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It is self-evident how popular Meta Universe is: Zuckerberg expressed his hope that Facebook will be built as a Meta Universe company in about 5 years in the future. This is a new revolution after the mobile Internet; to celebrate its 200th anniversary. , Louis Vuitton launched the game “Louis: The Game”, allowing players to immerse themselves in the meta-universe of luxury; Tencent, Byte, etc. have also opened the meta-universe layout.

Regardless of whether the giants in the technology or traditional fields are running into the field, what is the metaverse and how much commercial value exists? Let the block engine take you to understand today.

Maybe everyone has a fantasy of living in another world, and the Internet makes this fantasy possible. Since the advent of the Internet, there have been many novels, movies, and games describing living in another world created by the Internet. In the “Neuromancer” novel published in 1984, the protagonist is a cyber hacker who cuts himself out of his physical consciousness into the world of sympathetic hallucinations. The more familiar movie “The Matrix” also describes the virtual world simulated by most people on the computer, which is another story of life in reality.

These can be called “Metaverse” (Metaverse). In English, “Meta” is a prefix, meaning “beyond”; “verse” comes from “universe” (the universe), the two form the word “Metaverse”. So, what does Metaverse mean to the world, and what impact does it have?

What is the meta universe?

The meta universe, to put it simply, is a virtual universe that humans can participate in and share. The term originated from Neal Stephenson’s novel “Snow Crash”, which depicts a surreal digital space “Metaverse”, where people blocked by geographic space can communicate with each other through their respective “avatars” , Spend leisure time, but also can spend their own income at will.

A few years ago, the movie “Ready Player One” (Ready Player One) also depicted a virtual game meta-universe, where people can enter the virtual world and become another 3D existence in it, experiencing various things that they cannot do in the real world. , And even become a superhero.

So far, the virtual world has not brought the end of society and has allowed us to interact with different online communities. Gamers will think of these as massively multiplayer (MMO) worlds, such as World of Warcraft. There, people can chat with friends from all over the world and incarnate different game characters-warriors, wizards, warlocks, stalkers, hunters and other existences with supernatural powers.

Metaverse represents the idea that there will be a single virtual reality in which humans will become avatars to participate in this shared virtual reality space, talk to each other, go out to play, play games, watch movies, and even browse the web. This will be a new Internet. Unlike the flat web that we browse every day, Metaverse has details such as texture, size, and color. People will meet, watch performances, hang out, visit virtual museums, visit virtual parks, and so on in the same Metaverse.

And it is the blockchain technology that makes this all-encompassing meta-universe possible. NFT, an irreplaceable token, makes it possible to have full ownership of digital assets. (Click to understand < The cornerstone of Metaverse-NFT decryption > )

Therefore, if it is a mature Metaverse, a 3D, or even a virtual reality Internet that allows you to plunge into it immediately, then it must be associated with some form of ownership. With the help of blockchain technology, you can own digital assets, and encrypted tokens will undoubtedly ensure that the ownership of artworks, in-game items, digital properties, etc. are all yours. User assets are also decentralized and peer-to-peer, and are not restricted by centralized institutions such as governments or banks.

This impact is huge. People will not only use this technology to surf on the new “Internet”, but also be able to own digital assets through NFT. The meta-universe not only has three-dimensional details and diverse interactivity, it will also become a place for people to buy and sell unique decentralized and peer-to-peer assets, which was unimaginable before.

The seven core attributes of the meta universe

At present, the meta-universe is still in its infancy, but the seven core attributes necessary to form the meta-universe seem to have been agreed upon:

Persistence — that is, it will never end, pause or reset; on the contrary, it will continue indefinitely;

Synchronization-the meta-universe is a real-time real experience for everyone, just like in real life;

Accessibility-everyone can participate in specific events, places or activities and become a part of the meta-universe without restrictions;

Economic function-just like the current iteration of the Internet, individuals and businesses will have the ability to create, own, invest, or sell goods and services;

Cross-scope-Metaverse will be an experience that spans private and public networks in the digital and physical world, and will have an open and closed platform experience;

Interoperability — Data, content, projects, and assets can be traded or used on different platforms. For example, the decorated gun for Fort Night can be given as a gift to friends on Facebook;

Extensive contribution-Meta universe is filled with content and experience created by a wide range of contributors. These contributors include individuals, informal organizations and groups, and large commercial organizations.

The importance and commercial value of meta universe

Even if the current meta universe is far from reaching the fantasy vision in science fiction works, it may generate trillions of dollars in value as a new computing platform or content production platform. But in its complete vision, Metaverse will become the gateway to most digital experiences, a key component of all physical experiences, and the next great workforce platform.

The value of being a key participant in such a system is self-evident. For example, there is no single owner of the Internet, but many of the most valuable companies in the world are technology companies that exert tremendous influence on the Internet. If Metaverse does indeed serve as the “inheritor” of the functionality of the Internet-and will have greater influence, more time immersion, and more commercial activities-then it will bring more economic advantages.

More broadly, the meta-universe will change our existing resource allocation methods. Under the conditions of the meta-universe, any aspiring laborer, regardless of their geographic location or socioeconomic background, can access the virtual world and participate in the “high-value” economy through virtual labor.

With more powerful functions, opportunities and influence, Meta Universe is likely to become a lucrative and decentralized content platform. New creators will also have the opportunity to accumulate a large number of followers on the original platform. In addition, more innovative companies are needed to manage similar new technologies, including payment processing, identity verification, security, and advertising technology.

According to the analysis of Bloomberg Intelligence, the market size of Meta Universe will reach 800 billion U.S. dollars by 2024. Ark Invest also predicts that the profits brought by the virtual world will reach 400 billion US dollars in 2025, which is a substantial increase from the approximately 180 billion US dollars in 2021.

Metaverse Trek

According to a McKinsey survey, more than half of the interviewed companies indicated that after the epidemic, they want their employees to adopt a hybrid virtual work model, and Metaverse is one of the models that can achieve remote work and will further develop and prosper in the future.

Metaverse Trek

The meta-universe is already full of vitality. Perhaps a world like the “top player”, a meta-universe world that allows us to be fully immersed on the scene, will rely on blockchain technology to be realized in the not-too-distant future.


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