Metaverse talent battle begins, please invite HR to get on board

By 2022, I still pretend not to know the Metaverse, which is not in line with reality. Let’s learn about industry trends and talent needs.

First look at the big factories and official news

Dachang’s new action

Recently, Microsoft announced the largest acquisition in history, buying the game giant Blizzard with about 437.3 billion yuan. This is still a cash acquisition, which is almost Tencent’s operating income for a year.

Not long ago, Tencent spent about 3 billion yuan to acquire Black Shark Technology, a gaming mobile phone company. Black Shark is currently the No. 1 gaming mobile phone market share. Black Shark will provide Tencent with a VR hardware entrance in the future.

There is also Facebook. In addition to renaming the company to Meta last year, it also announced that it would recruit 10,000 people in Europe to deploy the Metaverse. Facebook currently employs 60,000 people worldwide, and this talent increase is also amazing.

When it comes to Facebook recruiting, Microsoft has recently complained a lot. The Microsoft AR team lost about 100 people last year, and most of them were poached by Facebook. The competition for talents in the Metaverse has already begun.

The government’s new plan

On December 30 last year, the “14th Five-Year Plan for the Development of Shanghai’s Electronic Information Industry” was released. The plan mentioned that it will strengthen the forward-looking research and development of the underlying core technology basic capabilities of the Metaverse, and promote the development of new terminals that deepen perception and interaction. Virtual content construction. Later, Xuhui District officially included “Metaverse” in the government work report.

On January 1, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province released the “Taihu Bay Science and Technology Innovation Belt Leading Area Metaverse Ecological Industry Development Plan”, which plans to cultivate and introduce a number of Metaverse ecological chain enterprises such as blockchain and artificial intelligence. Basically form a Metaverse industrial ecology with technology leadership, enterprise agglomeration, demonstration applications, and complete standards.

On January 7th, at the press conference of the two sessions in Beijing, Wang Lei, member of the party group and deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology, introduced that Beijing will start the construction of the city’s super computing power center, and will promote the formation of a new innovation consortium of the Metaverse, and explore the construction of the Metaverse. Industrial cluster.

From January 10th to 23rd, government reports in Hefei, Wuhan, Chengdu and other places mentioned the “Metaverse”. For example, Wuhan City should promote the integration of the Metaverse with the real economy. Hefei City and Chengdu City advocated to take the initiative to seize the quantum. Future tracks such as communications and the Metaverse will use future industries to win the future of the city.

In short, whether it is a head company or a government level, the Metaverse is not purely a bubble, but a lot of articles.

Metaverse talent needs

According to the investigation by Securities Daily, the current talent needs and career directions of Metaverse are as follows:

Five Talent Needs of the Metaverse

1. The underlying infrastructure category requires talents who are familiar with technical characteristics such as cloud computing and high concurrency in the software field;

The second equipment category is mainly concentrated in three directions: material science, optics and hardware design;

Three content categories, including virtual world and virtual content, the form of virtual world is similar to game world, mainly game engine technology and technical art, virtual content generally refers to virtual people, virtual idols, etc.;

Four artificial intelligence AI categories, such as gesture recognition, image technology, anthropomorphic interaction, computing power optimization, etc.;

Five other basic technologies to be determined: avatar creation, financial system, unified identity technology, etc.

Three career directions in the Metaverse

Universe Content Creation

The biggest difference between content creation in the Metaverse and content creation in the current mobile Internet era is that it focuses more on real-time. For example, positions such as tour guides, anchors, educators, and coaches may be popular content-related positions in the Metaverse.

Dual Universe Experience Operation

Metaverse experience operation is how to better deliver content to the audience, focusing more on interactive design. Related future positions can be game or scene experience designers, content producers or managers, and course experience consultants.

Three-dimensional universe world construction

The construction of the Metaverse experience still requires the contribution of a large number of technicians. In the future, the Metaverse may give birth to new professions such as digital twin experts, Metaverse data analysts, and Metaverse space mapping experts.

The impact of the Metaverse on business

According to a 2021 Metaverse report from Tsinghua University, there are two judgments:

1. The Metaverse industry map is becoming more and more mature

According to the report, they divided the Metaverse industry into three major segments.

Metaverse talent battle begins, please invite HR to get on board

Contents of the first scenario: the most popular are games, social networking, and then e-commerce shopping, sports, education, tourism, exhibitions, etc. The relevant leading companies have already laid out their layout very early, focusing on user interaction.

Two front-end devices: the most popular are VR, AR, smart wear, followed by voice control, gestures, haptics and other devices. Smart watches from major manufacturers, iFLYTEK Voice, Tmall Genie, Baidu Xiaodu, etc. are all early products in this field. Focus on the hardware carrier.

Three underlying technologies: the most popular are AI, blockchain, cloud computing, followed by 5G, Internet of Things, visualization and other technologies, focusing on the underlying and back-end technologies, another term is called “digital new infrastructure”.

If the supporting technology for the Metaverse is further developed, there are two layers:

Metaverse talent battle begins, please invite HR to get on board

1. Back-end technology: Internet of things technology (network), interactive technology (sensing), video game technology (interaction)

The second underlying architecture: cloud computing technology (5G), artificial intelligence technology (machine learning), blockchain technology (algorithm)

From these two pictures, it can be seen that the cloud universe is not a product that was born out of nowhere, but a derivative product of the technology industry developing to a certain stage, and it is also backed by the years of reserves of Internet talents and technology talents.

Some people say that the Metaverse is the next generation of mobile Internet.

The market demand of enterprises is strong

Corresponding to the enterprise, what changes will the Metaverse bring?

Metaverse talent battle begins, please invite HR to get on board

As we understand it, the Metaverse will have a significant impact on the following parts of the company:

One is the marketing department

Metaverse will bring new types of virtual marketing scenarios, just like the most popular live broadcast e-commerce, social e-commerce, special consumer goods industry, life service industry and other companies that need to reach users, users who used to rely on hard advertising will come to the door , Entering the Metaverse era, companies must take advantage of the trend to create new scenarios and accompany users to grow, so that users’ loyalty and repurchase rate can be doubled.

The second is the brand department

In the subdivision track of the Metaverse, the most popular should be the virtual digital people. Major factories have launched advertising endorsements, such as Nestle’s Zoe, Watson’s soda imma, beauty expert Liu Yexi at station B, etc. From the employee side, like Ali AYAYI and Vanke Cui Xiaopan also took the lead in enabling virtual digital employees.

Metaverse talent battle begins, please invite HR to get on board

In fact, the role of these digital employees is not to replace labor, but to serve the company’s brand and belong to virtual IP. The main purpose is to make the company feel cooler, more dazzling, and more competitive.

The third is the production and delivery department

Everyone basically knows two kinds of robots – production robots (factory), customer service robots (Q&A), and the Metaverse is here. After superimposing VR, AR, and MR, it may bring about a closed loop with the marketing department, more software and hardware. Combined robots, such as unmanned delivery (user-controlled), and payment stores (virtual currency conversion), etc.

Fourth, the digital sector

Enterprise informatization and technological transformation generally set up CIO or CTO; when enterprises upgrade their organizational capabilities, they will set up corporate universities and set up CLOs and CPOs (chief learning officers, talent officers). Simultaneously add a chief growth officer, chief transformation officer, etc.

The Metaverse is here. I believe that many companies will set up a department related to the Metaverse soon.

So, our article today can be summed up as:

Metaverse is the next generation of mobile Internet. The industry and government have already started, and everyone can get on the train.

For enterprises and HR, to embrace the Metaverse, the first battle is the battle for talent.


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