Metaverse : Trap or outlet?

What is the Metaverse?

In 1992, American science fiction master Neil Stephenson described the Metaverse in the novel “Avalanche”: “Put on headphones and eyepieces, find a connection terminal, and you can enter the real world simulated by computer and the real world in the form of a virtual avatar. Parallel virtual space.”

Last year, Facebook didn’t want “face” and was renamed “Meta” by Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg described the Metaverse this way: “The Metaverse is an immersive Internet where you don’t just use or look at it, you are in it.” “From the moment we wake up, to our The moment you go to bed, being able to jump into the Metaverse and do just about anything you can imagine.”

Some professionals say that the Metaverse will be the next big wave of innovation in the 20th grade after the mobile Internet. It is also claimed that the Metaverse is a potential market with a scale of tens of trillions.

What new opportunities has the Metaverse created?

How to define the Metaverse?

There are at least three perspectives on the definition of the Metaverse.

Basic understanding: Next-generation Internet. The next-generation Internet can be understood as the Internet of Things + blockchain + AI + high-speed mobile Internet + AR/VR, which we call the Metaverse.

Advanced understanding: the new form of human digital existence. From the perspective of advanced understanding (version 2.0), the Metaverse is an evolution of human social form, a real-time mixing state of human physical existence and digital existence, and a new form of human digital existence.

Starting from the high-speed mobile Internet, many people feel strongly that their physical existence and digital existence go hand in hand. For example, you have a physical identity in the real world, a real/pseudonymized social media identity or financial identity, etc. on the Internet.

Higher-order understanding: A new phase of human collaboration. From a high-level understanding (version 3.0) perspective, the Metaverse is a new phase of human collaboration.

The core of the Metaverse is to allow people and things without trust and no social relations to interconnect and collaborate in a low-cost, remote, and real-time manner through the high-speed and free flow of value and information among humans throughout the earth and even beyond the earth.

From the perspective of civilization and the evolution of Earth’s biology, it can be clearly seen in the Metaverse era that after the evolution of the human cerebral cortex has greatly improved the ability to cooperate, human beings have reached a new stage of high cooperation. Humans will be connected by the Metaverse into a giant creature with its own brain, its own goal orientation, and its environment-responsive behavior.

Four Movies to Understand the Metaverse

Avatar (the real life of a digital twin).

“Avatar” describes a person in the physical world who is connected to another person on the planet Pandora through a machine. The personalities and thinking of the two people are completely consistent. People on the planet Pandora do not know that they are controlled by human beings on earth. They have their own complete life experiences and their own personalities. The movie reveals very well that in the Metaverse, almost every real person will have a digital twin in the future.

“Ready Player One” (integration of real economy, online economy and value).

“Ready Player One” reveals a very important feature of the Metaverse, the value of the physical world and the value of the Metaverse are integrated and interconnected. The robber characters in the movie also rob in the real world, and the realistic props obtained from the robbery can help their characters perform better in the online world. This image reveals that the real economy and online economy, real value and online value are integrated and interconnected.

“Out of control player” (pure AI personality).

Due to the design left by the game designer, an NPC character has gradually become an uncontrolled game character after a long game evolution, the so-called out-of-control player. This uncontrolled character is a complete AI personality, and he is convinced that his The world is real. This reveals that in the Metaverse world, we will see more character forms.

The Matrix (human brain creation and computing power controlled and exploited by AI).

“The Matrix” shows the war, cooperation and competition between artificial intelligence and the human brain. Although AI is already very powerful, it still needs the creativity and computing power of the human brain. It raises human beings in facilities similar to artificial wombs Inside, this point very well reveals the process of AI interacting with the human brain. If the human brain has not been enhanced by AI, it is very weak in the Metaverse, but the AI ​​that has not been enhanced by the creativity of the human brain, it The rate of evolution must be very slow.

