Metaverse training, speculation concept or new outlet?

As soon as Metaverse became popular, the training class came.

The meta universe is still in the conceptual stage, and it will take many years of experimentation to actually land. At present, from the description, this concept naturally has the attributes of a virtual game. It is easy to indulge users and make it difficult to distinguish between virtual and reality.

As soon as Metaverse went out of the circle, some people preemptively started the “Metaverse Training”.

Recently, Kaiyuan Education, an A-share listed company, stated that it will lead the advanced military Yuanuniverse training track and strive to be the “first share of Yuanuniverse Education “. Its wholly-owned subsidiary Tianhu Education also actively tracks the application and development of Yuanuniverse related technologies. And plans to develop related courses.

Kaiyuan Education also stated that Tianhu Education has taken the lead in the industry to complete the content production of vocational training courses related to the universe, and the vocational education track of the universe is expected to become a new growth point for the company.

Affected by this, Kaiyuan Education’s share price rose for 4 consecutive days.

As the meta-universe craze is sweeping the world, new products and concepts related to it are emerging in an endless stream, such as meta-universe fan meetings, meta-universe robots, meta-universe short videos, meta-universe blind boxes… More than 60,000 have been obtained on the APP. People paid to study “Frontier Course: 6 Lectures on Metaverse,” and netizens joked that “Metaverse hasn’t landed yet, but those who sell the lessons will make money first.”

Kaiyuan Education announced that it has entered the Meta Universe training track at this time. Does it have real skills or other ideas? Is Metaverse Training a “speculation concept” or a “new trend”?

1  The meta-universe that was hyped up

Although the meta-universe has spread all over the world recently, there is no detailed and unified definition of its concept so far. 

The science fiction novel “Avalanche” published in 1992 described the meta-universe like this: Put on earphones and eyepieces, find the connected terminal, and then you can enter the virtual space simulated by the computer and parallel to the real world in the form of a virtual clone.

In fact, different companies or individuals have different definitions of meta universe.

“Meta Universe is the entire Internet on VR/AR glasses, including social networking, e-commerce, education, games, and even payment. The various Internet applications we are familiar with today will have their own presentation methods on Meta Universe.” in Alibaba 2021 annual general meeting on Yunqi, Ali Dharma hospital XR laboratory, head of Tan Ping said.

Facebook founder Zuckerberg believes that Metaverse is an upgraded version of the mobile Internet, a social platform with a super immersive sense of immersion built with virtual reality technology and dedicated hardware devices.

Regardless of the term or definition, it is clear that the meta-universe seems to have a broad space for development and multiple possibilities, but it is still an emerging thing that has not yet taken shape.

“In my opinion, the companies or individuals currently under the banner of the meta universe are basically touching porcelain and even taking the opportunity to harvest leeks.” Fan Liang, who has been engaged in the education industry for a long time, told the “Bullet Finance” that the explosion of the meta universe is not Don’t open up capital’s hype.

And the hype of “meta universe + education” is very likely to follow in the footsteps of VR/AR education. After all, the technology is not yet mature and the market has not yet risen. It is naturally difficult for a wave of concept speculation to follow.

There is even a view that the development of the meta universe will be conducive to the realization of education equity. Through Metaverse, students in areas with limited educational resources can easily enter the classrooms of famous teachers at home; museums and opera houses that have no chance to visit are within reach ; painting, music, drama…rich courses are clustered together.

In Metaverse, the world’s educational resources will be shared, and every child will have the opportunity to get in touch with the fields of interest and obtain high-quality growth opportunities.

However, Fan Liang does not agree with the idea that Metaverse can promote education fairness. “Only when the economic development gap between various regions is reduced, can education be fair, not when the meta-universe rises, and education will be fair.” He said.

First, the cost for users to use Metaverse will be very high.

As the key to the virtual world—VR/AR and other devices are currently becoming the best presentation carrier of the meta-universe. As everyone knows, although the prices of VR/AR and other equipment have been reduced in recent years, they are still very expensive.

According to Fan Liang’s understanding, at present, a slightly better VR headset all-in-one on the market also requires more than 2,000 yuan. This means that the threshold for users is high, and many people will be dissuaded. “For example, some schools in remote areas can’t even solve the problem of teacher reserve. It is doubtful how many children can be equipped with VR/AR equipment.”

