Metaverse tips take you quickly from bronze to king

Hi bro, today, are you “meta universe” yet?

“Meta Universe”-a new benchmark buzzword in the currency circle, entrenched in major media writing, community naming and diversion, business talk, and Versailles’s TOP hot word, which is the “identity certificate” of high-quality currency circles. , Once talked about the meta universe, everyone understood each other, “Oh, he is indeed a currency circle person”…

For some of the bronze players in the currency circle, the overwhelming meta-universe is confusing (after all, among the people of Versailles, no! There is! me!)…what is the meta-universe? What are you doing? What are the investment opportunities? The tips shared by PUNK Finance today is just one goal to take you to the king!


Bronze Duan: What is the meta universe?

The meta universe is one! indivual! Probably! read! Its popularity can be traced back to Neil Stephenson’s science fiction novel “Avalanche” in 1992. This book, which was regarded as the Bible by Facebook founder Zuckerberg, describes a virtual world parallel to reality, namely Metaverse, which is translated into Chinese as Metaverse. In Metaverse, everyone has a custom avatar called Avatar, which is parallel to the real world, interacts with each other, and can always be online in the virtual world.

To put it in the vernacular, the meta universe is a virtual world. You can understand it as an AR/VR version of the real world. It can reproduce the real world with data, but it is far more than simple reproduction. It is more of creation. Because it can also have its own fully operational economic system, digital goods, digital content, etc. Everyone in it can not only enjoy the existing infrastructure in this world, but also participate in creation by themselves, become a world changer, and enrich and prosper the entire universe.

The recently hit movie “Out of Control Players” has an internal flavor. The “master” of the virtual world in the game is an AI-generated NPC. He constantly evolves according to the algorithm, has human emotions, and is still influencing others. The awakening of the NPC finally changed the rules of the game world customized by humans.


Silver rank: Why is Metaverse so highly sought after?

Looking up at the stars is worse than running towards the stars! With the continuous maturity and application of ARVR, 3D, 5G, and AI technologies, the continuous improvement of wearable supporting hardware facilities, and the continuous progress of the blockchain decentralized financial economic system, the world in the novel is beckoning to us, For the creators of the meta universe opened their own civilization and opened a channel.

You may ask, what is the meaning and significance of a virtual world that cannot be grasped? However, this is the spiritual yearning of a group of “Cyberpunks” who want to change the world.

They are confined to the unsatisfactory real world, pressure, frustration, and loss. They need to find a spiritual sustenance to make the world a better place. Therefore, many people look for a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in virtual games. This is also the reason for the popularity of online games. . By analogy, exploring the world in Metaverse has more possibilities and can achieve more spiritual satisfaction and self-worth.

In the world, it is better to change the world!

Golden rank: Why is Metaverse highly sought after in the blockchain circle?

The meta-universe originated from science fiction, which is theoretically a literary field. Why does it ignite the passion of the people in the coin circle? The answer is simple. This is currently the most fertile and hot spot for creating meta-universe totems.

The blockchain distributed ledger technology has created a safe barrier for Metaverse, preventing the account from being stolen. Open source code allows players to innovate and combine, and give full play to their imagination. Smart contracts make asset control more free, and NFT can map your real assets to the chain, with visualization and identity, and enhancing emotional interaction…

Platinum rank: What is the popular track of the meta universe concept?

In other words, which tracks are using the meta-universe concept? NFT games are currently regarded as the best carrier of Metaverse. Decentraland , Axie Infinity , The Sandbox, etc. have shown the prototype of Metaverse and have come under the spotlight.

Decentraland is a built on an Ethernet Square New World on allows users to create, experience content and applications, and of its currency. Axie Infinity adds pet development and turn-based battles to the game, allowing users to make money while playing games, and realize the self-made blood of the economic system. As the first game to introduce tokens, The Sandbox allows users to create, purchase and trade digital assets in the form of games.

And all kinds of GameFi, which are based on the concept of meta-universe, are constantly improving and evolving on the basis of the experience and lessons of predecessors. There is a great possibility that a dark horse will appear on this track.

Diamond Rank: What is the gameplay of Metaverse that is highly sought after by users?

Buy land! build house! The unaffordable land in the real world and the prohibitive housing prices stimulate the enthusiasm of the residents of Yuan Universe to buy! (Hey, it seems that which world the house goes to is an eternal just-needed proposition…)

Therefore, the land economics of the meta-universe is a very interesting topic. Like the real world, the land of the virtual world has been hyped since its inception and has become the biggest sweet pastry in the entire ecology.

In June 2021, 9 pieces of virtual land in Axie Infinity were sold for 888.25 ETH at a high price of approximately US$1.5 million.

In July 2021, more than 5.3 million square meters (24*24) of virtual land on The Sandbox was auctioned for nearly US$880,000.

Virtual land is like a pig on the wind. After many auctions, the price has risen sharply, bringing huge returns to early investors.

Here we want to mention the record-setting increase, a piece of land called “9 Robotis Route” on CryptoVoxels. The initial price was US$101.2. After three resales, it has increased by 93 times.

Xingyao Duan: How to be a high-quality meta-universe er?

When you reach this position, you already have the basic knowledge reserve of the wine table Versailles. The next thing you need to consolidate is your skin. How to pack yourself is very important.

First of all, understand the output port of the blockchain circle meta-universe information, and master first-hand news and new knowledge. You can go to the blockchain head media, search for keywords, and find a lot of high-quality industry content, which will provide us with a lot of materials for Versailles.

Secondly, I pay attention to the opinion leaders and pioneers who are active in this field, and I recommend an artist I personally admire—Song Ting. I met this girl who was shining on the stage at a public exhibition of her works. She has a strong body in her body. She is also using her actions to create a new cultural label for the meta-universe. You can follow her articles published in the media, which can be a lot of inspiration.

The third suggestion is to pay attention to investment institutions that are passionate about the field. They have the most first-line news capture, contacts and personal experience of investment projects in the circle, and they will have a more pertinent right to speak. For example, the domestic consensus laboratory has a wide range of investment fields. In addition to the well-known Findora and Roxe payment networks on the regular basic track this year, blockchain games such as MyDeFiPet and X World Games were cast on the Metaverse NFT track. Their investors are active in major game experience groups and can focus on them. Investment and trends.

(The above is not an advertisement, only personal subjective feelings are shared…)

King Rank: How to climb to the top?

After becoming a star, if you want to become the strongest king, there is only one pass key! Join and become a meta-universeer, not just talk about it~! OVER!

I wish you all find your own value and sense of accomplishment in the meta universe! PUNK Finance is committed to becoming a space station for meta-universe flying, walking with you!



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