Metaverse Urban Legends 01: Zuckerberg’s “Conspiracy”

The content is purely fictitious, please do not take it seriously

There is new news of the Metaverse every day, but there is no definite answer to what is the “Metaverse”.

I have seen the “Metaverse” products of several major technology companies. The content and concept are similar. The traces of plagiarism are obvious, and they are not even qualified semi-finished products. It is difficult to stay in the so-called “Metaverse”. Hour. If you have to say that you are ugly, you still have to analyze the underlying technology of the Metaverse with a high probability, and then combine the maturity of the existing technology to discuss the limited landing scenarios and potential imagination space.

So here I want to talk about a less serious topic, put aside those boring technical concepts for a while, and take a look at the urban legends behind those Metaverses. It needs to be stated in advance that the following content involves fictional creations, as well as some unsubstantiated anecdotes, please do not take it too seriously.

The first topic of the urban legend series is Zuckerberg, who rushed to the forefront in the exploration of the “Metaverse” and was ridden by various conspiracy theories at the same time.

01  “Villain of the Year”

Zuckerberg has made a huge contribution to the worldwide popularity of the “Metaverse”. The “saucy operation” of renaming Facebook to Meta is enough to be selected as the 2021 annual event.

But it’s not all good news for Zuckerberg.

A magazine called The New Republic named Zuckerberg “villain of the year” in its year-end inventory, citing his creation of “the world’s worst, most destructive website.” It is not surprising that the New Republic has touched Zuckerberg’s behavior. Because of the scandal of misreporting, the influence and reputation of this magazine have continued to decline in recent years. Zuckerberg can be said to save the crisis. The best “target”.

Metaverse Urban Legends 01: Zuckerberg's "Conspiracy"

The move of “New Republic” did not cause much waves overseas, but domestic media carried out a large-scale exaggeration, which also made the notoriety of “villain of the year” continue to ferment on the Chinese Internet. If it wasn’t for Zuckerberg stepping on TikTok in the past two years, perhaps in the perception of many Chinese, Xiao Zha is still the “Chinese son-in-law” who is pro-China. But in foreign public opinion, Zuckerberg has long been the target of public criticism.

Zuckerberg was criticized as “neo-colonialism” because he bought a few pieces of land in Hawaii; Facebook’s reputation continued to decline because of problems such as manipulating public opinion and leaking privacy; Xiao Zha’s “thrifty” character set that he has been running for many years, It also collapsed because of the exposure of supercars, private jets, and mansions… From the well-known Harvard genius, the youngest billionaire in Silicon Valley, to the title of “villain of the year” that is not very harmful and highly insulting , Zuckerberg’s image collapsed as much as any entertainment star.

If the story only ends here, it will be nothing more than another story of a dragon slayer who turns into a dragon. This is almost a customary plot of American business giants. Bill Gates, Jobs, Bezos and other “business heroes” have had the experience of turning geniuses into villains, and then gradually “washed white” under the guidance of the public relations team.

What’s more, Zuckerberg is the Silicon Valley entrepreneur who has apologized the most to the public: in 2003, he automatically grabbed the photos of students on the school’s LAN, and Zuckerberg apologized; in 2006, user updates appeared in the public information flow, and Zuckerberg apologized. Apology; Zuckerberg apologized for sharing user search information with advertisers in 2007… Skilled PR skills allowed Zuckerberg to eliminate most of the crises, until the “data gate” in 2018, allowing Zuckerberg Berg and his Facebook are stuck in a quagmire they won’t be able to get out of any time soon.

The cause of the incident was a report in the New York Times that some researchers took the personal information of Facebook users and sold it to a consulting firm called Cambridge Analytica, which then manipulated voter behavior through “psychological” technology , said to have influenced the outcome of the U.S. election.

The most serious crisis in Facebook’s history has set off many netizens’ reflection and criticism of the era of big technology. Facebook has been investigated by agencies in many countries, and its market value has been reduced by hundreds of billions of dollars. The hero of various urban legends.

02  “The Lizardman”

During the 10-hour hearing in 2018, Zuckerberg had been “dignified” sitting in the chair, calmly answering the sharp questions raised by everyone, but the curvature of the corners of his mouth, the frequency of blinking and even drinking The expression during the water process did not change much.

Metaverse Urban Legends 01: Zuckerberg's "Conspiracy"

After the video of the hearing was exposed, netizens with great brains quickly began to discuss: Zuckerberg may not be human, but a lizard man with human consciousness.

In fact, as early as 2016, the British Guardian published an article with the title “Is it possible that Mark Zuckerberg is a lizard man?” Then Zuckerberg’s “I was human” remarks were also picked up Out, more and more people believe that the current Zuckerberg may be a “lizardman”.

Here, let’s popularize some knowledge about “lizardmen”.

In the remains of Sumerian civilization 7,000 years ago, many clay figurines with facial features very similar to those of lizards have been unearthed. Originally, there was no big problem. After all, nature worship is a normal phenomenon of primitive tribes. There are also many images of human faces and snake bodies in Chinese mythology.

