Metaverse talent salary increased 10 times, Zuckerberg poached people crazy, Microsoft, Google, Apple: please let go

Salaries for Metaverse-related jobs have risen tenfold

The battle for Metaverse talent is heating up in Silicon Valley.

This Metaverse talent storm has shocked a number of technology giants, swept away a large number of talents from giants such as Microsoft, Google, and Apple, from ordinary engineers to company executives.

The Wall Street Journal reported on January 12 that Microsoft revealed that its AR team had lost about 100 employees in the past year, most of which were transferred to Facebook CEO Zuckerberg’s Facebook parent company Meta. “Because they are the talents most needed by the current concept of the Metaverse.”

Because the Metaverse integrates technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), artificial intelligence, etc., to build another “world” that is close to reality in a digital virtual space, so I have this experience. Salaries for engineers with competence skyrocket.

Salaries for Metaverse-related positions have risen tenfold, according to job site Indeed.

01 Facebook robs people, Microsoft is injured

Sandy Carter, Amazon’s vice president of cloud computing who recently left to join an unknown virtual tech start-up, posted a link to the new company and received more than 350 applications in two days, according to The New York Times. , many of which are from traditional internet tech giants.

This is just a microcosm of the current metacosmic storm of Silicon Valley talent.

2021 has been hailed as the first year of the Metaverse. On October 28 last year, Facebook CEO Zuckerberg publicly announced: “From now on, we will be Metaverse first, not Facebook first. In the future, we want to be seen as a Metaverse company.” At the same time, Facebook ( Facebook) was also renamed Meta, which is taken from the word Metaverse, which means Metaverse.

Metaverse talent salary increased 10 times, Zuckerberg poached people crazy, Microsoft, Google, Apple: please let go

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The media generally believe that in 2022, the Metaverse will bring more expectations to the technology community.

Although the Metaverse is still in the conceptual stage, because the world it envisages involves a variety of technologies, the skills required for talents are also very diverse, ranging from VR/AR, blockchain, artificial intelligence and other “infrastructure” equipped with infrastructure. Such skills, to “creator” skills such as technical art, 3D modeling, game design, and virtual humans, are all essential core competencies on the “road to landing” of the concept.

Microsoft is one of the first pioneers to enter the field of virtual reality, and its AR team has developed the most advanced technology and head-mounted display equipment.

But Zuckerberg was not to be outdone. In order to gain a head start in the development of the Metaverse, he not only announced the company’s name change, but also showed no mercy in vying for talents.

According to the “Wall Street Journal”, among Microsoft’s AR team departures, several of them are team leaders who have worked at Microsoft for many years, and more than half of these people have gone to Zuckerberg’s Meta.

According to a former Microsoft employee, peers have been vigorously vying for Microsoft’s Metaverse talents and offering salaries several times higher than Microsoft’s.

Metaverse talent salary increased 10 times, Zuckerberg poached people crazy, Microsoft, Google, Apple: please let go

△ Source: cityam

Poaching Microsoft’s talents is not enough to satisfy Zuckerberg’s ambitions. Meta said that it will recruit more employees to participate in the Metaverse project in 2022, and the number of European employees alone will reach 10,000 in the next five years.

“Over the next decade, the Metaverse will benefit a billion people, generate hundreds of billions of dollars in digital commerce, and provide jobs for millions of creators and developers,” Zuckerberg said.

Before this goal can be achieved, there must be a large-scale war of robbing people and burning money.

02 Silicon Valley Giants: Salary Retention

The temptation of the Metaverse is irresistible, which makes major technology companies struggle to retain talent.

At Google, employee retention is a topic of discussion at CEO Sundar Pichai’s weekly executive meetings. At the same time, Google has also started offering additional stock awards to employees to prevent talent from being poached.

Previously, Google Vice President Surrogit left to join Coinbase, the largest virtual currency trading company, to become the company’s chief product officer. Currently listed on Coinbase, Surrogit’s equity in the company is worth more than $600 million (about 3.8 billion yuan).

Apple, whose market value is as high as $3 trillion, is also aware of this crisis of stealing people, and has provided some engineers with different stock dividend benefits than usual.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is offering a stock benefit to some engineers and workers in its software department. The additional income, ranging from $50,000 to $180,000 (approximately RMB 320,000-1.14 million), will be issued in the form of restricted stock for a period of four years. Apple hopes to reduce the turnover of senior employees.

An insider said the stock dividend was not part of Apple’s salary package, and the size of the funding was “unusual” and the timing was “unexpected.”

In order to retain the team, Apple has also revised its rules on office work during the epidemic.

Previously, Apple wanted ordinary employees to come to the office three days a week, while hardware engineers needed to come to the office four to five days a week. But now, Apple has promised that employees can stay home as much as possible. In addition, Apple also provides a subsidy of $1,000 (about 6,400 yuan) per employee to help it purchase office facilities that may be used.

Bloomberg said that for Apple, Meta, which is deploying the Metaverse, is a special threat, and Apple cannot tolerate it poaching its own technical talents.

Will the Metaverse talent storm continue? Sandy Carter believes: “The answer is yes, now is the perfect time to jump on the bus.”

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