Metaverse: synonymous with the era of blockchain

The era that has gone far, we can call it the Internet era, because the bottom layer of the Internet era is Internet technology.

Now, the era of meta-universe has come.

If we must give a definition to the meta-universe, I believe that the meta-universe is more like a synonym for the blockchain era.

Some people may not agree with this.

Because the meta-universe we see now not only includes blockchain technology, but also includes VR/AR technology, artificial intelligence technology and many other technical categories.

Indeed, as an existence that has realized the connection between the physical world and the virtual world, it is absolutely impossible to achieve this goal with the help of only one kind of technology, the meta-universe.

If we only define the meta-universe because of the number of technologies, and fail to find the connection between these technologies, then our understanding of the meta-universe is not deep.

I think that when looking at the meta-universe, we need to look at it more from a lower and deeper perspective.

Only in this way can our view of the meta-universe be sufficiently scientific and comprehensive.

In essence, the meta universe is the opening of a new data transmission method. It realizes the two-way free flow of data transmission between the physical world and the virtual world.

This is the essence of the meta universe.

The many types of meta-universe concepts we have seen are based on such a logical extension.

Whether it is the connection between the virtual world and the real world, or the bridging of physical assets and digital assets, the free flow of data transmission is the premise and foundation.

So, what technology really solves the problem of data transmission?

There is no doubt that it is blockchain technology.

We all know that blockchain technology really solves the problems in the Internet-style data transmission process.

Centralization, non-encryption, and tamperability are almost all common problems of Internet technology.

With the help of blockchain technology, what we really realize is the point-to-point transmission of data, the encryption and non-tampering of data, and a complete set of trust mechanisms formed to ensure these.

Regardless of the type of new technologies, one of the very important reasons why they are called new technologies is that they have changed the transmission and processing capabilities of data and information in the traditional sense to some extent.

Whether big data, cloud computing, VR/AR, or artificial intelligence, this is all true.

The reason why we see these new technologies are different is mainly because the external manifestations of these new technologies are different, and these differences are caused by different underlying data transmission and processing.

We can’t just ignore the intrinsic nature of these technologies just because of their external differences, let alone attribute them to the fundamental technologies of the meta-universe because of their external differences.

What we need is to look at the meta universe from a more essential perspective. Only in this way can we have a more true and comprehensive understanding of the meta universe.

When we set aside the external packaging and concepts really stand purest perspective on the yuan universe, we will find the reason why the universe yuan is referred to as meta universe, because it changes the underlying data transmission Capabilities and processing methods.

So, who really realized such a possibility?

Obviously it is blockchain technology.

Therefore, when we see that more and more technologies are beginning to be connected with the meta-universe, especially when more and more technologies are beginning to be attached to the meta-universe, what we need is to simplify the complex, and truly think from the essence. And look at the meta universe.

At this time, we will discover that the so-called meta-universe is actually an era derived from brand-new data transmission and processing capabilities and methods, and blockchain technology is the most fundamental thing that truly makes it possible. technology.

It is precisely because of this that I will define the meta-universe as an era with blockchain as the underlying logic.

The operating logic of the meta-universe era created by blockchain technology as the underlying logic is as follows:

For the processing and connection of physical and virtual images (VR/AR), the realization of the connection between the real world and the virtual world is achieved. This allows people to freely switch between the physical world and the virtual world, and there is no longer a gap between the physical world and the virtual world. .

For the connection and connection between humans and artificial intelligence, what is achieved is the connection between the real human body and the digital human body. This move allows people and artificial intelligence to switch freely, and there is no longer a gap between mechanical and artificial.

For the connection between real currency and digital currency, it is realized that there is no cash and no paper currency, allowing free communication between real currency and virtual currency, so that the exchange of assets between the real world and the virtual world is no longer a problem.

All these changes, in essence, are caused by deep changes in the underlying technology, and this underlying technology has brought us the profoundly changed blockchain technology.

When the blockchain technology realizes the transformation of such a complete system from the inside to the outside and from the top to the bottom, what we have truly entered is a new era called the meta universe.

The popularity of the meta-universe concept has finally made more and more people begin to associate it with many new technologies such as big data, VR/AR, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, etc., and this has opened up these new technologies in the meta-universe. Applications.

As everyone knows, what is the lower-level nature of these new technologies, and even less understanding of the internal reasons why these new technologies are called new technologies are just blindly bound to the meta-universe deeply.

This approach not only fails to promote the benign development of the metaverse, it even brings the development of the metaverse into a new predicament, and even brings the metaverse into the traditional logic of the concept.

As far as Metaverse is concerned, this approach is harmless but not profitable.

Recognizing the underlying logic between the meta-universe and the blockchain, and starting a new development of the meta-universe, can the meta-universe no longer be a concept hyped by hot money, but can truly bring people’s production and life. The existence of profound changes.

If this is the case, then let us start with the meta-universe as synonymous with the blockchain era.

There was the Internet era brought by Internet technology before, and the meta-universe era brought by blockchain technology. Everything is similar in that way.

And history, is it not a collection of these similar compositions?

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