Metaverse: the final form of the Internet

If it is said that when the meta-universe truly becomes a reality, then the blockchain will become the key technology to open the meta-universe and become a “parallel world”.

In 1992, the famous American science fiction novelist Neal Stephenson (Neal Stephenson) wrote “Snow Crash” (Snow Crash), which described an online world parallel to the real world-Metaverse. All people in the real world have an Avatar in Metaverse. The Metaverse described by Stevenson is a new form of the Internet in the next stage after the realization of virtual reality.

1. Metaverse 

From a conceptual understanding, the term Metaverse is composed of Meta and Verse. Meta stands for transcendence, and verse stands for universe. Together they usually mean the concept of “transcending the universe”: an artificial space that runs parallel to the real world. Looking back at the development of the Internet, from PC LAN to mobile Internet, the immersion of Internet use has gradually increased, and the distance between virtual and reality has gradually decreased. Under this trend, Metaverse, which has peaked immersion and participation, or the “ultimate form” of the Internet.

Technically understanding, based on the traditional Internet, Metaverse puts forward higher requirements in terms of immersion, participation, and sustainability. Therefore, it will be supported by many independent tools, platforms, infrastructures, protocols, etc. Its running. With the increasing maturity of technologies such as AR, VR, 5G, cloud computing, and blockchain, Metaverse is expected to gradually move from concept to reality.

2. Irreversible trend

Roblox was the first company to write it into the prospectus, but soon a new voice appeared: “Fortress Night” was a Metaverse, and “The Original God” was also a Metaverse.

There are also two voices in the capital market: Roblox’s market value and a single DAU of more than $1,000 have made capital sentiment “hot”. However, there is another voice that believes that 90% of the companies in the market that follow the Metaverse concept have nothing to do with Metaverse. The popularity of capital comes from the lack of 2C Internet investable projects.

Before the outbreak of the Metaverse concept, the product “Oasis VR” with VR social as the core was already trying to build the world of the metaverse, and in 2019 it received tens of millions of yuan in Series A financing jointly invested by Wuyuan Capital and Bertelsmann.

After the outbreak of the Metaverse concept this year, Yin Sang, the founder of Oasis VR, said that for almost two consecutive months, almost every day, capital came up to inquire about project progress and investment intentions.

For Metaverse, he believes that the entire market is not “creating concepts” because it is true that young people are now more and more willing to embrace virtual immersive experiences; secondly, technological advancement has solved many problems, and many problems have been digitized. The core part of the meta-universe is to create a digital world.

In addition, the layout of meta-games, just like the layout of cloud games, represents the manufacturer’s R&D and operational capabilities.

Tencent Tianmei plans to create a game against the “Number One Player”, and NetEase’s “Danker Party” and Lilith’s “Afterglow” aim to create a Metaverse conceptual game community.

The major game companies are now beginning to deploy, focusing on the pit. Regardless of whether they can open the product line in this wave of 5G scenarios, they need to deploy in advance to ensure that any peers can quickly complete the follow-up when they find the correct posture.

Although it will not have a real immediate impact on the game industry, it is also a kind of “showing muscle” performance.

3.  Conclusion 

From the perspective of product form, the game is the embryonic form of the meta-universe. But to replace the modern Internet as a brand new platform, “Meta Universe” still has a long way to go. In particular, it requires mature technologies such as AR, VR, 5G, cloud computing, and blockchain. Although the concept of “meta universe” and the concept of “meta universe” block chain are becoming more and more popular, we should also proceed from reality and look at development rationally.


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