Metaverse : The Beginning of Blockchain Maturity

When it comes to blockchain, the first thing that comes to our minds is the frenetic and impetuous scene. Whether it is the delusion of people trying to achieve wealth freedom through the blockchain, or the desire to achieve the “next Internet” through the blockchain, it all reflects the youth and aggressiveness of the blockchain and people’s awareness of the blockchain. shallow. One of the most direct results of this youth and rashness is that we have seen a series of exaggerated performances.

From the continuous spread of coin issuance or ICO to the emergence of various blockchain concepts, and then to the turbulence of capital in the blockchain market, those strange phenomena that do not conform to the essential characteristics of blockchain have begun to appear again and again. . It is almost certain that if the blockchain is just surrounded by such a pompous, fanatical atmosphere, it will not be able to achieve long-term development anyway, and even go to a dead end. Only when the blockchain truly gets rid of such an unhealthy state can its development truly enter a new stage of development.

The germination and development of the Metaverse has allowed us to see the dawn of blockchain maturity, and let us see the huge changes that can really bring to our production and life when the blockchain matures, and let us see the The huge development potential that can be released after the blockchain is truly mature. From the perspective of the Metaverse, looking at the current blockchain development at that time, and from this to peek into the future development path of the blockchain, perhaps the key to ensuring that the development of the blockchain can truly enter a new stage of development .

The Metaverse makes the blockchain really begin to return to the essence of technology

What exactly is blockchain? Perhaps until now, we have not been able to give a definite answer. Some people say that the blockchain is a kind of thought, and some people say that the blockchain is a kind of technology. It is precisely because of such a vague understanding of the blockchain that so many blockchain concepts have been derived and emerged. In fact, in essence, blockchain is a brand new technology that changes the way and method of data transmission at the lowest level.

However, through the past blockchain applications, we can clearly see that many blockchain applications have not really returned to the essence of its technology, and have not found the function and role of blockchain technology to play a role. The ultimate way and method. In many cases, the blockchain just acts as a superficial concept, which is far from the essence of its technology. When the blockchain deviates from the essence of its technology, it acts as just a conceptual coat. As a result, many blockchain applications that we have seen later are basically based on blockchain as a gimmick and guise.

Obviously, such a development is not long-term, it is just a concept put forward by players in order to attract the attention of the outside world and gain eyeballs. When such a concept is no longer attractive, then they will change the concept and throw the blockchain on the waste paper. When the Metaverse began to emerge, we really saw the technical nature of the blockchain.

The reason is that when the Metaverse began to appear, what we saw was the emergence of a series of new technologies such as big data, cloud computing, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, etc., and the blockchain was together with these new technologies to become the underlying technology of the Metaverse. This is the first time that the blockchain and other new technologies have been classified into the category of technology, and it is also the first time that people can justifiably look at the blockchain from a technical perspective. This has to be said to be a sign that the blockchain has begun to mature, it has begun to recognize itself, and it has begun to find its correct positioning. However, the nature and characteristics of such a technology of blockchain could not have arisen by any means without the emergence of the Metaverse.

Metaverse lets blockchain really start to separate from the Internet

For a long time, people have always regarded the blockchain as the “next Internet”, as the “successor” and “gravedigger” of the Internet. However, in the actual operation process, people began to fall into the vicious circle of the Internet again.Either the blockchain has become the way and method for Internet players to continue to harvest traffic, or the blockchain has become the way and method for Internet players to win the attention of capital. People have been clamoring for the difference between the blockchain and the Internet, however, the development of the blockchain has been brought into the strange circle of the Internet all the time.

Rather than saying that the blockchain is a substitute for the Internet, it is better to say that the blockchain is the way and method for the Internet to continue its own development life cycle. However, when the Metaverse began to appear, especially when the Metaverse began to connect with people’s production and life, people began to realize the difference between it and the Internet, and people began to really perceive the difference between it and the Internet. Starting from this, the blockchain began to realize a real separation from the Internet.

This is also a sign that the blockchain is starting to mature. When the Metaverse begins to appear, the blockchain can finally walk independently without relying on the blood transfusion of the Internet. It is precisely because of this that when the Metaverse has experienced a period of development, what we see is that concepts represented by web 3.0 begin to appear. The emergence of web3.0 is based on the premise that web2.0 will completely decline. In other words, when web 3.0 began to appear, the Internet of the previous generation really began to ebb.

Just imagine, if there is no derivation and development of the Metaverse, the current blockchain may still be a parasitic existence on the Internet. The greatest value and significance of its existence may still be the means for Internet players to obtain traffic and capital. . And only after the Metaverse emerges and realizes the development in the true sense, can the blockchain truly separate from the Internet, and begin to truly mature and truly start new development.

Metaverse unleashes the power of blockchain

Even today, many years after the blockchain has been recognized by people, its functions and roles have not been brought into full play. This is the key reason why we still haven’t found the correct way and method of development in today’s Internet age. When the Metaverse begins to emerge, what we see is a complete release of what the blockchain can do and do.

The complete release of such a function of the blockchain is represented by the deep integration of virtuality and reality, the underlying logic of a complete business closed loop, and the pursuit of the reconstruction of production factors, productivity and production relations. . This is the essence of the blockchain, this is the biggest function and meaning that the blockchain should really play, and this is the powerful energy that the blockchain should really show for us.

Similarly, what we need to see is that without the emergence of the Metaverse, such functions and functions of the blockchain cannot be completely released anyway. This is also a sign that the blockchain is beginning to mature. When the Metaverse began to appear, it represented that the blockchain began to find ways and means to realize the integration of virtual and real, it began to form a complete set of closed commercial loops, and it began to reconstruct factors of production, productivity and production relations.

If there is no Metaverse, then such functions of the blockchain cannot be completely released anyway. When the function of the blockchain is completely released, people’s understanding of it begins to abandon the short-sighted development logic represented by the simple and crude wealth explosion and wealth freedom, and really begins to make the blockchain more rational and objective. way to find a new way for more long-term development.


When the development of the Metaverse begins to deepen, what we see is that the blockchain begins to mature. For the blockchain, this is what it should look like, and this is the function and role it should play. Therefore, the Metaverse is an important symbol of the maturity of the blockchain. When the blockchain matures, people’s enthusiasm and impetuousness towards it in the past began to dissipate little by little. Instead, a new era of more objective and rational cognition about the blockchain is coming.


Author: Meng Yonghui, a well-known industry research expert , columnist , and strategic consultant. Long-term focus on industry research, providing in-depth thinking and industry observation information .

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