Metaverse: the next 100 years of human narrative

Schrödinger’s “meta universe”

Some concepts, just like some people, will cause huge waves as soon as they appear.

For some people, whether you adore or hate, you must admit that TA itself has a natural deceptive charm.

Some concepts are also the same, such as ” Meta Universe “, these three words naturally have a direct impact on people’s hearts. If there is nothing, it resonates with the frequency Hz of the times , setting off a monstrous amplitude .

In this era, new concepts are born every day: Generation Z, Two-dimensional, XR World, NFT…

However , concepts such as “meta universe” that directly have the ability to break circles , concentrate contradictions , and build consensus are extremely rare.

It is inherently different, with its own aura, and when it appears, it attracts a lot of attention in the world.

Metaverse: the next 100 years of human narrative

So, what exactly is the meta universe? What will it bring?

Is it the ” Exodus ” of the 21st century ?

Or 2021 future roaming guide ?

Or is it just a slogan like ” Take the local tyrants to divide the land “?

There are 1,000 Hamlets in the eyes of 1,000 people, and there are 100 different Metaverses in the eyes of 100 entrepreneurs. It is a kind of uncertainty , but it meets the expectations of many people for the future.

To understand the phenomenon-level spread of the ” meta universe “, it is necessary to understand the history of human civilization.

Because it is a powerful ” meta-narrative “.

(1) The most important human ability: storytelling

In the meta universe, these three characters are like bait . It connects with the imaginary cortex of your right brain and outlines the following image:

Metaverse: the next 100 years of human narrative

In essence, these three words want to tell you a story , a story about to happen, a great fictional story. And it doesn’t say anything by itself, all the plots are your own brain supplement , and the content of brain supplement is still overwhelming in your brain.

It is an unfamiliar deep galaxy , and you seem to have returned to your spiritual hometown .

Yuval Harari stated in “A Brief History of Mankind: From Animals to God” :

The reason why mankind has become the ruler of the earth is that mankind can create and believe in ” fictional stories .”

What is the ability of humans to ” tell stories “?

“If one gorilla says to another gorilla, you give me this banana, and you will enter heaven after death, where there are bananas that you can’t finish eating.”

Taking religion as an example, gorillas will not believe such stories. Only humans have such imagination and believe such stories. As a result, cathedrals and mosques were built, and millions of people worshiped together. A certain God or Allah . “

The ability to ” tell stories ” and ” believe stories ” is the prerequisite for primitive tribes to break through the 150-person limit and launch large-scale collaboration. Mankind also created countries , companies and currencies by relying on the ability to “tell stories .”

“Look, such a piece of green paper with a human head printed on it, and then he tells you that this paper is worth ten bananas. If you believe him, I believe him, everyone believes him, this paper is real Can buy ten bananas.”

These are not objective existences, but they demonstrate the abilities of human fiction .

The meta universe is telling a story to mankind.

A story full of all the beauty and progress brought about since the industrial age.

Moreover, the story is big enough, fictional enough, beautiful enough, and close enough .

(2) Common emotion: vocabulary close to oneself

Only by being close to your own vocabulary can you connect with people’s imagination .

In 209 BC, the word had no inciting power ;

In 30 AD, the word had no empathy ;

In 1848, the word was not deceptive ;

In 1966, the word had no appeal ;

In 1985, the word had no imagination ;


Only in 2021 will the three words “meta universe” catch you immediately.

Because when you hear these words, you will naturally think of BAND ( Blockchain , Game , Network , Display ) -the four technical pillars of the meta-universe .

Metaverse: the next 100 years of human narrative

Even if you’re not a technical sensitive people, can perceive block chain , game , network operator force , VR show marginal changes coming.

The following technologies are naturally related to the meta-universe, more or less, you have had intersections with them.

1  Network communication technology

Metaverse relies on network communication technology. With the development of 5G , the real-time perception experience in the virtual space of Metaverse will also be greatly improved.

Metaverse: the next 100 years of human narrative

2  virtual reality technology

Including VR, AR, MR, XR, etc., it can provide a bridge between the real world and the virtual world, seamlessly connecting reality and virtual.

Metaverse: the next 100 years of human narrative

3  game engine

At present, the game is closest to the concept of meta-universe, although it is relatively elementary. Game technology includes content such as game engines , game codes, and multimedia resources .

Metaverse: the next 100 years of human narrative4  AI artificial intelligence technology

Based on the analysis of big data, the algorithm based on machine learning, the simulation of the world , the abstract summary will become more and more intelligent. Based on the improvement of computing power, AI intelligent technology will also be deeply applied in the meta-universe.