During the severe epidemic last year, all the people were working and attending classes at home. A child in a remote area of ​​Henan chose to end his precious life because he could not pay the internet fee. The disparity in educational resources and levels brought about by the uneven economic development of various regions is an objective fact of our country, and it is also a task that needs to be tackled in the long-term.

Therefore, Metaverse, which has high hardware and software costs, will not become an ideal solution in the education field in the short term.

Secondly, Metaverse is easy for users to indulge. Immersive experience is the core feature of the meta universe. Unlike adults, children generally lack judgment and cannot distinguish between virtual and reality. Once immersed in the virtual world, they are often unable to extricate themselves. “Infinitely addicted, this person may be abandoned.” Fan Liang said.

In this regard, Feng Hao, an executive of an off-campus training organization, also told Bullet Finance that Metaverse is still in the conceptual stage, and it will take many years of trial and error to actually implement it. At present, from the description, this concept naturally has the attributes of a virtual game. it is very easy will allow users to indulge, can not distinguish virtual and reality. Once a child is addicted, it violates both the national policy and the core demands of the school, not to mention the violation of the “double reduction” policy.

In addition, according to Fan Liang’s understanding, some players under the banner of “Meta Universe Promoting Education Equity” are not intended to promote the development of Meta Universe, but directly rush to “make money”.

“In my opinion, some players are advocating a concept to make a lot of money. As for the development of Metaverse, they don’t really care. In the end, they will go bankrupt or run away with money.” Fan Liang said.

Obviously, when technology, economy, etc. have not reached a certain level, the above-mentioned players’ belief that “meta universe promotes education fairness” can only be a beautiful vision and idea.

The reason for saying this is not without basis. Some clues can be seen from the fact that online education promotes educational equity.

In theory, online education breaks the limitations of time and space, allowing all users to enjoy the best quality educational resources anytime, anywhere. But judging from the results, parents have become more anxious, and the chaos of education has become more serious, which eventually attracted the remediation of the national regulatory authorities.

“Metacosm can only be said to be beneficial to the spread of education, but it cannot be said that it can definitely promote the fairness of education.” Fan Liang said.

Of course, there are also views that the development of the metaverse is of great significance to wisdom education . Children can complete large-scale or dangerous experiments that are not easy to operate in the teaching of physics, chemistry, and biology through the Metaverse.

However, Fan Liang believes that some dangerous experiments are not allowed to be performed by children because the school does not have the relevant conditions. However, in most cases, the school does not allow children to participate in dangerous experiments, mainly because they are worried that some children will perform the same operation outside the school.

Moreover, from the perspective of parents, since the experiment is so dangerous, they usually do not agree to let the child do it; in addition, even if some children complete the experiment in the metaverse, returning to reality may also perform a second operation. “Once a risk arises, instead of promoting education, Meta Universe is creating obstacles to education,” Fan Liang said.

Behind the 2  yuan universe training

At present, there is an indisputable fact that-compared with the topic of “Metacosmic promotes education fairness or helps wisdom education”, the topic of “Metacosmic training” is more heated.

In addition to paid knowledge platforms and individuals, players engaged in meta-universe training also have adult vocational education institutions. A few days ago, Kaiyuan Education stated on the investor interactive platform that it will lead the advanced military’s Metacosmic Training Track and strive to become the “first unit of Metacosmic Education”.

Liu Yu, a veteran vocational education practitioner, told Bullet Finance that he believes that the company’s announcement of entering the meta-universe training track is a little bit “crazy and attracting attention.”

After all, the listed adult vocational education institutions such as Zhong Gong Education and Chuan Zhi Education all declared that “the company is not involved in the business related to the universe for the time being.” “If the leading company does not do this, but a company with less strength is doing it, the gimmick element is a bit big.” Liu Yu analyzed.

In the view of some practitioners, listed educational institutions may want to launch new businesses to increase the company’s stock price when entering the Metaverse training track.

According to Fan Liang’s observation, Kaiyuan Education’s performance in the capital market has been mediocre since December 31, 2020, and its market value has been hovering between 1.607 billion yuan and 2.395 billion yuan. Compared with the market value of 61.4 billion yuan for Zhong Gong Education and 9.4 billion yuan for Chuanzhi Education, Kaiyuan Education may need new stories to boost market confidence.