Characteristics of the Metaverse

Matthew, managing partner of EpyllionCo, forward-lookingly characterizes the Metaverse in a 2020 article “The Metaverse: What it is, Where to find it and Who will build it”:

1. Persistent. The character of the Metaverse is persistent, it never resets, it cannot be paused, and it cannot end.

2. Keep it synchronous and real-time. The Metaverse is synchronized with life in real time. The Metaverse is a living experience that everyone can perceive and experience continuously and in real time.

3. A fully functioning economy. The Metaverse is a fully functioning economy in which individuals and businesses alike can create, own and invest in and sell digital assets, and the Metaverse can earn income through work and investment just like the real world.

4. Unprecedented interoperability of data and value.

5. Content is created by users and enjoys value.

How to tell if a project or service is a Metaverse?

To determine whether a project or service is a typical Metaverse:

First, to observe whether its data and value have complete and unimpeded interoperability;

Second, it depends on whether its content is created by participating users, and users also enjoy the value they create;

Third, it depends on who owns the management rights of community rules;

Fourth, it depends on whether the project and service make the most of the advantages of the financial tools that come with the Metaverse.

What is the Metaverse not?

1. It is not a virtual space. The Metaverse is different from Second Life, which lacks a functioning economy, it’s just a virtual space to play.

2. Not virtual reality. The Metaverse is different from VR/AR. It is a real-time interaction between physical existence and the virtual world, and they affect each other.

3. Not a virtual person. There will be at least four or even five characters in the Metaverse.

4. Not a game. The Metaverse is not a game, the game is not continuous, and there is no way to keep the experience in sync with your life in real time.

5. Not the new app store. The Metaverse is not a new app store. Users can only buy some APPs, DAPPs or other services in it. In fact, the Metaverse is your new work and life platform. Furthermore, it is a new platform for you to create and enjoy value. platform.

6. Not a new UGC platform. The Metaverse provides users with space to create assets and sell asset services, and the Metaverse will also allow these creators to enjoy these values ​​permanently, and will never be blocked.

How to understand Liu Cixin’s “Metaverse is the involution of human beings”

Liu Cixin mentioned on different occasions that if human beings involuntarily fall into the Metaverse, they may miss the opportunity to go to the sea of ​​stars and become an interstellar species. He believes that human beings have two directions, one is to introvert into the Metaverse, the other Is to develop outward into an interstellar species,

I think he was wrong. I think it is precisely because of the emergence of the Metaverse and the emergence of the DAO organizational form that the great project of human beings rushing to the stars and seas can gather more power with a new organizational form. For example, it is unfair that Musk is carrying out a great practice – the human race to Mars, which is entirely undertaken by Musk’s company. If the task can be disassembled into several subdivided units, and each unit can be made into a DAO, 200-400 million people are willing to participate in this project, and set up a mechanism so that they can obtain long-term success from some future predictions value, this action will be more likely to succeed. Not only will the Metaverse not become the involution of human beings, but on the contrary, it will be a start for human beings to rush to the sea of ​​stars and become an interstellar species.

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What technologies does the Metaverse have?

Given the variety of innovative technologies in the Metaverse, it can be categorized by technology category.

1. Blockchain.

Blockchain technologies such as distributed computing, distributed storage, distributed AI, and distributed bandwidth are undoubtedly the innovative technologies of Metaverse. For the blockchain, it is particularly important to emphasize its underlying store of value.

2. AI

AI technology is also part of a revolutionary or important technological advancement in the Metaverse. In traditional AI, people with data and people with AI do not trust each other. When people with data provide data to AI for training, he is worried about data leakage. Distributed AI enables people with data to take it at will. Get AI models wherever you want. These AI models can be used directly after data training, but you cannot restore the entire AI model, and you can only have the right to use the AI ​​model in a specific field. This model is very good.

3. High-speed mobile internet

The Metaverse contains high-speed mobile Internet, so all new technologies related to high-speed mobile Internet are innovative technologies of the Metaverse.

4. Internet of Things

The Internet of Things requires some innovative production relations and production methods. First of all, the real-world environment, economic activities, and social activities must be fully mapped to the Metaverse in 100% real-time. The amount of data is very large, and the cost is also very high. If the 5G network is used for mapping, it will be a huge cost.

