Metaverse: The “life-sustaining medicine” for Internet giants?

Who will be the king in this virtual world in the future

This year is undoubtedly the “first year of the meta universe” for all people on earth. In just a few months, the great gods of all walks of life defined this vocabulary born from science fiction as the future of the Internet, and together they blew a bubble of infinite reverie.

This bubble is so Mei good, not only to change the name to Facebook Meta, but also attracted Octagon clouds moving.

Why is Yuan Cosmos so hot now?

Because, at the moment when the mobile Internet user dividend has peaked, the emergence of the meta-universe concept allows the giants to see the dawn of the next-generation Internet.

01  Chinese Internet companies never lag behind

Although the concept of meta-universe is also very popular in China, no major events like those abroad have occurred. All the “meta-technology”, “meta-ecological”, and “meta-technology” seem to have appeared abroad, but in fact, Chinese companies are not lagging behind at all.

On November 16, Ding Lei , the founder of NetEase , responded to meta-universe-related issues on a conference call, saying that NetEase has prepared the technology and planning of meta-universe, and only waits for the moment when the time is ripe, “NetEase may run faster than anyone else.” .”

Subsequently, Netease revealed that, in response to the landing of the meta universe, Netease has recruited professions such as construction engineers for virtual scene construction and face pinchers for virtual characters. It is understood that recruitment in the industry belongs to the field of artificial intelligence, and the annual salary will start at one million yuan.

At the same time, NetEase has also registered trademarks such as “NetEase Yuan Universe”, “Leihuo Yuan Universe”, “Fuxi Yuan Universe”, etc. The trademarks involve advertising sales, education and entertainment, and website services. In terms of investment, in addition to investing in the next -generation culture of the ” virtual human ” ecological company not long ago , NetEase also invested in the virtual image technology company Genies, the virtual social platform Imvu, and the American live broadcast company Maestro, which creates virtual interactive concerts, and the ” Microsoft Small”. “Ice” parent company Beijing Hongmian Xiaobing Technology Co., Ltd.

It can be seen that from front-end R&D to virtual human terminals, from VR to AI, NetEase’s layout has covered the entire core technology of virtual reality, and it is obvious that it is going to do a big job.

A little earlier than NetEase is Tencent , another online game giant in China .

Ma Huateng once wrote in the annual special issue “Three Views”: “Now, an exciting opportunity is coming. The ten-year development of the mobile Internet is about to usher in the next wave of upgrades, which we call the “True Internet”.

In fact, as early as February 2020, Tencent participated in the G round of financing of the first Robox stock of Metaverse, and the exclusive agent for the issuance of Roblox products in China.

Metaverse: The "life-sustaining medicine" for Internet giants?

Recently, Tencent has also applied for a series of registrations for more than 20 yuan such as “QQ Yuan Universe”, “Flying Car Yuan Universe”, “QQ Music Yuan Universe”, “Elite Yuan Universe”, “Peace Yuan Universe”, and ” Cube Yuan Universe”. The universe logo.

In the August 29 this year, byte beating 9 billion acquisition of Pico price is sensational public opinion.

Prior to this, byte also invested heavily in the concept of meta-universe company “heaven and earth”, but also fly books and Tiktok applied to its terminal equipment in order to build their own meta-universe.

Obviously, BYTE wants to make the great success in the short video field continue in the new generation.

Metaverse: The "life-sustaining medicine" for Internet giants?

More recently, on November 15th, Baidu launched the social app “Hirang”. This meta-universe concept social application mainly consists of infinitely connected virtual spaces. Each virtual space is an independent city. Users can use their imagination to create an exclusive brand world.

Metaverse: The "life-sustaining medicine" for Internet giants?

In fact, Baidu’s intention has always been clear since it was reported to be a game before, and now to the meta-universe social network, that is, to embrace users again.

Prior to this, Baidu also applied for the registration of the “metaapp” trademark.

Also in the registered trademark, as well as deft and iQIYI other Internet giant ……

The domestic bigwigs, in fact, have never lagged behind.

According to the consensus of the investment community at this stage, the most iconic entrance of Metaverse should be online games, because most of the current ideas of Metaverse use games as a starting point.

Therefore, the domestic game industry leaders and second brothers will pay special attention to the layout of Metaverse.

Metaverse has always been referred to as Internet 3.0, the next generation of the Internet. As technology giants who have tasted the early development dividends of the Internet, of course they will not miss this emerging field.

The major domestic Internet companies seem to be interested in the development of the meta-universe. However, all deployments are still at a relatively preliminary research stage, far from what Facebook did. It is determined to change its name to Meta and invest hundreds of billions of dollars to develop Meta Universe.

The capital market has always valued investments in real money.

The concept of meta universe is currently still in the initial stage of exploration. Although the major giants are vying to enter the game, the purpose does not seem to be very clear, and the direction of betting is also varied.

Although our current virtual reality equipment, Internet iteration, and chip technologies have all made qualitative leaps, the development of virtual reality technology is uneven, making the hardware facilities to show the meta-universe wool extremely scarce, and it can carry the vastness of the “universe”. The content’s weak carrier chip research and development is also lacking in popularity .

In general, there is still a lot of room for realizing the technical level of the meta-universe.

In addition, if the economic system in the metaverse is linked to the economic system of the real world, the influence of the characters in the virtual world will also affect the real world, then the blockchain technology is to establish credibility and ensure the safety of users’ virtual assets, which is the virtual world’s User identity, property, and economic system provide rule carriers.

But today’s Bitcoin has already made governments of all countries face enemies, and the development of blockchain technology is only in its infancy. The lack of various guarantees will inevitably make the meta-universe crises.