“Now that the meta universe is on fire, the stock prices of all listed companies that are involved in the meta universe will basically rise.” Fan Liang said.

“Bullet Finance” noticed that the stock prices of Zhongqingbao , Blue Cursor , Qujiang Cultural Tourism and other companies that have recently announced their entry into the meta universe track have increased their share prices to varying degrees. Benefits-The stock price has climbed for 4 consecutive days after it announced its entry into the Metaverse training track, the increase was 2.59%, 5.23%, 1.37% and 13.71%.

In addition to boosting the stock price, Kaiyuan Education’s involvement in the Metaverse training track may be related to the pressure on its performance.

Kaiyuan Education’s previous financial report showed that in the third quarter of this year, the company’s revenue was 286 million yuan, down 4.62% year-on-year; net loss was 58.87 million yuan, an increase of 534.36% year-on-year. With both revenue and profit declining, Kaiyuan Education urgently needs to seek new growth points in performance.

In addition, in the view of industry insiders, educational institutions targeting the meta-universe training track may also be considered for diversion of other courses.

After all, the related technologies of Metaverse are not mature, and there are still many challenges and uncertainties in the implementation. As a result, the meta-universe curriculum system designed by the organization is temporarily incomplete, and it is naturally difficult to become the main product. However, institutions can take advantage of the enthusiasm of the metaverse to use the self-developed metaverse course as a drainage product. “Education and training institutions themselves must continue to use or even create new concepts to promote enrollment and help the development of existing businesses.” Liu Yu said.

At present, many people in the industry believe that companies that want to attack the Metaverse training track may have the idea of ​​”gamble”. “If people’s universities such as technology and the Internet are generally making in-depth layouts around Metaverse, it means that it is relatively easy for students participating in Metaverse training to find jobs, and Kaiyuan Education is expected to get the first piece of cake.” Liu Yu said.

Can 3  yuan universe training become a new outlet?

However, the industry has different views on the phenomenon of education and training institutions entering the meta-universe training track.

“I have long-term optimism about the meta-universe training of education and training institutions.” Vocational education entrepreneur Lu Yong told Bullet Finance.

He believes that in the next 10 years, Metaverse Training will usher in major development opportunities. Because as a new business concept, Metaverse will not only give birth to a wave of technical training, but also a wide range of industrial spaces and industrial linkages.

However, Lu Yong also pointed out that, at the current stage, if an organization sells a meta-universe course at a price of one to two thousand yuan to in-service technicians, in order to achieve the latter’s cognitive upgrade and ability enhancement, the organization’s approach will also It’s not unreasonable.

“But if an organization sells a meta-universe course at a price of 10,000 to 20,000 yuan to the technical junior, and even promises to cover employment, the organization’s approach is foolish and irresponsible.” Lu Yong said.

In addition, he also emphasized that organizations should not have the idea that “Metaspace training business can make a greater contribution to the company’s performance within two to three years.” “After all, this is not realistic, and the meta-universe also needs time to settle.” He said.

Unlike Lu Yong, Feng Hao said that he is not particularly optimistic about the meta-universe training of teaching and training institutions. For one thing, it has no reference. “It’s not like doing foreign language training. With New Oriental, a benchmark company, you can copy its mature model.”

Secondly, the recruitment needs of different companies are different. It is a question of which company should design the meta- universe curriculum system in accordance with the employment requirements of which company . “When the concept of meta universe has not yet been clearly defined, relevant training will be started, and it is unlikely that the organization will do this.” Feng Hao said.

As for whether meta-universe training can become a new outlet, Lu Yong’s answer is that in the short to medium term, meta-universe training is unlikely to become a new outlet.

In his opinion, whether Metaverse training can become popular depends on the in-depth industrial chain, technological depth, industrial population and industrial scale of Metaverse. “At present, the accumulation of the meta universe in these aspects is obviously insufficient.” He said.

Similarly, Liu Yu also said that Metaverse is still in the conceptual stage, and related products have not been created. “When can it land, when can it become a vent, it’s a pull if it doesn’t land.”

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