Metaverse standards are being built: Meta, Microsoft take the lead, Byte and Baidu are just on the sidelines?

Recently, it is reported that Tencent officially announced the establishment of the XR department to prepare for the coming Metaverse era. VR and AR are probably known to many people, but what is XR? In fact, XR does not refer to a certain type of technology alone, but refers to the extended real world formed by the combination of AR, VR and MR technologies, so it is also considered by the industry to be the final form of virtual reality technology.

Coincidentally, after Tencent was exposed to establish the XR department, the next day there was news that Meta, Microsoft, Nvidia and other companies announced the establishment of the Metaverse Standard Forum. Although the popularity of the Metaverse has cooled a lot in the past two months, it does not mean that companies are “grinding foreign workers”. The establishment of industry forums and the formulation of related standards make people feel that the development of the industry is accelerating.

Metaverse standards are being built: Meta, Microsoft take the lead, Byte and Baidu are just on the sidelines?

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Luo Yonghao entered the AR industry, Apple’s AR equipment entered the actual design and development stage, Meta exposed a variety of VR equipment prototypes, and demonstrated the virtual reality VR technology, VR, AR, MR and even XR, which integrates the three, how far are we from us? Far?

Is the Metaverse going to speed up?

When it comes to the Metaverse, everyone should still remember the terrifying heat from February to April this year. Relevant and unrelated companies are hyping the concept of the Metaverse. Game companies are in full swing to launch the “Metaverse” game. The inexplicable waterproof company also launched the concept of “meta waterproof” at the press conference.

“Metaverse” seems to have become a new wealth code, and various scams based on the concept of “Metaverse” are also emerging one after another, so that the official media have personally come to remind citizens to be vigilant against criminals using the concept of “Metaverse” to illegally raise funds or defraud. In the end, after the heat has subsided, there are only chicken feathers left, but fortunately, the companies that are really doing things have not stopped, and many related companies at home and abroad are accelerating the development of related technologies.

Apple’s AR devices have been exposed again recently, and some time ago, it was reported that Apple’s AR devices will be available in 2023. Then at WWDC2022, Apple disclosed its AR operating system realityOS for the first time, basically confirming that Apple’s AR devices have entered the real development and design stage. At the same time, Cook also responded positively to the rumors about AR devices in the interview, saying that he was looking forward to it. .

Metaverse standards are being built: Meta, Microsoft take the lead, Byte and Baidu are just on the sidelines?

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The re-exposure of Apple’s AR devices seems to have become the introduction to the news of the Metaverse, and the large amount of news that followed has made people realize that the Metaverse is not a “scam”, and the top technology companies really want to make a difference in this market, and A lot of phased results can now be produced.

For example, among the various VR devices shown by Mate, some of the test models are said to have achieved the effect of being fake . Of course, this only refers to the picture effect. From the perspective of the human eye, if you want to achieve the effect of falsehood, you must first deceive vision, so that people will not feel grainy when viewing the picture.

Metaverse standards are being built: Meta, Microsoft take the lead, Byte and Baidu are just on the sidelines?

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This VR prototype called “Butterscotch (Butterscotch)” has a resolution of 55px/deg, which is what the Meta development team calls “retina-level display effect”. If you want to compare it, it is the current Quest2’s two times, users with normal vision can get an almost grain-free viewing experience.

But “Butterscotch (Butterscotch)” only solves the problem of picture clarity, and if you want to deceive the human eye, you need to have a real depth of field effect to create a three-dimensional effect. Therefore, Meta also has a second prototype “Half Dome”, this prototype mainly proves the depth of field technology, through eye tracking and zoom optical technology to achieve a real and natural depth of field effect.

In addition to Butterscotch and Half Dome, Meta also showed off two other VR prototypes, one of which, dubbed “Starbursts,” is the first VR device to support an HDR display and is said to be capable of up to 20,000 nits of brightness ( From the external network report), regardless of how this brightness is achieved, at least the HDR display should be no problem.

The above three prototypes are all in the laboratory stage, and it is unlikely to see the product in a short period of time, and Meta does not want three VR headsets with their own strengths, and the most important work is what to do next Combining the technical features of the three VR headsets into one device, this device is the VR headset that Meta plans to “fake the real”.

However, Meta also showed a fourth VR headset, “Holocake2”, which is thin and light, and looks like a sci-fi windproof glasses from the side. This is also Meta’s current thinnest VR headset, and it is said to have been Entering the actual operation stage means that it only needs to solve the problems of cost and other aspects before production and external sales.