Metaverse: the next 100 years of human narrative

5  Blockchain technology

The meta universe is a digital universe and requires a complete closed-loop financial system and virtual currency . And behind the virtual currency is the decentralized blockchain technology.

Metaverse: the next 100 years of human narrative

The above technologies have penetrated into your life bit by bit .

The meta-universe is the core connection of these technologies , so you can more or less feel the existence of the “meta-universe”.

With such a close vocabulary, it comes with a sci-fi style .

It is based on reality, but also a little out of reach.

Not only nourish the soul, but also take care of business interests.

Both self-enclosed and independent and open.

This is the spiritual support that mankind needs most , so it is only natural that it sweeps across all fields and classes as soon as it emerges.

(3) Meta-narrative, the cornerstone of human progress

Humans have created so many words, why is the “meta universe” the most attractive?

There are many languages ​​that are close to oneself. Why does the “meta universe” hit people’s hearts most?

There are many frameworks for storytelling. Why is the “meta universe” the most ambitious?

Because these three characters are a kind of ” meta-narrative .”

What is “metanarrative”?

It is a story about ” eternal truth ” and ” human salvation “, and it is a form of conception that has a beginning and an end to the future process. Its motivation stems from a certain hope or fear for the development prospects of human history, and it always involves the final outcome of the development of things, with prophecy , convergence , purpose , ultimateness and unity .

Metaverse: the next 100 years of human narrative

For example, Einstein’s ” Grand Unified Theory ” is the “meta-narrative” of physics.

Descartes’ search for the ” universal algebra method ” is the “meta-narrative” of the mathematical circle.

Leibniz’s development of ” universal language ” is the “metanarrative” of linguistics.

The ” communism ” proposed by Marx is the “meta-narrative” of human society.

The meta universe has the same logic as other “metanarrative” concepts . It also pursues a story of ” human liberation ” and hopes to build a ” beautiful new world ” with the above five characteristics of “metanarrative”:

Metaverse: the next 100 years of human narrative

A “meta-narrative” recognized by more people will be the cornerstone of human progress , guiding the most people toward an ideal goal .

(4) Globalization: the previous meta-narrative of the meta-universe

If we still cannot understand the “meta-narrative” of the meta-universe, we can understand the most recent “meta-narrative” of mankind: globalization .

Meta-narrative maker: American scholar.

The origin of the meta-narrative concept: 1960s to 1980s.

Meta-narrative slogan: The whole world becomes a global village and becomes better.

The subjective purpose of meta-narrative: to construct a kind of “global hegemony in the post-colonial era”.

The objective goal of meta-narrative: to bring a better life to the vast majority of people.

The true peak of globalization: the beginning of the 21st century.

It took nearly 50 years for the global “meta-narrative” to reach its peak . Until today, this “meta-narrative” novel craze has cooled.

With the help of the technological conditions brought by the industrial age , the meta-narrative of “globalization” provides a beautiful imagination . Driven by this narrative, the following goals are achieved one by one:

❶Global supply chain

❷Wealth Globalization

❸Military globalization

❹Cultural globalization (universal values)

❺Information globalization (Internet technical support)

Metaverse: the next 100 years of human narrative

The narrative of “globalization” has finally achieved part of its intended purpose : the United States has been at the top of the pyramid in the global order for a long time , lazily harvesting more wealth in the world .

At the same time, it has objectively helped many countries and promoted the development of the entire world. China is the biggest beneficiary in the process of globalization. From a backward country at the beginning of the reform, it has become the world’s second economy in one fell swoop , with 1.4 billion The population as a whole is advancing to a moderately developed country .

This is the power of meta-narrative , telling a fictional story well and providing a beautiful vision . The original thorny law of the jungle can be rewritten into a fairy tale .

(5) The meta-universe has the potential of “meta-narrative”?

Why can the meta universe move people’s hearts ?

In other words, why, when “meta-universe” concept come out, the whole world crazy , manufacturers have their droves , small companies have begun to look for incoming opportunities , more Internet people are also looking forward to ?

We can analyze it from several aspects.

1  Globalization has fallen into “old narrative”

As the “absolute main force” of the “meta-narrative”, globalization has become an old man after several twists and turns .

Earth was once expected to be “flat”, now start perverse .

The rise of racism and populism, the reappearance of trade barriers , and the raging epidemic ,

The world inevitably enters a relatively closed state.

Metaverse: the next 100 years of human narrative

The former era of globalization has gradually faded away, and the trend of ” anti-globalization ” is surging.

Therefore, people urgently need a new “meta-narrative” to make up for the lack (materially and spiritually) caused by the end of globalization.

