is the more important industrial context.

In the process of crossover between coding and materialization, if one day, materialization reaches a certain level, human beings will begin to migrate, not sojourning . Sojourn means: I went in, I came out, I was affected by something, I got something, and then I left. And migration, I live there, I live there, I want to contact there, I want to dive into the water .

Metaverse Walkthrough Guide: Open and Dark Lines

Next, let’s look at this coordinate system, which I call the ” cone of coding “. The vertical axis represents the degree of coding of the sensory and mental space, and it is usually referred to as virtualization. The horizontal axis is the degree of human cognition of code objects. The “cone of coding”, like the cone of light brought about by the Big Bang, also has an origin, which I call “the generation of symbols.” This point will not start. In short, I think that human civilization has produced symbols and has begun to walk into this cone of history.

Metaverse Walkthrough Guide: Open and Dark Lines

The space above the light cone is the history of virtualization and coding. We can see that drama is a fictitious life, using language symbols, text symbols, and body language symbols; film and television are a deeper fictitious world; later there are video games, and humans are constantly living in different game worlds. , It may be an hour, it may be half an hour, it may be five minutes; by now, we have begun to build a digital twin. The coding of the digital world to the physical world is progressing very deeply, and the index is already relatively high. In the future, there will be a very real virtual world, when the bit world and the physical world will be very deeply integrated.

Take a look at the space below the light cone on the horizontal axis, let’s compare it. From an artistic point of view, there is a category of artwork called “immersive drama”. What does it mean? The audience is in the drama, or a familiar example, the script kills. Recently, there have been some very dark news about script killing. Some players who played script killing repeatedly played, resulting in extreme immersion in the world constructed by script killing, and finally got mental problems. This is very similar to the fact that the actor is too deep to be able to play, but the player is not a professional actor, and “immersive drama” has broken away from the original professional field and entered the mass field. This shows what changes have taken place in society? The degree of materialization has changed.

Looking at artworks, there have been artworks since civilization. Artworks continue to evolve at the intersection of materialization and virtualization . Let’s look at currency again. Currency is of great significance to people. From the beginning, it was a typical phenomenon of virtualizing and coding the world. (I was originally going to talk about the inevitable logic of the combination of BlockChain/NFT and the art circle. I forgot to talk about it at the scene.)

Now, where is the social network? The degree of virtualization of social networks is actually not very high. Is the level of substantiveness of social networks really high? If you take your mobile phones offline today and are not allowed to connect to social networks for three days, will your survival be a problem? Will the spirit go wrong? Probably not, so we may have over-imagined the substantive influence of social networks on us .

We are all thinking about Metaverse, but to what extent should Metaverse be considered to be formed? My point of view is that its degree of virtualization is very high, and it is far from reaching. At the same time, its substantive degree is also very high. Its impact on you is that you “rely on for a living”, “make a living” or “find the meaning of survival.” Therefore, the first step is to have a virtual society ; the second step is to have a virtual economic system ; the third step is to develop a virtual political system . I don’t know what it is. It may be very utopian, it may be very chaotic. , It may be anarchistic, and I don’t know; it will eventually develop a unique virtual cultural system .

On top of this, we think that Metaverse has a rudimentary form. This is the ” new human world ” in my imagination .

Metaverse Walkthrough Guide: Open and Dark Lines

Friends who have read the Metaverse related texts I wrote may know that I personally don’t like the word “metaverse” very much. I think it is misleading from the translation to the connotation, so I will use the term Metaverse more in the future.

In addition, people who have read my previous text may also know that the extreme world I envision is a neuron network and neuron space.

When everyone can’t distinguish between reality and reality, mankind will face the greatest challenge.

Take a look at this picture again. We are here (social network), and the next step is here ( code universe ).

Metaverse Walkthrough Guide: Open and Dark Lines

I am talking about “Metaverse Guide” today, I hope to take out this road book, through it, know where we are, I hope to know how far the world has changed.

I think we are very, very far away from Metaverse.

Please also look at my coordinate system. It is not a uniform coordinate, but a non-linear coordinate.

With this kind of thinking, I will share more specific views:

First, from symbolic to coded, human civilization is progressing in a cone of evolution.

Second, art and currency are born at the intersection of coding and materialization.

