Metaverse + Script Kill: “Being an Actor in a Different World”

In February, Hengxin Oriental launched a next-generation script to kill the original work – “The Lost Dynasty”. Its scripts and clues are created with digital assets, and VR technology has created a parallel time and space that is almost the same as reality, bringing players a deep sense of immersion.

At the same time, the background of the story and the plot of the characters are presented in the form of panoramic CG, CV, etc. While increasing the sense of substitution, it also relieves the fatigue of players caused by a lot of reading.

On March 3, Hengxin Oriental stated on the interactive platform that it will continue to pay attention to the script killing and secret room industries, and is ready to use its own VR and creative capabilities to empower the industry.

What unimaginable new gameplay can the bold collision of the Metaverse and script killing bring?

1. Meet the Metaverse script and enter the 2.0 era

Script Kill originated from the British “Murder Mystery” in the 19th century.

At first, domestic script killings have been in a tepid state, but with the popularity of the star reasoning reality show “Star Detective” launched by Mango TV in 2016, as well as various domestic variety shows of the same kind, the script has been released. Killing has gradually become popular and has become one of the most popular entertainment methods for young people today.

In 2019, as the “first year of Chinese script killing”, the number of nationwide script killing stores exceeded 12,000. By the end of 2020, the number of offline stores in China will exceed 30,000. This year, a new store will open every 2 minutes on average.

Metaverse + Script Kill: "Being an Actor in a Different World"

In 2021, the “first year of the Metaverse”, Metaverse technology began to be combined with script killing, and the script killing industry officially entered the 2.0 era.

The Metaverse technology in the script killing brings players an immersive experience of the digital virtual world. In the past, players needed to imagine the “different world” in the script, but now, Metaverse technology can directly create a realistic “different world”.

In the virtual world constructed by the Metaverse Script Kill, players can enjoy more innovative gaming experiences. Players can travel between ancient and modern times, experience special occupations, cross the jungle and step into the desert, release magic to manipulate machines, have a vigorous love, and complete the life of an ordinary person.

2. Metaverse technology assists the script to kill “Kill the Quartet”

There are usually two forms of script killing: live-action scripts and round-table scripts. The live-action script focuses more on enhancing the player’s sense of substitution and immersion through costumes, props, decoration and other elements than the round-table script.

Usually, the price of live-action script killing is more expensive, which is 2-3 times that of ordinary round-table script killing, but it is more favored by young people, which means that young people are willing to spend money to increase the game experience of script killing.

In 2021, the country’s first immersive script-killing live variety show “The Last Winner” will be launched by Huya Live, Youku and Xiao Hei Detective, combining script-killing with XR technology. technology acceptance.

Metaverse + Script Kill: "Being an Actor in a Different World"

XR is short for “extended-range”. Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR), collectively known as “Extended Reality” (XR).

Virtual reality technology uses head-mounted devices to simulate the 3D interactive environment in the real world; augmented reality technology superimposes various information and images into the real world through electronic devices; mixed reality technology is between VR and AR, in the virtual world, A complex environment that uses digital technology to achieve real-time interaction between the real world and users.

In addition to variety shows, Metaverse technology has long been applied in offline stores of script killing, and VR-themed script killing stores such as H-jing Detective Museum and Mango Detective Museum have also begun to enter major cities one after another.

In the Metaverse Script Killing, players no longer need the guidance of a realistic DM, but instead look for clues and collect physical evidence under the system prompts, which can bring players a stronger sense of immersion and sensory stimulation.

Metaverse + Script Kill: "Being an Actor in a Different World"

For traditional script-killing games, due to the single content of each script, the repurchase rate of the game is not high, and player consumption often presents a one-time feature.

Metaverse technology can enable stores to break through scene and content restrictions, release the constraints of physical space on games, and at the same time achieve “re-creation” of the same game scene. The number of repeated experiences of players increases, and the turnover that can be generated by the effective venues of offline stores can also be greatly increased.

The high cost of live scripts, the homogenization of offline stores, the competition for players by online script killing APPs, the uneven quality of host DMs, and the lack of game immersion… Various problems that need to be solved in traditional script killing offline stores seem to have already been solved. With the help of Metaverse technology, it is solved.

3. Metaverse + script killing still needs to “break out of the encirclement”

Metaverse technology has solved many problems for the script-killing industry, but with it some new dilemmas have arisen.

For example, the purchase and maintenance of hardware facilities such as VR equipment and holographic projection equipment are not small expenses for script killing stores. In addition, many aspects of the current VR equipment need to be improved, and there is still a long way to go from the goal of “letting most players wear VR equipment to comfortably and completely experience script killing for more than four hours”.

On the other hand, VR script killing has not yet become popular. Even in VR-themed script killing stores, the number of VR script killings is far less than that of ordinary round table scripts. It’s not that the store owner is unwilling to buy VR script killings with a higher unit price, but that VR script killings themselves have high production thresholds and long production cycles, resulting in a scarcity of high-quality VR script killings.

Metaverse + Script Kill: "Being an Actor in a Different World"

Technology is being updated and content is being created. This is not only what the script killing industry is waiting for, but also what various industries related to the Metaverse are eagerly looking forward to.

On March 5, Suning Studios and Fengyuzhu reached a strategic cooperation. The two parties will make use of their respective advantages in technology, content and scene resources to carry out business exploration and cooperation in the field of Metaverse pan-entertainment.

The two parties will rely on the operating theaters of Suning Studios and its offline entertainment space from 0 to 1 to build and innovate R&D capabilities, combined with the VR/AR virtual reality, digital virtual human, virtual simulation, holographic image, naked eye 3D accumulated by Fengyuzhu , interactive interaction and other digital technology application experience, actively carry out digital script killing, werewolf killing and immersive light and shadow IP exhibition and other businesses, and explore the “Metaverse +” business model of the offline pan-entertainment experience industry.

In the era of the Metaverse, what kind of future will the script killing industry have? The answer may still be unknown, but at the same time, it is also what we are building together step by step.

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