At this time, the meta-universe appeared. It can not only meet the material development of human beings ( all kinds of scientific and technological products ), but also meet the spiritual needs of human beings ( the globalization of the virtual world ).

2 The  Internet has come to an end

From WEB1.0 to WEB2.0, and then to the mobile Internet.

As the most powerful carrier of “globalization”, the Internet has also encountered bottlenecks after decades of dividends .

The main bottleneck of the current Internet industry is the involuted platform form .

The Internet has reached its end and needs a new breakthrough.

To use a particularly old and ugly sentence: The Internet has lost its dream .

The meta universe can just help the Internet break the shackles and get out of the scroll .

From the physical world to the Internet, the Pauli principle of incompatibility is still basically obeyed , because our human body is composed of fermions such as quarks and electrons, which occupy a space and cannot allow a second person to occupy it.

Metaverse: the next 100 years of human narrative

The meta-universe may be more inclined to quantum theory , which can realize the fission of human multiple personalities and freely shuttle in the multi-universe or parallel world, which may be more suitable for the quantum state of the human brain.

3  The qualitative change of technology aggregation

The concept of meta-universe was mentioned in “Avalanche” as early as, but it did not cause a wave of heated discussion like it is now.

One thing is important: technology has not kept pace with imagination .

Over the past two decades, many seemingly impossible technologies are now being gradually broken through.

5G provides the communication foundation for Metaverse;

Cloud computing provides the base of computing power for the meta universe;

Brain-computer interface, VR/AR, etc. provide real immersion for the metaverse;

Artificial intelligence provides content generation logic for the meta universe;

Digital twins provide a world blueprint for the meta universe;

Blockchain provides an authentication/trust mechanism for Metaverse;


These technological innovations are gradually converging and undergoing qualitative changes , making it possible to realize the once inaccessible “meta universe”.

In the end, a system is formed , combined into a world .

Metaverse: the next 100 years of human narrative

Meta universe depicts the way of life in the future

We have already seen what this world looks like in the sci-fi fantasy of “Top Player” , “Out of Control Player” , and “Western World” .

4  advent of the era of science fiction

Science fiction defines the world . As long as you can think of it, technology can do it.

The explosive growth of technology has made science fiction and technology only a stone’s throw away.

In the new world, the real world and the virtual world, the physical world and the imaginary world are coupled together.

The concept of “meta universe” itself is full of science fiction . It was born in the science fiction novel “Avalanche” , and it often appears in various science fiction works, becoming a unique science fiction phenomenon . “Real Names” , “The Matrix” , and “Neural Wanderers” all have the shadow of the meta universe.

When the era of science fiction comes, the meta universe is naturally favored.

Metaverse: the next 100 years of human narrative

5  The inevitable evolutionary direction of the aborigines in the virtual world

The emergence of the Internet has greatly changed the way of life of mankind.

People began to shuttle between the physical world and the virtual world .

If the human body changes from a real Fermi material to Bose data information , our moving speed is the speed of light , and the distance in space on the earth will never prevent us from face-to-face communication .

Through data simulation and design , Metaverse inherits the globalization of the Internet era, and at the same time serves as a more advanced virtual world- editable and open , twin simulation , highly immersive social interaction , creative play, etc., which is naturally inevitable for the aborigines of the virtual world Evolution direction .

Metaverse: the next 100 years of human narrative

So, the universe yuan in 2021 appears, to some extent, just like AD 30 about Christianity appeared, in 1792 the French thinker wrote ” liberty, equality, fraternity “, 1848 Marx wrote his mind Declaration , as well as The ” globalization ” slogan that emerged in the 1960s .

It has the potential of “metanarrative” , but whether it can truly create a new human civilization is worth looking forward to and observing.

(6) Metaverse controversy: Is it a paradise in the future or a casino today?

All “meta-narratives” want to establish a new order and at the same time inevitably touch the old order .

All “meta-narratives” want to build a new world , so it will inevitably hurt the old world .

Moreover, it has a natural and powerful emotional appeal , which will inevitably attract backlash from the old system .

Metaverse: the next 100 years of human narrative

This backlash is reasonable , because in many cases, although “meta-narratives” portray a beautiful world , the heavens in some “meta-narratives” eventually become hell .

For example , the meta narrative of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom is ” there is the same field, the same food, the same clothing, the money and the staff, there is no unevenness everywhere, no one is not full and warm “. But in the end, most of the kings became demons .

The concept of meta-universe is sufficiently eye-catching and will inevitably attract a lot of controversy .

Many people angrily denounced Metaverse as a ” scam ” and chanted that this is another “game” for capital.

Some people think that Metaverse is just a new prank to break the capital of Leek .

Some people think this is just a comeback of the ” VR concept “.

