Metaverse value index continues to rise

DeFi data

1. DeFi total market value: 72.263 billion US dollars


Source of top ten currency ranking data by market value DeFibox

DeFi total market value data source: Coingecko

2. Transaction volume on decentralized exchanges in the past 24 hours: 3.67 billion USD


Source of transaction volume data on decentralized exchanges in the past 24 hours: Debank

Top 10 DEX by trading volume Source: DeFibox

3. The total amount of loans lending platform DeFi: 232.9 Yi Meiyuan


Data source of total borrowings on DeFi lending platform: Debank

Ranking of the top ten lending platforms in terms of lock-up volume. Source: DeFibox

4. Assets locked in DeFi 55.77 billion



The top ten rankings of locked assets in DeFi projects and the amount of locked positions, data source: Debank

DeFi hotspot

1. DeFi benchmark interest rate today is 3.29%

Golden Finance reported that according to data from Companions, the benchmark interest rate of DeFi decentralized finance was 3.29% on July 22, an increase of 0.01% from the previous day. During the same period, the U.S. Treasury bond mortgage repurchase rate (Repo Rate) was 0.06%, and the interest rate difference between the two was 3.23%. The DeFi benchmark interest rate represents the difficulty of DeFi financing. The higher the interest rate, the higher the financing cost, and the lower the interest rate, the lower the financing cost. The interest rate difference between it and Repo Rate makes it easier for DeFi to compare with traditional markets.

2. The average increase of the DeFi concept sector today is 7.24%

The golden financial market shows that the DeFi concept sector has an average increase of 7.24% today. Among 47 currencies, 41 rose and 6 fell. The leading currencies were REP (+16.11%), ZRX (+15.65%), and BZRX (+14.79%). Leading currencies are: HOT (-9.98%), DMG (-5.05%), LEND (-1.42%).


1. The Metaverse Value Index continues to rise to 185.38

Golden Finance reported that according to data from companions, the cosmic value index for July 22 was 139.65, an increase of 45.73 from the previous day. The listed companies or NFT platforms that form the components of the Metaverse Value Index are all leading institutions that currently exhibit huge market value and future potential in the virtual economy field. The index can effectively reflect the overall value of the Metaverse virtual economy development trend. Note: On March 10, 2021, the main constituent stock roblox will be listed and the first closing price will be generated. Therefore, 3/11 is selected as the index date for the first launch of the index, and the initial value is 100.

2. Stateful Works released EIP-1559 to commemorate the NFT to reward developers

Stateful Works is a project and issuer that aims to encourage the creation and maintenance of public goods on the Ethereum blockchain. The project releases the upcoming and highly anticipated EIP-1559 to commemorate the NFT. The designer of the EIP-1559 NFT is _kitteh, presented in the form of animated graphics, each priced at 0.1559 ETH, one of which starts at 15.59 ETH. These NFTs will always serve as support for EIP-1559 developers and encourage development They continue their work. Developers can earn between 1% and 14%. For example, Beiko, who has been coordinating network upgrades with core developers, will receive 6% of revenue. The NFT designer will get 2%. Developers include people who write Ethereum EIP, client teams who modify software, and people who study knock-on effects. Ethereum Foundation developer Tim Beiko said: The main purpose of the NFT is to express gratitude to all those involved in the development work. Although most people are obviously able to earn income through development work, these people have no real mechanism to capture the creation. the value of.

3. The NFT work “Currency” of artist Damien Hirst has been subscribed more than 6 times

It was reported on July 22 that the NFT work “Currency” by British artist Damien Hirst has been oversubscribed by more than 6 times. It is reported that the NFT is composed of 10,000 unique colorful dot pattern art works, and each work has a corresponding NFT. The application for NFT placement ended on July 22. The organizer Heni Group revealed that a total of 32,472 people applied for a total of 67,023 NFTs. The price of NFT is $2,000 per sheet. In addition, this launch also includes an interesting feature, that is, collectors have a year to decide whether they are willing to burn the NFT in exchange for the original artwork, or keep the NFT and destroy the original artwork. Previously, in February of this year, Damien Hirst began accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum payments to purchase cherry blossom-themed art collections, which was its first entry into the cryptocurrency field.


4. Kansong Art Museum will release 100 limited edition NFT works of “Hunmin Jeongeum”On July 22, an official from the Kansong Museum of Art stated, “We are working on a project to digitize the ancient book “Xunmin Zhengyin” with NFT and attach a serial number to 100 works.” If the sale is completed as planned. With 100 NFT works, Kansong Art Museum will receive 10 billion won in revenue. Kansong Art Museum stated, “Instead of expecting NFT to promote active transactions, we see it as a new sponsorship concept.”

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