Metaverse standards are being built: Meta, Microsoft take the lead, Byte and Baidu are just on the sidelines?

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The display of Meta’s various VR devices is not only to enhance the market’s confidence in the Metaverse industry, but also to endorse the Metaverse Standard Forum established by various companies. At the same time, the demonstration of various leading VR technologies is also conducive to Meta’s better performance. With more voice, it will take the lead in the future VR market.

However, compared with Meta, companies such as Intel appear to be much calmer, because unlike VR equipment that can be replaced by other brands, the chips of semiconductor manufacturers such as Intel basically have no rivals at present, no matter which company wants to enter the VR market, In the end, it will fall into their ecology, and they naturally have enough voice in standard setting.

The emergence of the standard forum does not mean that VR has truly entered a mature stage, but compared to the previous state of fighting each other, there is now a new place where everyone can sit down and discuss how to make this cake bigger. Although the Metaverse still looks like a castle in the sky, it is still visible but not accessible, but from a technical perspective, the Metaverse is really getting closer to us.

Is the Metaverse Standard Forum the future of the industry?

When the Metaverse Standard Forum was established, there were more than 35 companies on the list of key members, and in just one week, the number of companies on this list has risen to 141, making it the number one technology company in the world. , and there are more than 200 participating members, and many of the key members are familiar to everyone.

Huawei, China Telecom, HTC, Zhewen Internet, Lenovo and other companies are on the list of major members, covering everything from hardware, communication companies, software development, and content ecology. You can even see the names of home life product suppliers like IKEA in the main member list. Even if the Metaverse Standard Forum has not produced any substantive results, at least the momentum is not small, and it covers almost all related industries.

Metaverse standards are being built: Meta, Microsoft take the lead, Byte and Baidu are just on the sidelines?

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It is worth noting that Intel and AMD are not seen in the list of main members. As real giants in the semiconductor industry, it is somewhat amusing that the two companies did not participate in the standard forum, which also gives the forum a little authority. decline.

After all, although Nvidia has obvious advantages in the GPU field, if AMD and Intel want to start anew, they will be a great enemy for the Metaverse Standard Forum that needs to be dealt with cautiously. Moreover, other companies are not tied to the Metaverse Standard Forum, and the establishment of an organization in the form of a forum shows that it is weakly binding and difficult to restrain the behavior of members. Betting is a common occurrence.

In the absence of AMD, Intel and Apple, this Metaverse standard forum of Meta cannot be said to fully represent the future of the Metaverse, but a standard forum that deserves attention. At some point, maybe we’ll see a new standards consortium emerging on the forum.

Moreover, for giants such as Intel and AMD, no matter how toss other companies, they can’t get around them when they formulate standards, so there is no need to rush to express their opinions or join any forum to ensure their status. Moreover, maybe Intel and AMD have their own plans, and may even plan to lead a new industry alliance based on themselves. With their technology and industry influence, the list of members will probably be longer.

And there are also many domestic companies that are following up on the Metaverse, not to mention those who are gaining popularity, Tencent’s XR department, Byte’s Pico, iQiyi, etc. Although there are still some gaps in terms of hardware level compared to the international leading level, but in The construction of software ecology is also remarkable.

For example, NetEase has created a series of virtual idol plans based on virtual technology , and even set up a special department to provide related services. At the same time, it is also closely deployed in other fields, such as the virtual reality game space and the popular “NetEase Yuan” some time ago. Spacecraft Cup”.

There is also the domestic Internet giant Baidu, which is also in the forefront of the application of virtual communities. Some time ago, Xiaolei was invited to experience the Baidu virtual community “Xi Rong”. Although there are still many shortcomings in modeling and other aspects, but In terms of interaction and freedom, it does bring a different experience.

Metaverse standards are being built: Meta, Microsoft take the lead, Byte and Baidu are just on the sidelines?

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In addition, as far as Xiaolei’s own experience is concerned, although Quest2 has certain advantages (mainly in the recognition accuracy handle), the domestic Pico VR headset at the same price has been on par with Quest2 in terms of display effect, battery life, performance, etc., and even In some designs, it has surpassed, such as independent buttons on the side of the headset and a more user-friendly operating system.

Although limited by the weakness in the semiconductor field, we do not have much say in the Metaverse industry, which does not mean that the future is doomed. The Metaverse consists of hardware and ecology. Before most of the technologies and ecology of the Metaverse have been implemented and widely used, there are still variables.

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