Metaverse Urban Legends 01: Zuckerberg's "Conspiracy"

However, some conspiracyists abroad are convinced that the lizardmen are tools for aliens to rule the earth. They hide in the ordinary people and have the appearance of normal people, but the shape and color of their pupils are different from ordinary people. Lizardmen possess the most advanced technology and can control the human mind.

In the 1990s, the self-proclaimed British writer David Vaughan Eck wrote many conspiracy theories, among which the Rothschild family, the Illuminati, the Freemasonry, the Knights Templar, etc. are all household names. The plot, and also wrote a lot of stories related to the lizard people. According to Ike, human society is controlled and dominated by a group of lizardmen disguised as humans. In addition to Zuckerberg, Obama, Clinton, the Queen of England, Justin Bieber, Boris Johnson, etc. are all questioned as lizard people.

In many urban legends of conspiracy theories, the lizardmen came to the solar system 100,000 years ago, which directly led to the destruction of the Atlantis civilization and the Lemurian civilization. They are still controlling human beings behind the scenes, even Mutual aid. Such an organization is just a pawn for them.

Metaverse Urban Legends 01: Zuckerberg's "Conspiracy"

As for Zuckerberg’s claim that he is a lizard man, it is not just the subjective speculation of foreign netizens, but also some solid “iron proof”. For example, in a live broadcast a few years ago, Zuckerberg was asked if he was a lizard man. Although Zuckerberg denied the question, his head and eyes kept glancing up to the right, which was considered a “lie”. “Only a lizardman would deny that he was a lizardman”.

If Zuckerberg is really a lizard man, the Facebook he controls has affected the cognition of billions of people, and to some extent has achieved the effect of controlling humans. Why should he further promote the development of the Metaverse? What ambitions or attempts are hidden?

03 “The God of Creation”

In Zuckerberg’s vision, the Metaverse will integrate games, work, social interaction, education and other fields. Users can swim in the Metaverse as long as they wear a headset. It is predicted that the Metaverse will reach a scale of 1 billion people in the next 10 years. , millions of creators and developers are hired to work on the Metaverse.

From a purely literal point of view, Zuckerberg’s vision of the Metaverse seems to be fine, and other Metaverse preachers basically have the same argument, which does not rule out the suspicion of fooling investors. But after carefully combing some clues under the water, the truth obtained is terrifying.

The first clue is Zuckerberg’s ambitions.

It is said that Zuckerberg liked to play a game called “Alpha Centauri” when he was young. Players can choose one of seven characters to conquer the universe. Zuckerberg’s favorite character is “Peacekeeper”, and once put a line from “Peacekeeper” on his Facebook page: “Beware of people who deny you access to information, because in his heart, he thinks he is you the master.”

Facebook President Sean Parker once said frankly in a media interview: “Zuckerberg had a regal tendency when he was in his 20s and was very obsessed with things like the Greek Odyssey.”

Metaverse Urban Legends 01: Zuckerberg's "Conspiracy"

Among them, Zuckerberg’s most admired figure is Augustus of the ancient Roman Empire, who even chose to spend his honeymoon in Rome. Zuckerberg himself recalled: My wife made fun of me, saying she thought there were three people during the honeymoon: me, she and Augustus. All photos are of different sculptures of Augustus. “Because of his love for the ancient Roman emperor, Zuckerberg even named his second daughter August.

Thinking of Facebook’s desire to develop its own digital currency and form a legislature, Facebook with 2.9 billion monthly active users is like an alternative country, Zuckerberg is the ruler of this country, and the Metaverse is precisely ” An updated version of “Empire”.

The second clue is the new company name Meta.

The origin of the word “Meta” is often traced back to Neil Stephenson’s science fiction novel “Avalanche”. It should be noted that the term Stephenson created is Metaverse, and Meta actually has a different meaning, because the word is reversed to Atem, which corresponds to Atum, the creator god in Egyptian mythology.

Metaverse Urban Legends 01: Zuckerberg's "Conspiracy"

If the Metaverse is a mirror image of the real world, does Meta map the Yuanshen who created the Metaverse? It seems that Zuckerberg is no longer willing to be the “uncrowned king” in the Internet world. He wants to further open up the real world and the virtual world, control mankind from more dimensions as a “creation god”, and constantly satisfy the expanding desire for power. and ambition to turn billions of users into their own “people”.

At this point, the logic chain of urban legends makes sense: Zuckerberg is an ambitious “lizardman” who first used social networks to control the cognition of billions of people, and now uses the Metaverse to expand himself. “domination”. It’s a pity that Zuckerberg’s identity was discovered by some people because of his help to understand Wang’s manipulation of the election. However, due to various concerns, he could not tell the truth to the world. He could only use the form of “villain of the year” to warn everyone to stay away from Facebook and not take a step. It has become a target of Zuckerberg’s manipulation.

The question is, is such a Metaverse still what you want, are the entrepreneurs who are also advocating the Metaverse, are they the same kind of Zuckerberg?

Again: the content is purely fictitious, please do not take it seriously!

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