All in all, the meta universe is just a concept at the moment. Even if a company claims to be established, it is by no means a meta universe in the true sense.

02  Solve real-world problems

Looking back to the 1990s, when the big guys were not big guys, their explorations in different directions in the Internet field are so similar to today.

Metaverse: The "life-sustaining medicine" for Internet giants?

In 1995, after Ma Yun visited a friend’s Internet company in Seattle, he saw the magic of the Internet with his own eyes, and then he founded China’s first website-China Yellow Pages.

In 1996, Zhang Chaoyang founded Atsson , becoming China’s first Internet company established with venture capital funds. Two years later, Aitexin launched Sohu , China’s first large-scale classified query search engine website appeared, and became the first person to eat crabs in the wild Internet industry.

In 1999, Sohu launched a news and content channel, which initially laid the embryonic form of a comprehensive portal website and opened the era of China’s Internet portal.

In 1997, Ding Lei stepped out of the system, founded NetEase, and wrote the first Chinese personal homepage service system and free email system.

Metaverse: The "life-sustaining medicine" for Internet giants?

At this time, the Internet has entered a white-hot stage.

Sina was founded, chat software QQ appeared, mailboxes began to spread, Internet company ” ” went public in the United States, and BAT was established. The door to the new century has been opened.

At this time, several representative Internet companies have emerged in the United States. Amazon, Infoseek, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. have all begun to take shape. Entrepreneurs in the golden age are working hard to open up new areas and open the door to the Internet age.

Entrepreneurs come and go in a hurry, some are successful, and some are still on their way to becoming unicorns.

In the golden age, several generations of entrepreneurial games and races, they left not only products, but also thought-provoking entrepreneurial experience. The tide pushed them forward, and their belief in the Internet and the pursuit of personal values ​​made them unwilling to be ordinary.

Time flies for twenty years. The Internet has changed people’s living habits, changed the way information is obtained and disseminated, and also changed the business models of all walks of life.

But after two decades of development, the development of the Internet has encountered three major difficulties.

The first is that the traffic growth space has peaked, and the traffic dividends have gradually disappeared.

At the same time, the content presentation is still relatively single, the user experience is monotonous, and the distance between people is still far away.

In addition, the global anti-monopoly wave of insurance companies, both internationally and domestically, have strengthened the supervision of technology platforms, which is also restricting the further rapid development of the Internet.

From the data point of view, as of the second quarter of this year, the user penetration rate of the domestic Alibaba and Tencent systems reached 92.7% and 96.2%, respectively, while the Toutiao system achieved 63.1% penetration with short video products.

On the content side, traffic dividends peaked, and multiple sub-tracks have also begun to enter the stage of deep cultivation of existing users. In the second quarter of this year, the user penetration rates of mobile music, mobile video and mobile games reached 63.1%, 72.1%, and 87.7% respectively.

Metaverse: The "life-sustaining medicine" for Internet giants?

At the time when the mobile Internet traffic peaked, the time dividend of the meta universe quietly appeared.

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers’ estimates, Metaverse related economies will usher in substantial growth. The market size is expected to grow from USD 5 million in 2020 to USD 1.5 trillion in 2030, with a compound annual growth rate of 253%.

Metaverse: The "life-sustaining medicine" for Internet giants?

The epidemic in the past two years has not only affected the normal operation of most industries, but also accelerated the transformation of manufacturing to unmanned and intelligent manufacturing, and the global unemployment rate has increased.

For example, the registered unemployment rate in China’s urban areas reached a staged high of 4.2% in September 2020, and the unemployment rate in the United States also reached a historical high of 14.8% in April 2020.

Under the trend of unmanned and intelligent, many ordinary people are facing the risk of unemployment.

Looking back, the digital economy has created a large number of jobs. Eight Internet giants, Alibaba , Tencent, Pinduoduo , , Douyin, Kuaishou, Didi, and Meituan, have created nearly a quarter of China’s jobs. .

As the next stop of the Internet, Meta Universe will inevitably create a large number of employment opportunities and sources of income.

In addition, a new round of antitrust supervision cycle has begun. The ultimate goal of the anti-monopoly policy is to encourage innovation, and to solve these problems, it is necessary to rely on the technology giants to start a new round of technological revolution, forcing the Internet industry to subvert innovation and honour new growth points.

The meta universe is the direction of the next generation of technological revolution.

In summary, Meta Universe can probably solve these problems: 1. Large market space opens up a new space for Internet growth; 2. Under the trend of unmanned and intelligent, Meta Universe can create new employment opportunities and sources of income; 3. In the context of anti-monopoly, solving the problems behind anti-monopoly requires technological innovation.

The Internet industry has been quite unstable recently. This kind of turmoil is a manifestation of the Internet industry’s development to a bottleneck period.

03  Ending

The essence of the meta universe is the next-generation Internet. The current consensus in the industry is that the metaverse will not appear overnight, and there will be no clear distinction between “before metaverse” and “after metaverse,” and it will not be built and operated by a certain company. The continuous integration of many independent tools and platforms with the world supported by shared infrastructure, standards and protocols is produced.

VR is the interface of the meta-universe, but the most widely used application scenario of consumer-level VR is still games. Layout games and social networking may be the early product forms of Meta Universe. Whether it is games, music, education, social interaction, or the future extension of transactions, these can all be implemented as application scenarios of Metaverse.

Compared with the scale of these industries in reality, if the metaverse can be repeated in a virtual world, the market space in it will be extremely huge, and correspondingly, countless super-species with huge market value will certainly be born from it.

Who will be the king in this virtual world in the future? It is worth looking forward to.

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