In addition, as the authentication and trust mechanism of the metaverse, the blockchain , how to properly embed it in the metaverse, achieve decentralized results with a decentralized mechanism , break monopoly and achieve true global interaction , is also one thing . Big problem.

At the same time, how to resolve the deep tension between the meta-universe and the modern country , handle the relationship between centralized organizations and decentralized organizations , real currency and virtual currency, etc., are also important factors that affect the landing of the meta-universe.

Metaverse: the next 100 years of human narrative

Judging from the current technological development, the meta universe is just a concept .

In the next five years within the meta universe will enter the prototype of the exploration period.

In the next 20 years inside, it could really yuan universe was created.

Therefore, the establishment will definitely hate it and denounce the scam.

But innovators and capital are dismissive and fully leveraged.

Is it a paradise in the future or a casino today ?

Everyone has their own answers, but the starting point is different.

Metaverse: the next 100 years of human narrative

But there is one thing to remember: the pessimist may be right, but the optimist always wins.

Moreover, meta-narratives should not be easy to make mistakes . In 1993, Clinton announced the ” information superhighway ” plan, which also belonged to the American ” meta-narrative “, which brought about ten years of prosperity in the United States , and has been in control of Internet technology for 30 years until today.

If ” meta universe ” may be the future meta narrative , it is also a sexy business story of trillions of wealth if not talking about ideals , then how do we optimize the choice?

Is it controversial first , or get in the car first ?

This may depend on the price/performance ratio .

(7) The meta-universe brings a leap of civilization: New Human Species 4.0

Humans need a new concept to drive themselves , a new story to improve civilization .

The “meta-narrative” of the past, no matter how great the meta-narrative is, only brings about the evolution of civilization .

But the ” meta universe ” is different, it brings a leap of civilization .

Under the same blue sky, it can be divided into four species from the history of human civilization (time):

Metaverse: the next 100 years of human narrative

1  primitive

To maintain the primitive hunting and gathering life, some Brazilian indigenous African emirates are still in the primitive state of human beings .

2  social people

Entering the modern civilized world , sociality>animality, sense of religion>five senses, with Descartes’ ” rationality ” as the ideological cornerstone and Rousseau’s ” social contract theory ” as the theoretical cornerstone, no longer trusting the law of the jungle, but believing in contracts Spirit .

Metaverse: the next 100 years of human narrative

3  half people

With information entropy Shannon and modern mathematical theory built up the information age , half in the traditional physical world , half in the virtual world of information . A large part of human beings are in the age of half people .

4  digital people

From animal transition to the spiritual , from physical to virtual , from bounded to the infinite , from the physical transition to consciousness , which is a comprehensive digital transformation process, which is the digital people.

Metaverse: the next 100 years of human narrative

Digital humans, that may be a brand-new species Human 4.0 , they will appear in the world of ” meta universe “.

Your physical body is your only weakness, and the “meta universe” is everything to you.

This is an unprecedented mutation and an unprecedented “meta-narrative” .

One day in 2041, when a digital man was standing in the museum of the meta universe to observe human civilization:

The ancient Homo sapiens who left East Africa smiled and imagined the sunset home in the distance. The fisherman on the isolated island tried his best to prop up the resurrection colossus. The young adults on both sides of the Huai River opened up the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. A programmer who started to build his own pixel world… …

It all comes from: the ability of humans to construct stories .

And the most powerful novelist is the creator of “meta-narrative” .


The end of the meta universe

The greatest human figure always likes to construct a ” meta-narrative .”

However, most meta-narratives have no end in the end .

Einstein tried to construct a ” grand unified theory “, but he was almost terminated by quantum mechanics .

Descartes looked for the ” universal algebra method “, but Gödel shattered his dream.

Leibniz wanted to develop a ” universal language “, which has so far been far away .

It is not easy to achieve the ultimate goal of the great declaration proposed by Marx .

The ultimate verdict of logocentrism ultimately comes down to “Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem . 


Even if some “meta-narratives” set sail smoothly, they will move all the way toward the logical line of construction.

But wherever you go, will you reach the set ” end point “?

The “meta-narrative” of globalization has been implemented very smoothly, but what is the result?

The populist rampaged the world, and eventually went in the opposite direction of globalization .

If “meta universe” becomes a “meta narrative”, it will bring human species variation and civilization transition .

It combines the beauty of Zhuang Zhou’s dream butterfly and the magic of the magic age, and it may be the next 100 years of human narrative .

However, perhaps the beautiful narratives about the meta universe will all go to its opposite side .

Today, we have constructed a heaven and finally ushered in a hell .

At the end of the meta-universe , can we still find ” human beings “?

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