“Metaverse” technical considerations and safety concerns

VR, AR and other technologies have a wide range of application scenarios in production and services, which play an enabling role. However, the meta-universe, which is dominated by gaming, social electronic money, etc., has a huge impact on the rules of reality and spirit, and we must be vigilant.

A few days ago, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company will officially change its name to Meta, making Metaverse development the focus of future company development The name change does not apply to platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp, but only to the parent company. Zuckerberg set the goal of attracting 1 billion users into the metaverse within ten years.

Meta is the prefix of Metaverse, which means that everything is connected. This word means “transcendence” in Greek. Therefore, Zuckerberg quoted its double meaning. The meta universe was born in science fiction works decades ago, that is, to create a digital world parallel to the real world. Through the use of virtual reality helmets, users enter a digital world of playing games, working and communicating in a virtual environment. Hollywood’s Many works have vivid expressions of this.

This is regarded as the Internet entering a new stage, that is, after experiencing the Internet surfing of the PC era and the intelligent era of the mobile Internet, with the popularization of 5G communication technology and facilities, people can use VR/AR technology and equipment to pass on the Internet. Immersive video, complete the “face-to-face” interactive experience, that is, not only watching, but also realizing being in it, which also means that independent virtual worlds can be constructed. Currently, this technology has been implemented in some games.

At present, in the 5G era, it is a general trend to achieve a better virtual world experience through VR/AR technology, but due to the naivety of technology and equipment, there is still a long way to go to establish a true meta-universe. Facebook has not launched a real “meta universe”, but hopes to carry forward this concept by renaming it and establish itself as a leader in this field.

Zuckerberg’s meta-universe strategy is both offensive and defensive. This is because his various platforms have entered a bottleneck period and are challenged by applications such as TikTok on a global scale. For example, Facebook, as a social tool, is being challenged by short video applications, especially among young people. In recent years, Facebook has tried to increase the application services of rivals such as online shopping and short videos, but they have all failed. Therefore, choosing Metaverse to become the market leader in this field is to defend itself and build a new moat in the fierce competition to prevent Facebook and other applications from being abandoned by users due to old age and eventually being surpassed by competitors.

For Zuckerberg, the establishment of the meta-universe has the feeling of becoming the “emperor” who rules the world. At present, several former employees within Facebook have revealed that Facebook puts profits above safety, intensifying online hatred and extremism, and its algorithm that prioritizes participation will push people to extremes. The manipulation of public opinion on Facebook has always been the focus of controversy, especially during the general election. Zuckerberg owns a special class of shares, and he controls the company alone as the ruler. Just like Musk’s dream of building an empire on Mars, Zuckerberg also wants to rule the meta-universe world, and the distributed meta-universe is less susceptible to supervision. This is a worrying prospect.

At present, games and NFTs have become the entrance to the meta-universe, which means that the network is moving towards a more virtual world. Through virtual reality, blockchain technology, digital currency, etc., a systematic world is constructed to accelerate the “de-realization” of the online world. Virtual”. Meta Universe involves VR, AR, 5G, cloud computing and other technologies and infrastructure. As an application platform that can have a huge user base, Meta Universe can promote technological breakthroughs such as VR and AR and more business model innovations, which will help improve new models. Infrastructure plays a role in leading and promoting the digital economy. Therefore, Chinese technology companies should actively participate in this development process.

However, the virtual world established by the meta-universe based on games and social interaction is essentially anarchist, or it may establish a set of rules system by itself. Immersive applications can easily blur the difference between users and the real world, which will have a huge impact on the user’s spirit and thoughts, which will have a huge impact on the real world. In addition, as described in so many sci-fi works, users are prone to become overly addicted to the virtual parallel universe and cannot extricate themselves, which will affect the enthusiasm of young people for employment and work. There are already a large number of young people keen to do online celebrity live broadcasts, e-sports, and self-media.

For a long time, Hollywood’s meta-universe narrative has influenced the perception of reality and guided business and technology in the same direction. But Hollywood Story itself is also wary of the destructiveness of the virtual world and artificial intelligence. VR, AR and other technologies have a wide range of application scenarios in production and services, and they play an enabling role. However, the meta-universe, which is dominated by gaming, social electronic currency, etc., has a huge impact on the rules of reality and spirit, and we must be vigilant. Especially in Hollywood movies, those “tech giants” who combine world domination with commercial greed must be guarded against.

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