5 、VR / AR

The most important change of VR/AR to the Metaverse is to change the method of inputting and outputting information in the Metaverse. At first, everyone used the keyboard, and later it developed to use the voice. After VR/AR, the input and output will become more convenient, especially after the emergence of the brain-computer interface, the uploading and downloading of information has become very good. It should be noted that the most core change in the Metaverse is the free flow of value. Immersive experience is very important but not a necessary foundation. It will be better with immersive experience, and it will work well without immersive experience.

Ecological Applications of the Metaverse

In the investment of the Metaverse, we will talk about ecology at the end, mainly because after many disruptive technologies occur, the current ecology may no longer exist in the future or will be reorganized after being completely dismantled. The current ecology is used to describe the ecology in the future Metaverse. How to grow is difficult.

1. Finance

The Metaverse world has its own financial functions and belongs to the infrastructure of the Metaverse. All applications can use financial service functions for free or at low cost. In this case, there is no need to connect a dedicated financial tool.

2. Socialize

At present, the world’s largest Internet platforms mainly develop social networking, but it is very difficult for this format to evolve itself . First, it depends on whether it can allow content creators to enjoy value. Data on social media is personal, but the right to benefit from data belongs to the platform. Why should the platform share the profits with users?Second, it is very difficult for the social media participants of the Metaverse to participate in governance together. The platform has supreme power. If the power is lost to allow users to participate in the discussion fairly, the platform is unwilling.

3. Games

Among the Metaverse games, only GameFi is currently successful. Other well-known ones, such as Play to Earn, havecreated a new model of the global onlooker economy. Its essence is to introduce the value distribution model of Token, allowing traditional games to achieve some evolution. Like Axie Infinity, the entire platform retains 14%-16% of the value creation, and the remaining 84% is directly shared with game participants. Its entire economic creation has jumped to the first place in the world.

What is Token? Scan the QR code below to watch more exciting content:

For a true Metaverse game, there are a few more things to keep in mind. The first point depends on the player’s identity and role and the ownership of the prop assets, whether it can be fully returned to the player, and whether the user can have it permanently. The second point is to see how much content in the game is created by users. It depends not only on the proportion of UGC (User Original Content), but also on how much of the new value in UGC is returned to the creator, and also depends on the token. The extent to which holders and game participants can participate in community governance.

4. Data business model

Throughout the history of economic development of human society, each stage has a core driving force. If you invest in core drivers, there is a high probability of good returns.

For example, investing in basic raw materials such as energy, resources, and steel 100 years ago, your rate of return will be very high. After 1940 and 1950, advanced manufacturing companies became the main driving force, and advanced manufacturing industries such as GE, GM, and IBM emerged, and your investment will have a great return. After 1990, the top few companies by market capitalization were almost all IT companies. Since 2000, it has generally been Internet companies. After 2010, they are all mobile Internet companies.

The essence of mobile Internet companies is data. It has a product that can attract customers just in need, which may be software, social networking or games. Its data belongs to the user, but the right to benefit from the data belongs to the platform. For example, your data on Meta belongs to you. If a financial company wants to do precision marketing to reach you, it needs to pay Meta money, and Meta receives the money and resells your data.

Many economic behaviors in the Metaverse, including social behaviors, take place in smart contracts, and smart contracts are public. How will Meta or Microsoft survive without data in the future? This is a problem.

Recently, several new companies have developed capabilities similar to Google’s data crawler to crawl out the data in smart contracts in real time. Infinity Stones and Debank are representatives. They have done a very good job in structuring, including data function typing. In the future, if you need data, you can bypass the previous platform companies and buy directly from companies such as Infinity Stones and Debank. Based on this, I think the business form of companies that rely on data management in the future is very suspicious.