Third, video games are far less substantive than human intuition. We always think about the impact of video games on people, but we just go to “sojourn”. All video games are just “attractions”, and we leave when we enter, without letting us really stay.

Fourth, the degree of virtualization and materialization of script killing is higher than our intuition. I don’t know how many people here have played it, maybe they haven’t played it, but don’t deny it, it does have a great impact on the spiritual level.

Fifth, the degree of virtualization of social networks is very low, but the degree of materiality is high.

Sixth, Metaverse is still just the seeds of some concepts. It is still very early . It is like thinking about “roaming the universe” without grasping the ability to escape from the low speed of the universe.

This page is my judgment on the current degree of coding and actualization.

Metaverse Walkthrough Guide: Open and Dark Lines

Where are we? In terms of coding, do you really feel that you are not far from Metaverse? My point of view is that even 1% is overhanging, because we really haven’t mastered the rocket engine, or even the complete Newtonian mechanics. How do we get out of gravity? So the key point is that we still need a lot of algorithms, tools, engines, software and hardware equipment, these are possible to code.

And to what extent have we materialized? How high is the dependence on the digital world and the code world? In my opinion, it is still very low.

On this page, I will try to give an explanation from Metaverse 1.0 to Metaverse 5.0.

Metaverse Walkthrough Guide: Open and Dark Lines

The first step, Metaverse 1.0, realizes the primary code society . No matter what kind of organization the primary code society uses, there must be this thing from the perspective of the path. If not, don’t talk about Metaverse, people can’t install it.

The second step, Metaverse 2.0. After people are installed into the code society, a virtual economic system will surely be produced . What will the virtual economy system develop into? For example, we can put forward the possibility that if the scarcity of goods is not the economic basis under the system of energy plus AI, if the economist’s hypothesis does not hold in this case, will the original economic theory still take effect? ? I have no idea. From the point of view of emergence theory, from the point of view of complex systems, a new economic system may emerge.

The third step, Metaverse 3.0. When the virtual society continues to evolve, it must face the proposal of a political solution, because people may not be economic animals, but people are definitely political animals, and the group will definitely produce a virtual political solution , otherwise it will only be chaos.

The fourth step, Metaverse 4.0. With the development of brain neuroscience , a network of neurons will be built, and life, survival, and human beings are completely different at this time.

The fifth step, Metaverse 5.0. At this stage, human beings should evolve a new civilization , solving the ultimate problems of consciousness, self, and the meaning of existence. I don’t know if humans have any hope of migrating to this stage. If so, I would call it the ” New Anthropocene “-to borrow geological terms.

In my own judgment, it will probably take us 10 years to go from Metaverse 1.0 to 2.0. This may be far from our current imagination. It may take 30 to 50 years to achieve Metaverse 4.0. But I don’t know if we have a chance to go to Metaverse 5.0.

After filling the cold water, I will come on and contribute a little suggestion: How to choose the direction of Metaverse entrepreneurship?

Metaverse Walkthrough Guide: Open and Dark Lines

First, in the direction of coding, it is technological entrepreneurship. Don’t think too much, don’t think about making products. There are a lot of problems that can be done on the road of virtualization and coding. If you disassemble them into smaller parts, you can make them today. A certain nozzle of the rocket engine has to solve many problems, and it is enough to make it, and a plan must be made.

Secondly, from a substantive point of view, don’t think about technology. You can make products and solve problems honestly. Don’t use immature technology or future technology. In the process of substantive change, there is a great opportunity for products, because “substantialization” means that people’s psychology is changing, which is something in the sociological sense.

Third, if you want to do both coding and materialization, then you are a “fantasy engineer”. “Imagineering” is Disney’s term that I particularly like, using engineering to create fantasy. You have to solve code problems and product problems. This is an extremely difficult engineering problem. It is of course very exciting, but the probability of failure is also very high.

Metaverse Walkthrough Guide: Open and Dark Lines

Finally, I use this picture to end my sharing. This is a cartoon statue of Magritte’s famous oil painting “The Son of Man”. All we can see is the apple in front of us. But even the apple in front of you is of great significance-what is an apple? It is what allows life to survive. Sometimes, in addition to looking far away , we have to look closer and do what we can.

thank you all!

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