Meta-Problems Derived from the Metaverse

1. Changes in social form

In the beginning, it was a primitive society. When the power of a tribal leader in the primitive society increased, he became a slave owner. When the slave owner managed the area and the number of managers increased, he was forced to enfeoff relatives and friends as small lords to manage on his behalf. This is a feudal society. In the 14th and 15th centuries, feudal society began to transform into a modern social form, and the most important thing was to require the free circulation of production factors. Evolution has only two results for the laggards, one is to be destroyed, and the other is to evolve into the same form.

In the Metaverse world, if all companies and platforms are still self-contained and not circulated with others, there will be no room for survival.

2. Changes in human behavior patterns

With the advancement of technology, human beings realize that their own consciousness and memory can be uploaded and stored, and they can even upload and store consciousness to their own “Avatar”.

In the Metaverse, people can upload their true personalities and memories to “Avatar”. “Avatar” is not only “Avatar”, but also the deity of human beings, which is equivalent to that human beings can live forever, so people will gradually look down on life and death. If someone deletes someone else’s “Avatar”, is it the same as killing someone? Changes in behavior patterns complicate the problem.

Metaverse Entrepreneurship Methodology

If you want to start a business in the Metaverse, how do you plan your own direction?

I will give you a few suggestions:

One is to gradually reduce the control of founders and founding capital as much as possible;

The second is to let the holders of Tokens and all participants of business behaviors jointly decide the governance rules of the community;

The third is to focus on more UGC, so that the content creator can share more of the value he has created;

The fourth is to make maximum use of the advantages of the financial tools that come with the Metaverse, and introduce the financial model and value distribution model into your business model;

The fifth is to continue to evolve towards the DAO organizational form.

Do these five points, it can be said that you have created a perfect Web3.0 project.

The Metaverse is the “nerve center” of future human beings

Looking at biological evolution from a human perspective, it may be easier to understand the value of the Metaverse.About 3.5-3.8 billion years ago, single-celled biological cyanobacteria appeared on the earth. After more than 3 billion years of evolution, the first creature with a nervous system, the jellyfish, appeared. After more than 50 million years of evolution, the first central nervous organism flatworm appeared. After nearly 300 million years of development, a frog with a rudimentary reptile brain appeared. 225 million years ago, mice developed the limbic system of the brain, the prototype of the cerebral cortex. The prototype of the cerebral cortex appeared for the first time 80 million years ago.

Language appeared 100,000 years ago, which is a revolutionary change for human beings. Language can allow knowledge to spread rapidly among human groups, and can also coordinate complex group behaviors. For example, people can communicate through speech involving more Sophisticated hunting, hunting larger numbers of animals.

A major event in the history of human evolution occurred 40,000 to 60,000 years ago. The second generation of Homo sapiens eliminated the first generation of Homo sapiens. Because the second generation of Homo sapiens have virtual imagination, they can believe in things that they have never seen before. For example, the second generation of Homo sapiens believes in the king and obeys the king’s orders, so that the tribe can maintain good cohesion while expanding. Successfully annihilated the first generation of Homo sapiens, who were stronger and faster, but with uncoordinated teams.

10,000 years ago, humans began to build cities. 6000 years ago, humans appeared in writing. The emergence of writing has made the transmission of knowledge across countries and generations feasible. The speed of human knowledge accumulation and knowledge iteration has been greatly accelerated, and no creature can compare with humans.

After the emergence of the Internet in 1990, information from all over the world has been communicated more conveniently, but in this period, the network has no brain and central nervous system, and everyone can see information, but cannot make decisions.

After the emergence of the Metaverse, there is a Token model. Token is similar to the dopamine in the brain, which can make 200 million to 1 billion people on the earth interested in accomplishing one thing together, and people can get benefits from it. This benefit is Token.

The emergence of the Metaverse is as important to human evolution as it is to the cerebral cortex. It is precisely because of the emergence of the Metaverse that for the first time, the earth giants of mankind have a brain, a goal orientation, and a dopamine incentive. The emergence of the Metaverse will lead to the evolution of human beings towards interstellar species more quickly.

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